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keith hughes

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since Jan 08, 2014
i am a mason bricklayer, blocklayer, stone setter, and tile setter. i come home dirty. i am building and living in a earthship 20 miles from buena vista, colorado. i love trying new things. love my canoeing, survival, back to nature, gardening, hunting, hiking, survival stuff, flea market, yard sales, self reliance, military vehicles, all kinds Of music, love bees, imax movies, comedy, great at giving and receiving massages, going to the parks etc. i wouldn't say i was tall dark and handsome. But i am cute with a good heart. i am 210 lbs, 6'3, 36 years old, short brown hair, blue eyes, usually have a goatee. mountain type that loves the mountains. happy go lucky kind of guy as in my glass is half full. look toward the positive side of things. i am looking for someone that is not afraid to get their hands dirty that can change their tire if i am not around. i love a woman who knows what they want and has goals and ambitions. Someone that wants simple things in life. live off grid, back to more natural way of living. someone that wants to run away with a cute guy live the dream. just do it. not great at writing long letters on my droid phone. planted a garden in the front of my house this week. working on bees and mushrooms soon. I am not a smoker, not into drugs, or alcohol. well if this sounds remotely interesting let me know.
futurity, Colorado
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Recent posts by keith hughes

I have a community starting in June if interested?  It is near Buena Vista, Colorado. Keith
I usually take off by December and come back in May.  So your welcome to come up between May and December.  Keith
5 months ago
Hey Monea, I added you on Facebook.  Keith
5 months ago
Still open till December if anyone is interested in learning more about Earthships.  Keith
6 months ago
Help finish an Earthship near Buena Vista, Colorado.  Room, board and food for five hour days.  Five days a week.  Learn about Earthships.  Pick my brain for ideas and inspiration. 
6 months ago
Help finish an Earthship in Buena Vista, Colorado.  Almost finished Earthship just need some pavers laid, flagstone caps, brick piers, septic system dug, a hen house finished (out of tires and bottles),

With your help we can finish these projects and more.  You get room, food and board for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

The property is about 20 miles south east of Buena Vista, Colorado.  It's at 10,400 feet.  Any questions?  Keith Hughes
6 months ago
Age is just a number.  Still looking for the one.
7 months ago
Still available if anyone is interested. 
9 months ago