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Hopefully she will be able to keep them warm this winter.  I never had chicks this late in the year.  This is also the first time I had a hen raise her own.  Exciting times!

Our future LGD is close by monitoring the whole thing.

2 years ago

Cassie Langstraat wrote:Everyone! I think we've fixed the wonky download issue! Can people please try it out and tell me if it is working smoothly for them?!

It worked for me today. I tried the last time the email went out and got an error. I assumed there were too many people trying at the same time. I forgot about it afterwards. But i have it now!
I just verified the settings were all checked. It appears to be working. Android chrome browser.
Worked flawless for me. Android chrome browser.
I saw this link from 2014 in the main post. This link appears to work whereas the link Paul posted in 2013 does not. So, this is the link i will be using.

paul wheaton wrote:It begins. Registrations for this year's course is now open:


I plan to join tonight. curious if there is a link to support the Wheaton empire for this year.

Thank you!
Should the topic include anything to mark it related to this dealio? I didn't see anything posted so far and i just now got around to reading this dailyish email. I have a bunch of level 1.5(maybe) projects going on that i can post about and pictures as well from the past year. Since i recently got my first apple, and a recent podcast talked about people with low post counts(like me) and lots of apples, i am interested in competing. Ha. No really, i have intended to but always too busy with projects (and daily grind type stuff) to get around to it. This is a great idea...i think
4 years ago
That is interesting. We eat a lot of avocados and some go bad. I will try this when the weather is warmer. Does the pit and skin get consumed or broken down as well? That seems to be what sticks around the longest. I understand chickens either do not like or avocados are bad for chickens. The scraps from the fruit still make it in our compost pile and nothing bad has happened so far.
4 years ago
Four your viewing pleasure...
I suppose when the snow flew and all the bugs went away, the chickens were pissed. It appears they have upped the ante on the size of their game since. I noticed this hanging out of a chickens mouth from the house after lunch. I also suppose when the killing went down that is when the rooster set off the alarm we heard. He sounds the alarm at the wind moving a tall piece of grass so it wasn't really noticed at the time.

4 years ago