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since Nov 25, 2013
Toutle WA (an hour north of portland)
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Recent posts by Jaime Wise

HiSusan, your offer is very intriguing…I am interested. It sounds like it could be a great match, Wondering if you are still looking. I sent you a personal Message also.
2 months ago
Curious...wishing you left an email address as it appears as though you haven’t been back to this forum in quite a while. Well if this message finds you, Id love to hear how it goes!

10 months ago
Hey Lisa hows the property doing? Has it sold? I’ve been curious about having a little space down there for growing food and enjoying in the winter because my parents live in Bonita Springs. Been sort of looking for 5 years but nothing special has shown up. I’m wondering, if it’s still for sale, about how long a drive is the property from Southeastern Bonita springs? What are the neighbors like? Have you had any troubles with locals who don’t understand what you’re up to? Have you found any kindred spirits in that areA? I’m curious why you are leaving, if you don’t mind me asking....
10 months ago
Thank you John I will definitely check that out. Hadn’t heard of it!
3 years ago
We are a couple looking for our community. We have 20 acres an hour north of Portland that we would love to share with other low/no tech lifestyles. We live with very few modern comforts or technologies. We collect rainwater and haul creek water in buckets for bathing, dishes, cooking, drinking and watering the gardens. We built our 175 sq ft home with materials off our land with only hand tools. We make raw goat cheese, and raw yogurt and drink milk from our goat and harvest wild edibles. We bake sourdough bread on our rocket mass heater and cook with only wood. We poop in a hole and clean ourselves with water. We’re super fancy.

If you would like to live similar but aren’t sure you’re up for it, come visit, stay or permanently live with us to find out!  See how it feels living more directly with your immediate natural environment, and relying on technologies and electricity less.

**We may even be interested in renting out our handbuilt house if the right person was interested in having the whole place to themselves for a while and really wanted to get the full experience.

We’re also willing to trade food for work if someone wanted to do an off grid internship with us.

We’re wild abode living on Facebook, check out some photos there.

Thanks and and hope to hear from you!
3 years ago
Great! Well you can call, text or email me any time!

WildAbodeLiving at proton mail dot com
828.  216.  Eight 799. Leave me a message if you call because calls don’t always show up if I’m out of service. Look forward to hearing from you and possibly a visit!!

3 years ago
Hey! Nice to see your post. My partner and I are in western WA, an hour north of Portland. We are on 20 acres with 2 creeks and south facing mature woods mixed with 10 year post-logging forests and some clearings. We are always looking for open minded people who want to come learn how we make it work. We use very minimal electricity, 40 watt solar panel, and do not have running water. We use rain water and creek water. We haul water in buckets daily. We are growing lots of corn, oats, tomatoes, kale, squash, beans, oats, tomatillos....we handbuilt our tiny hobbit house with materials we harvested off our land. We have a lot to offer to the right people,people wanting to live low-tech and more direct with nature. We have several visitors and helpers come through over the summers. We have a tipi, camper and yurt on the land for anyone to attend to and live in, and some extra wood stoves for cooking. Let me know if you want to explore Washington! We’d love to have ya!
3 years ago
Thanks for your response glenn. So in your description you talk of making the inner half inch mostly clay and the rest mostly grass, now do you mean actually make the riser out of this or are you saying to surround the bricks with this? Either way sounds like a great thing to try, we've got lots of clay and Grass around. Have you or anyone you know tried this? I am really interested in making my own riser out clay. What do you think about subbing grass for horse manure? A 50/50 mix manure/clay for the first 1/2 inch, then more like 85% manure for the insulation. Seems like the Fermintation would make it stronger as a riser.
3 years ago
House updates: got plaster layers on, windows in and all 7 roof layers in place! We are attempting to start our rocket mass heater but we know it's a tricky thing and we are attempting to do it as natural and cheap as possible using local and reclaimed materials. Would really love to have any visitors who have any experience building rocket mass heaters. Here's some photos

3 years ago
Curious what you ended up using?? I just did a search for "natural insulation for rocket mass heater" and your thread popped up. I see you didn't get much help here but since it was a year ago I thought you probably figured something out by now! We are building one this week and we're hoping to use only materials from our land...saw dust, clay straw etc. but haven't found that it's too successful. Would love to hear from you about any tips you learned in your process and if you ever found a local insulation source?
Cheers, Jaime
3 years ago