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since Feb 12, 2014
Joined site because whilst browsing for permaculture ideas for my new allotment (it's too wet to garden) I couldn't resist the plant ID challenge...
West Midlands UK (zone 8b)
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Recent posts by Hester Winterbourne

Michael Sohocki wrote:
But I have three children--so something must work.

My first marriage ended with me running away, because there was no affection--it had become a business. My second relationship, which produced my third child, is sick and weird, I'm sorry to say. We stay together out of obligation to the baby, while we have pretty much no affection for each other. It's not a romantic relationship in any way, and it would have obliterated three years ago if it weren't for the existence of our son.

She does not like farming, or land, or animals or plants, or being outside--not in any weather. I do not like consumerism, cell phones or television. But I did not have enough sense to make these decisions back then: I chose the sex. It was an easy choice.  While I regret the state of my relationship, and ever unsure if it will come crashing down today, or tomorrow, or what--I love my children so much.

I want to give them the best experience in life that I can--and that means sacrificing my own romantic love. In the end, I got much the same situation that I ran from in my first one. But I stay the course because it's the right thing to do.

I am a product of divorced parents. I worry terribly that my first two children will surely follow my example, which I have identified for them as normal with my actions. I am trying not to let this be true for my baby son as well.

I have to disagree with you - with love and sympathy.  I don't believe it is necessary, or a good example for kids, for two people to sacrifice their own happiness in order to preserve the institution of marriage as the only model of "family".  It is not an easy "opt-out" getting divorced, it is not "quitting" to leave a relationship which is toxic for all concerned.  I am divorced from the father of my two kids.  They see him regularly and could see him far more often as far as I'm concerned, if he had the time.  He and I made each other miserable.  Now we are civil and respectful to each other and both pursuing lives and principles which we believe in.  I believe this is a good example to set my kids.  Your kids can learn from your mistakes, if they are honestly portrayed as mistakes.
3 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:Write more than one or two lines when writing back,

I make fun of myself for writing paragraphs on here, but the truth is, most guys will just see a photo of a woman they think is interesting and type out. "What is up?" Katie later said that I was the first guy that typed back a paragraph or two...I had lambs and was interesting and could share.

Yes, this!!

I have lost count of the dating profiles I have see that say "um I'm not very good at talking about myself, if you want to know anything just ask".  For crying out loud give me something to go on!
3 months ago

Angelika Maier wrote: I wondered about mice but raw potatoes are poisonous.

Not to mice they wouldn't be.  Lots of animals will eat them.  And even if they didn't, a nice little potato would be very tempting for a mouse to carry off and bury somewhere else for later just in case.  I have been finding gooseberries in my watering cans and can only blame squirrels...
3 months ago

Meg Mitchell wrote: OP mentioned planting purple potatoes intentionally, and I'm not sure how else they can spread besides if you moved some dirt around. 

OP also said "no matter what I plant I always get purple potatoes" which sounded like they were planting one thing and getting another.

I move my potatoes round on a four-year cycle, and I always get some volunteers the next year - some are from tiny weeny little tubers but others are like "doh - how did I miss THAT one?".  I suspect that although I try and rigorously remove the volunteers, some escape my notice long enough to build up a new tiny tuber which then comes up again the next year.  Another possible source of potatoes in the wrong place, especially if they are on the surface, would be if you've added peelings to your compost and they've not been killed by the composting process and have sprouted from those.
3 months ago

Meg Mitchell wrote:Also if you see your intentionally-planted potatoes blooming, pinch off the flowers. Potatoes do flower and go to seed and I'm not sure what the success rate is, but if you don't want them spreading, then there's no reason to let them go to seed.

I wouldn't worry too much about that, as most potatoes end up flowering in my experience but very few actually get round to forming a fruit - when it does it is quite obvious like a small green tomato and you could easily nip it off at that stage.

The purple potatoes thing sounds quite weird to me, almost like this is some sort of wild potato relative that is confusing matters, because certainly if you plant a white potato you must get a white potato as a crop bar a few occasional sports.
3 months ago

Joshua Fryc wrote:Can you go to the store in the UK and buy meat packaged as bull meat? I have read as well that bulls put on meat significantly faster and more efficiently than steers and cows, maybe that has something to do with it.

I've never seen it marketed as such, no.  Some farmers do it because it is faster, like you say.  I think they are required to put up warning signs once the bulls get over a certain age (you don't have to put up a sign just if you have a bull running with cows) and not have them in a field with a public footpath.  But they are mostly barn-raised anyway.
3 months ago
Raising bull beef as a commercial proposition is not uncommon here in the UK.  I am not involved, just aware.
3 months ago
"Rip out the whole patch and replant" is probably propagated by the strawberry plant suppliers...
4 months ago

Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote:

what's the name of that giant plant that burns you severely if you even touch it, and grows about 10-15 feet tall? it's up in Canada?  that's a good one to know about.  It looks a little like Queen Anne's Lace, but it's bigger.

That'll be Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum.  Many members of that family are poisonous or hazardous, and some people who are more sensitive than others will get a skin reaction even from common hogweed, but Giant is the really nasty one.  It's an offence to cause it to grow in the wild here.
4 months ago

William Bronson wrote: Most oh these plants seem to have no other edible uses whatsoever.
For me that makes them doubly unwelcome. Even something like pokeweed is not worth having around in my opinion.
Given the number of plants that have edible greens as well as edible roots and sometimes even edible fruits or seed pods it makes it hard to justify plants that are poisonous. The nightshades are worth it but I'm not certain what is.

I'll quote Shakespeare: There's naught so vile that on the earth doth live, but to the earth some special good doth give / Nor aught so good but strained from that fair use, revolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse.
4 months ago