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The ebook can be bought for immediate delivery for $8? What was the cheapest tier that included the ebook as part of the Kickstarter?
3 years ago

Leif Ing wrote:Well, I'm new to the world of permaculture (via finding Jack Spirko and thesurvivalpodcast)...

I like reading your thoughts and think it'd be nice to meet you one day!

May I check you've discovered Paul's podcasts? He hasn't had as much time to put into them recently, but there are other 300 of them and listening to them from start to end is quite the education:

Kerry Ceilidh wrote:

Bill Crim wrote:
Having watched some of the Kickstarter for the PDC it was evident to me that Paul was absent at times .  He appeared stressed and had a lot of stuff to deal with. I might also add the atmosphere has now changed and the ATC seems to be a much better environment for all.  

I agree Kerry (is that your name, it is my location!), the atmosphere is very different on the ATC. I watched some of the tour that Josiah kindly uploaded yesterday. Paul was so much lighter and happier during this than by the end of the PDC.

 -  a video response by another YouTuber to the response I got from Esther on the comments I've made on her video.
I wrote my two cents on their YouTube video. It took a while to work out what to say, I've been watching them for months - ever since I built my RMH alongside theirs using the same plans from Ernie & Erica, and I've been loving their daily PDC vlogs. That said, Paul inspired me to quit my IT job, move to Ireland and start a permaculture based smallholding - I know which side my bread is buttered.

It was surreal to watch their latest video, so many of the claims were emotive, subjective and unsubstantiated. It really isn't how I'd have expected them to behave, even if they did believe everything they said.

It is very easy to tear down and criticise. I wish they really stopped and thought about the impact Paul's work has had on global permaculture, before feeling qualified to pass judgement with their newly gained PDC whose ink had only just dried. Even a few of their audience questioned the fairness of what they chose to do.

Suspicious as to how thick your skin can really be Paul, please keep into perspective they are just one couple on a different path to yours. Remember all those who think you and your contributions are awesome and are looking forward to watch the lab evolve over time.
Not crazy at all Paul, this is an amazing offering.

Perhaps the things I most look forward to are the drone ride and extended tour. I've tried to visualise your place whilst listening to all your podcasts, but seeing the place in detail will be awesome!

6 years ago
May I ask if the chatty corner will be recorded and made available to download to people at the $120 tier?
6 years ago
Whilst for those that can, getting to visit Wheaton Labs as part of the PDC certification would be awesome. May I ask if it could be an option for those that can't travel (due to distance/work/other) could complete it remotely - much like how Geoff Lawton and others offer full certification online?

I am most definitely going to support the kickstarter, but as the rewards have changed I am now leaning towards the $150 level rather than the $100 originally. If I went for the $150 level today, can I simply change my tier to a higher level (such as the pdc option), or shall I hold back for another couple of days?

6 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Let's do the math.  

What day would you arrive?

The first week is tossed out because that always ends up being a wash.   That leaves a dollar value for each week after that.  How many weeks will you be here before the pdc?

My current commitment ends on the 28th of April. I could fly early the next week after that.
6 years ago