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since Dec 08, 2013
East Texas zones 7b and 8!
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Q: what do you do with a dead chemist?
A: Barium

Id tell more chemistry jokes but the best ones Argon....
6 years ago
We have 2 tractors here. A ford 9n, it's small and light enough not tear up the ground. We use it for lighter duty chores. Mowing, or pulling a trailer full of gear.
The second is a 45 hp diesel. If I could only have one it would be the diesel. It has enough weight to skid logs or hook up the backhoe attachment. But could still be used for lighter tasks.
I made a misstep when I bought it years ago. No front end loader. I had never had one and at the time did not realize just what a work saver they could be. Still getting by with a boom pole and back bucket is not that bad just a lot slower. (Looking for one now though we want to build hugelbeds!)
As for attachments you might try auctions, both online and in person. We picked up a model 48 john deere backhoe attachment for $1500, which is cheap for our area. I am always seeing mowers and other equipment at them, often at low prices.
Good luck!
6 years ago
Sorry love, you can read over my shoulder.
60 WooHoo! Still got time on the clock, dig deep folks lets hit 70!
I'm pulling for 60, we really want to see the citrus technique.
Don't worry about the 3000, release...don't release it's your show.
I like the title. It grabs the attention, and sounds like someone hawking a wrestling style extravaganza. Then it hits you with gardening. Which makes you pause and say huh?
This is the kind of title that catches my attention most often and draws me in for a second look.
Second post ever! In for 250 more, really want it to break 40k. We love your stuff Paul. Can we be listed as Wiley & April Swift? Can't wait to watch it , very timely for our project.
Thanks for everything you do.
I would like to know about his online offerings. Any plans to expand that area of study/cert?