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Recent posts by Roberto pokachinni

I just went and left a message from me, with a plug for permies.
1 month ago
Welccome to Permies, Sienna !   Sorry to burst your bubble on this one, however.  I actually was under the same impression for years.  

Thanks for the video, any plant recommendations for indoor purification ?

Houseplants do not actually purify much air

Another one from The Atlantic

Not that houseplants aren't great, and worth keeping around...

Thanks for joining the threads!  
1 month ago
Thanks to both of you for responding.  i want to keep this thread alive and will be posting more today.  

Moderate exercise, paying attention to your nutrition, sufficient sleep... all these are natural and will support your immune system and regulating hormones better.  

 Yes.  There is an increasing amount of evidence supporting wellness in these seemingly obvious tools.  I also wanted to share some more on this thread page.  

I recently watched this video about epigenetics.  The doctor in this video shares his research and thoughts about how it relates to COVID 19.  The gist of it, is that we have the ability to greatly influence our genetic expression with our thinking and our emotional health.    

Our brains are ultimately responsible for everything that our body does.  Part of our brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, which, when activated, gives us what is called the 'flight or fight' response.  This is a part of our mind/body connection which has enabled us to survive intense dangerous situations.  

Any time we are afraid, we trigger this flight or fight response.  Any time we fall, we trigger this response.  Any danger can trigger this response.   The adrenaline rises for that short time and your breathing becomes shallow and rapid.  Your large muscle groups are charged with blood.  But generally, the natural response is short-lived.  Not so, if we watch too much T.V. or internet assessment of a pandemic virus-in that case we are caught in cycles of fear of this thing that is killing many without putting any of those people's personal health into perspective.  In this case, there is a persistent low-grade activation, with spikes of high-grade activation of your sympathetic system that keep it activated to a lesser degree, but still activated.

The result of this activation is that it removes a lot of necessary energy from our parasympathetic nervous system, which is our restorative regenerative system.  

He also goes into detail about how our DNA is expressed through genes.  But he goes much further in explaining that the situation that an individual cell is in dictates how a gene is expressed, and that is part of the crux of how we can handle this Covid situation.
1 month ago
Some things to remember when using a chainsaw, even a small one, and even on small trees, is that it is running on high revolutions per minute and that you should always keep your leading arm straight with its elbow locked.   This way if the chain grabs in an unexpected way, ((you will not have time to react due to high RPM's)) kicking the saw teeth up towards you, the lead arm will carry the saw upwards over your head, and not (with your arm bent or bending) into your face.  Always wear a proper hard hat, face shield, and safety glasses, hearing protection...  These are a small expense but will save you years of grief if you make a mistake, or have to deal with the loss of hearing.  Always have someone else around.  Practice to always use your chain break at the end of a cut.  Always have good footing when the saw is cutting or you have the chain break off.  Always were safety pants to protect your femural arteries, and sturdy boots to protect your feet.
1 month ago

... all kinds of stories of the shitty care people get when the hospital's understaffed or overcrowded.

I think, like a relationship, society needs to get through a bit of hardship to be healthy and we've had it pretty easy for a long time.

I think that we have had it easy for a long time.  Much of the rest of the world has lived in a war zone, in famines, in economically downpressed situations, under severe totalitarian dictatorships, and we have lived a life of choice and virtual opulence in comparison.  That said, the divide between rich and poor, the 'lifestyle' of living paycheck to paycheck, the increasing control of governments over people's lives, these have all been on the increase, despite our freedoms.  i hope that coming out of this, there will be increasing recognition that people deserve a certain level of life that is free and unencumbered by the struggle to simply live, and the unnecessary intrusion and burdens of government.  

Certainly hardship brings out change and it potentially brings health.  I hope that the shitty care in the hospitals issue, the understaffing issue, the overcrowded issue, these things will be addressed coming out of this.  I personally think that the people will demand it.  I personally think we should demand it be addressed and accounted for far before bailing out big business.  This is my small additional hope.

I think that, like with the economy, there will be a time of reckoning coming out of this, as to what is truly necessary and what we, as individuals and society, really want to place value on.  Jan White hits on a number of points above, which lead us in the direction of the fact that society has lost some of it's vigor, its Joie de Vivre, it's ability to simply enjoy being together as families, and the craving for community and interaction, these things will gain a lot of new meaning, coming out of this.  I miss hugging my friends.  Standing apart, I am at a disconnect.  It is difficult.  But those embraces will feel all the more connected and appreciated when they are once again the norm.

I am going to a birthday party tonight.  A friend cleared all the brush out from under his trees over the past few years, greatly reducing his forest fire risk.  We are going to burn a huge pile of brush, each of us standing at least 6 feet apart, and toast his 62nd birthday.  It will be one small token gesture towards the community that we are all craving gets to function and interact again soon.  
1 month ago
Any plant that would coppice or pollard well, should be able to handle this type of abuse.  

I can imagine many shrubs not surviving such a rigorous chopping at their base. Seems like you would need some very hardy plants; Or do they not care if the plants die?  

 Many plants would die if treated like this, true.  But many plants can and will shoot up from an established root.  The point is that you have to get an established root on your tree or shrub first.  In my area, willow, cottonwood, poplar, alder, birch, hazel, and maple would be good candidates.  It is important that the plants not die, as a completely dead hedge becomes brittle (which a cow could force its way through, if it was hungry at corn time), and in my opinion is far too much of a fire hazard to keep around.  There is a structure called a dead hedge, and you can search about it on this site, and some people advocate them as well.  
1 month ago
So I just watched this video.  In it this guy says, and I believe in his logic, that Fear is the number one killer here.  Sure this is a novel virus and our immune response is bound to not be ready for it, but he gets into that too.  

When Fear takes over, the immune system becomes compromised because the body's fight-or-flight response system takes over all of the energy that the body's immune system would normally use to fight off the virus.  

So if you already have any compromising factors in your immune response, then you are already much more likely to be affected by this novel virus, or any virus, and Fear greatly adds to this.

If you can get over being afraid of this virus or its effects, it might help greatly in having your body's immune system be resilient enough to fight it off, as many people's systems are doing effectively.  

Not only have many people who were hospitalized with this viral disease recovered from it, but many many people are asymptomatic as their immune systems are strong enough to show no effect whatsoever.

1 month ago
So here's a post I found through an internet rabbit-hole this evening.  It's all about fresh air and sunshine giving patients 3X the survival rate to otherwise treated folks during the 1918 Spanish Flu. Return to Now -Sara Burrows
2 months ago
It might not be that they drained the oil there, but that the farmer had a machine with a steady slow oil leak, and the machine was parked there when not in use, for many years.  This vector of oil deposit is fairly common on farms.  Not saying that this is the case for you, but it is a possibility.
2 months ago
Some quotes from the guy who invented the choice mask. N95  

Sterilization using radioactive such as gamma rays has the potential to decompose the PP materials, using alcohol will erase the charges. However, charges are retained by exposing the masks in the hot air at elevated temperatures such as 70C for 30 minutes, which kills the coronavirus according to a report. But be sure to suspend the masks in the hot air without contacting or being too close to a metal surface because the metal temperature is much higher than that of the hot air leading to a severe charge decay or to the damage of the masks.

Q5: Can the masks be treated using steam?

A: Yes, our investigation showed that the charge loss on the electret is unnoticeable by sterilization using 125oC steam for three minutes.

My friend, Dr. Cai, a retired filtration testing scientist, had experimental data conducted in February 2020 as in the below table that support my above result in the past.
Steam treatment Experimental Theoretical Prediction
Initial FE (3-fold medical mask) 93.2% N95 (99%)
Steam for 5 minutes 91.7% 98.5%
Steam for 30 minutes 85.2% 97.5%

The first web link in Q3 had similar insignificant charge decay as above sterilized using hot water vapor.

Q6: Can the respirator be treated by boiling water?

A: Yes, our investigation showed that the charge loss on the media is unnoticeable in boiling water for three minutes but stirring on the mask is not recommended to avoid its physical damage.

My friend, Dr. Cai, a retired filtration testing scientist, had experimental data conducted in February 2020 as in the below table that agree with my above result in the past.
Boiling water treatment
Initial FE (3-fold medical mask) 93.2%
Boiling for 5 minutes 92.4%
Boiling for 30 minutes 83.6%

2 months ago