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Its pretty neat that the inside is so smooth already. Now if the quality is good.
2 years ago
I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who saw the term as vague. It was in an ad for:

We are seeking people who have some garden and animal experience as well some basic rural living skills. We are asking for 8 hours of work per week and depending on how many people are here 3-4 days every other week on chores + occasional caretaking when we go away. If people have strong interest in the garden and its products, we might ask people to put in another 4-6 hours a week during the growing season. We have laying chickens, turkeys, a milk, meat and pack goat herd of about7-10 (usually no more than 2 milking does) and ducks.

We are looking for people who have some country living and garden skills, are emotionally mature, easy going and good communicators. A good fit for us would be someone who loves to garden and enjoys spending time working with animals and appreciates animal products.

I had a bit of an idea, but knew there were things I may not have considered that would be needed. Maybe what is listed is all I would need to know, then again maybe there are things they didn't think to include but assumed would be known.  If it's "learn as you go", that would be cool, but covering all the bases possible would be best.

Thanks for all the responses so far.
2 years ago
I would like input from all the knowledge here, please.

What would go on a list of rural skills? How would one learn them? Are they already listed here in one place?
2 years ago
I've wandered if swamp coolers are cheaper than air conditioners, or if the water cost would cancel out the electricity savings.  
2 years ago
I am so sorry! I can only imagine. I'm hoping any/all of the suggestions turn out to be helpful for you.
2 years ago
This could be a start to what you are looking for.
"Desiccant is sold in unit size bags according to Mil-D-3464E. A unit is the amount of desiccant which will adsorb at least 3 grams of moisture vapor at 20% relative humidity, and at least 6 grams of moisture vapor at 40% relative humidity at 25°C.

If the container you need to protect is 950cc or less in volume, a gram-size desiccant requirement chart is available here.

We also have a calculator which will give an estimate of the number of units of Clay or Silica Gel desiccant required for any size Moisture Barrier Bag. Desiccant Estimator

The amount of desiccant/adsorbent required will depend upon the chemical characteristics of the product as well as the volume contents and physical properties of the container. We recommend a stability study be performed to determine exact amounts required. Samples available upon request."
2 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Looks like my endeavor to eat what I grow and reduce purchased food may have back-fired. I seem to have symptoms of multiple deficiencies - B vitamins (probably mostly B12), and minerals. This is causing some creepy physical symptoms plus probably exacerbating some pre-existing health problems.

So we're going to try to adjust our diet with a little more store food, and some supplements.

I wanted to post about this because I've posted a lot about frugality and trying to live without much money, and I want people to know about my failures as much as my successes. I want others to be aware of cheaping out too much on diet and the possibility of deficiencies if you aren't able to grow a large enough variety of food and/or the soil is not optimum.

It seems like most folks here are better at growing stuff than I am.

Trying not to feel like a failure!

It has probably already been pointed out, but anything we learn from an experience means it was not a failure.

I'm a lurker for the most part learning from you all and having little to add, if anything. Maybe this means I will start jumping in here and there.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know of the dangers of not getting enough in this ongoing experiment. As I also am wanting to rely on what I grow, but haven't been able to grow what all I need, I will certainly keep an eye out for not getting all I need nutritionally.

I do hope it all starts on the upside for you however that might be.
2 years ago

Todd Parr wrote:

Neil Layton wrote:...
What I have an issue with is the implications about hierarchy and exploitation that stem from humans eating meat (not relevant to this discussion) and the sustainability implications of 7.4 billion humans eating meat, which is entirely germane to this conversation. That's one reason why we talk about frugality. I had the impression it's one reason Tyler is trying to steer away from eating meat.

... It's an absolute fact that humans can eat meat, and in my opinion, and the opinion of many people smarter than I, that people have evolved and need to eat meat to enjoy optimal health.

Or devolved.
2 years ago
I cook beans regularly in the crockpot. I will be making them from now this way as I have a pressure canner, and limited freezer space here.

I wish canning would work after drying fruits/veges.
2 years ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:Michael Hallenbeck,
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Can each of you guys confirm that you have still not received the part 2?

The first one came after 7 pm and the second shortly after 10 last night.