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Greybull WY north central WY zone 4 bordering on 3
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The food changes what types of bacteria or fungi you grow.  So a sugar meal will be different than a waste meal and will grow different stuff.
1 day ago
depends on your immediate finances and soils.  Heavy clay here.  You can reduce the amount of gravel with barrier fabrics but at serious expense.  Cheapest answer short term here is to put 6 inches to a 1 foot down of gravel.   In a few years it will disappear into the ground and then you build it up again.  Last longer the second time.   Mine needs a third run in places but that has taken 38 years.  Most of it is still solid over clay.   Likely geotextiles of some form will require less gravel over time but it is expensive short term.
1 day ago
What is your final goal.  Just getting worms to move themselves?  Building a continuous vermiculture bed?  or something else?

One key point in this is that compost worms are different from earth worms.  Compost worms most live in the organic detritus and retreat into the ground at times.  Earth worms surface at times to feed but mostly live in the ground.  So type of worms as the goal would be part of the question?

As for the hard clay the classes and the local folk lore both sort of point at the same answer for the longer term.  The soil classes are saying grow daikon radishes and other tough root crops to break up the soil acting as a soil ripper.  The local farming lore says to use sugar beets to improve clay soils.  But that will take several years.  I would till the minimum you need right now with lots of organic tilled in for the short term answer.  But I know it doesn't work well from experience.   The rest I would try throwing the root crops at in hopes that will fix it over time.
Many of the people doing aquaponics are using automated big game feeders because they are way cheaper than the fish feeders yet do the same thing.
2 days ago
Here is another way to bump.  Do floating gardens.  They have millenia of use.  Here is mine doing tomatoes.  The early one was 2008.  The later one was 2013.  They will also shade an area helping keep water temperatures down.  And they can leach a bit of stuff back into the water for other growth.

2 days ago
Any pulley driven something.  Turning either a v groove or a half round ground to drive some other device.  This pulley will work as booth a pulley and a flywheel.
4 days ago
Can the fruit.  Then make the cobbler later.  Safety canning is one reason.  Another reason is the ingredients kept seperate store longer and better.  Remember a mix is only as good as its weakest ingredient.  Peaches simply can them in a basic sugar solution.  Then my favorite from there is a peach crisp recipe.  In a 10  inch pyrex round casserole  bowl put about an inch to an inch and half of peaches mixed with a bit of some starch as a thickener.  Then 1-1-1-1-1 recipe comes in.  1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 egg(powdered eggs mixed with water work fine here if working out of food storage), 1 teaspoon baking powder mixed well together making a crumbly slightly powdery mixture.  Sprinkle over the fruit.  Now your are saying I forgot a 1.  Well the next step is to melt 1 cube of butter(1/4 lb) and pour over the powder mix.  Sprinkle a bit os cinamon on the butter and bake at 350 till the crust is beginning to brown on the edges.  The butter, eggs and baking powder are your weak links but each has answers even for long term storage.
1 week ago
Also be sure the easement runs the whole way to the public road.  It is possible to have a road that runs most of the way but NOT the whole way and it is another way to be screwed.  For example the easement road goes right up a fence line.  Then it cuts diagonally thru a corner to the other side of the fence.  Depending on the ownership of that other 2 fence corner properties and your states land rules you can be blocked out.
1 week ago
Just curious how this one came out?  
2 weeks ago
First you can reduce water loss.  Look up Wilt Pruf.  It has some restrictions on what and when it can be applied to but did help evergreens survive the winter in an even drier part of WY than where you live.  Basically it is a wax solution that still breathes enough to let survive while reducing water loss.

Second build some sort of wind break for each tree.  Snow fence style or rock pile condensate traps or fruit walls would be 3 possible types that might help.

3 weeks ago