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Thanks Byron,

I will definitely try the draft test. Your reply took a load of concern off my mind.  I finally found mention in " The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide"
on page 229, Heat exchange-Channel Length. This is in total agreement with what you say.   You mentioned  notes via E&E Wisner, did you attend one of their workshops? I'm glade to have the my confusion regarding distinction between chimney and heat exchange duct work clarified. About 11 feet  of the chimney is fully exposed on the inside and should be nice and toasty compared to outside temps.

Thank You again

3 months ago
[color=black] [/colorThis is our first build and any useful advice from experienced builders would be greatly appreciated.

Our situation is this: Our cottage has a 576 square foot slab for a floor, our existing 6 inch wood stove chimney is about ~ 14 feet long from the top of wood stove to the chimney cap, We have 8 inch SIP paneled walls and 12 inch SIP paneled roof so the cottage is well insulated. The 6 inch chimney dictates the size of the RMH we intend to build be a 6 inch system since everything is set up for that and we are not heating all that big an area.

In  “The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide “  that I got from our local library system ( obviously they are in on Paul Wheaton’s  plot to rule the world)  in Chapter 4 , Step by Step Construction Example, they use an 8 inch RMH as the model so not much use in my situation. For some reason I recall 42 feet of duct work being the absolute limit for a 6 inch system but for the life of me I can’t seem to find that specific info. in the book. If anyone can guide me to that page or quote me the right number I would be grateful.

So here is the question, is the maximum allowable amount of duct work (whatever the number)  considered the total of both horizontal duct and vertical chimney or is the chimney considered be less of a drag coefficient since warm rises and is not struggling to go sideways and therefore I can have a greater amount of horizontal duct work in the thermal mass.

Our goal is to have 2 lengths of 6ft. - 6 inch duct plus 1 length of 3ft.- 6 inch duct and 5 90 degree 6 inch elbows/tees.
All total this would come out to the equivalent of 54 linear ft. 5 90 degree elbows/tees = 25 ft. , horizontal duct = 15 ft., Chimney = 14 feet.

Is this practical? Is I don’t want an RMH with slow to no draft.

Any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated!


3 months ago
Wow, I had no idea and I am saddened to hear that Keshe was embroiled in so much controversy. Nobody wants to feel like they just stepped into a giant cow pie. Perhaps I am setting myself on a fools errand but I intend on following through in trying to make the device. I have some experience with electronics. If I am successful I'll let you know. It did strike me as odd though that his adherents were not given the instructions on making these devices prior the release of the information/blueprint instructions on You Tube so as to create a working, functioning prototype for all to see prior to its release. It appears that this is a first time for all involved. If the design does work I expect to see a broad, positive response confirming its efficacy. If the design fails for me and others, then in my eyes, and I am confident in others eyes, Mr Keshe will be viewed as a charlatan.
3 years ago
To borrow a phrase from Monty Python: " And now for something completely different"

The Keshe Foundation has released the plans for the lay person to make a plasma reactor. Released last week on you tube and titled "KFSSI Blueprint Teaching Week"
Here is the link:

there are a total of 10 you tubes for the week on how to do it yourself.

This particular reactor design is capable of producing 2.2 KW but is capable of producing up to 10 KW through use. Please watch the first YouTube get an understanding of what I just wrote. This is the output ceiling set for reactor for the general public. They will make 10 MW design plans available for businesses, Municipalities and governments. They have shipped a large number of manufactured reactors all over the world starting on Monday Oct 26th so the cat is out of the bag.

I have just got the materials to start winding my coils.I am so excited, this is a game changer.
3 years ago
How's this for a title, admittedly from someone who once visited Montana a long time ago, did not forage there, but does forage in the Northwoods and has been keeping track of Sam Thayer: "supreme executive producer with chalice of wild raspberry, blueberry, thimbleberry and wild honey hazelnut cream parfait, epaulettes of oyster mushroom and morels, cape of honey locust and basswood blossoms and crown of dandelion, daylily bud, oxeye daiisy and yarrow fronds with cascading dew sparkles? Feel free to adjust according to your Montana foraging choices. I could have added more delicacies, but I thought the kickstarter people might get too hungry. Paul, you are a uniquely scrumptious and distinctive proponent of permaculture, and much deserving of the royal raiment of nature.

Sergei, I look forward to dancing in delight with you over all the foraging treasures in your video project.

Best wishes, Sandy

4 years ago