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Hester Winterbourne

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since Feb 12, 2014
Joined site because whilst browsing for permaculture ideas for my new allotment (it's too wet to garden) I couldn't resist the plant ID challenge...
West Midlands UK (zone 8b) Rainfall 26"
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Recent posts by Hester Winterbourne

As I type I can see the peach blossom starting to show pink in the bud in my back garden.  But the tree always gets peach leaf curl and I have never had fruit.
3 weeks ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:

Hester Winterbourne wrote:My mother-in-law swears that you can freeze fresh yeast.

I'll have to try that, it doesn't last that long in the fridge.

She says it goes liquid when you thaw it out but it still works.  A baker once told me I shouldn't even put it in the fridge, so go figure...
3 weeks ago
My mother-in-law swears that you can freeze fresh yeast.
3 weeks ago
I've never tried making my own coffee substitute, but I drink Barleycup or Whole Earth which are cereal/chicory based.  
3 weeks ago

teri morgan wrote:some people call her buckskin...some call her dun...

 Ah that I have figured out the difference on - dun have a dorsal stripe and buckskin don't because buckskin is a different gene - the cream dilution on bay.  Glad to hear her manners live up to her looks!
The one with a white face is pretty - what colour do you call that?

Bryant RedHawk wrote:composting straw as the hilling material.

This is the key point - if you are accustomed to pulling the soil up to stop the potatoes going green, growing them in a wider spaced row makes it simpler.  But if you can mulch for the same purpose, a grid is fine.
1 month ago
Crataegus schraderiana.  Mine is grafted and is about 7 or 8 foot tall, and bears kilos of big deep red berries that the birds show no interest in, and that make dark pink appley-tasting jam that sets well.  Not much fun to eat raw because of the skin and pips (which I sieve off to make the jam), but in terms of easy it's fab.  Nice thick blossom in May, attractive cut silvery leaves.  Difficult to get to germinate (I'm still trying!)  
1 month ago