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Recent posts by Conrad Farmer

What is the minimum flow and drop required to make the pump really viable? I have a flow rate of 5 gpm and can create a drop likely of 2-4', will that be enough to have any success with a ram pump? I'd like to use one to move the water at least 1000' and about 50' up - likely will need to use a windpump, but curious if ram pump might work. Any help appreciated.
1 year ago
Have to determine for certain those are dates I can escape from work, but this looks great!

Here are some possible ideas that I would be excited about:  
steam-power (5-12 hp generating/pumping)
wood gas
wind power (pumping)
medium scale grain production & harvesting implements (10-20 acres) {thresher}
medium scale hay production (10-20 acres) {non-baler options as well as "baled"}
gravity powered water distribution {water tower design, hydraulic ram pumps, flow engineering, winter proofing}

Anyway just some thoughts for the idea hopper...rube goldberg away
1 year ago
How about Deep Impact and Armageddon?
The list has earth-based disasters, cultural control, and alien invasions - shouldn't we have some other space-related disaster possibilities, right?!?!
Then there's always the "prepper" view of the end of civilization in this list:
Anyway, a fun apple-poll, thanks.
1 year ago
Paul and crew,

It seems that the kickstarter closed early?

I attempted to select a support level yesterday late in the afternoon (eastern time) and was unable to do so.

If at all possible, I'd like to sign up for the "My Design" level.


PS (posted in "tinkering" originally, apologize for the duplicate post)
Hi Paul,

Just landed from a trip and went on to select the $250 support level for a "My Design Review"....
<grimace><grrrrr> the site is showing the level, and it's still 5/24, but apparently, it closed all the levels to new entrants??

Anyway, if it is not too late, I'd like to get signed up at that level.

Welcome to the forum, Karen.

Glad you joined us and really looking forward to reading your book.

What would your thoughts be on including these cheeses in a keto oriented diet - maybe even replacing traditional cheeses altogether?

Any ideas about using hazelnuts and/or acorns? Amaranth? Buckwheat? Cattails? Looking for uses for things that grow here rather than those that I have to purchase.

1 year ago
Purchased and worked smooth as corn silk! 2 ears up!! However, it did require me logging into the forum first.
Will leave, close browser, and return to see that link still works, but that shouldn't be an issue...the purchasing was the test if I understand correctly.
Left and came back, had to find the thread again, but video still available to play.
1 year ago

Cassie Langstraat wrote:We are doing another test with the plotskateers.

Plotskateers, if you do not receive the part 2 of 2 (take 3) email in the next few hours (give or take a few more hours) please report here.

Got both = working fine

paul wheaton wrote:

Conrad Farmer wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:Did I duplicate anything? It seems like I was editing and re-editing this for hours.

811 and 812 are dups

Look again ....

looked and :chagrined: - indeed they are - it's all in the >very< fine details!

paul wheaton wrote:Did I duplicate anything? It seems like I was editing and re-editing this for hours.

811 and 812 are dups