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I'm starting into this adventure this year, but haven't found a local source. Can anyone recommend online sellers?
2 years ago
hmm Have to say this is of great interest to us. We've lactose intolerant, caesien-ess, gluten-ites, dairy allergies and autistics in this household. Might be worth looking into just for personal use.
And the fact it is so sweet that it makes sugarless goodies (processed sugar) makes it a plus.
Our family has used cloth wipes for nearly a decade. We have several types of fabric as some needs require different textures. Our most common is the wash cloth. I buy a bulk bundle of bathroom washclothes, cut them into four pieces each, hem them. There is a pile that is clothes cut into 8 pieces for those male needs. Why use more than you need?
These sit in stacks on a shelf next to the pot. Hanging on that rack is a spray bottle for each person in the family. It is that persons job to keep their bottle sanitized and full of water. The water is used to make wetwipes, should a person prefer or need a better cleaning than a dry cloth.

We all much prefer this system to toilet paper or store bought disposable wet wipes. We keep a paper roll handy for visitors as we don't want them using our wipes.

It does require some work. Dirty (manure!) wipes go into their own sealed bucket, using a foot pedal. Wets (piss!) go into another one.
These get washed often, usually every few days as I have a rotator washer that is small and takes actual boiling water (something electric washing machines don't use) for washing. They also get a poolshock treatment couple times a month (yeah, I know... the horror!).
I found the commercial washers are too big on the small load, but yours might work. I like boiling water to clean such matters, which household hot water heaters can't provide.
They do take some water. Four gallons for a full start to finish wash-dry routine. Extra one on the poolshock days. Might be able to do with less but for me I find this gives the best results, and given what is on the wipes, I want them CLEAN.

Right now we're traveling for the year so we're back to using 1ply in the RV. I actually miss the cloth wipes.
4 years ago
Summer is here so I'm on the road full time. I have the streaming package and can't wait!!! YaY!!
However, being on the road means limited access to Net and often limited bandwidth monthly.
Will I be able to view the streaming DVDs at any time? Or will they be only available for a limited time?

Wish I could have brought the family out there for all this fun, but alas, I just couldn't swing it this quarter. Have fun out there!

See & family
Looks great! We're excited to see the dvd.
4 years ago
Here it is nearly two weeks later and we haven't heard anything about the pods.
Perhaps we missed an email? Last one we got was #9 about the secret forums (which we can see).
We put in $60 and our email here is the same as Kickstarter and I know our payment went through because our credit card says it did.
Where can we get access to all those lovely pods?
So many great topics! I'm definitely in for the porta-kitchen -> rocket canning kitchen, Bees (anything) and anything to do with water in more arid environments.
4 years ago
Hello to everyone! New here myself. Well, sort of. Been reading the forums for awhile, just don't post.
Love the appropedia site, Bill.
4 years ago
I tossed in $60 (no easy feat for this family). How do you know who paid what? I signed up on Kickstarter with the email I signed up here, but the payment options are under my husband's accounts. Sooo how do I access the podcasts, special forums, etc, while waiting for the streaming DVD's due out in June?