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Recent posts by Zach Hurley

Does anyone know or has anyone heard of a schedule for the 2016 PDC? My school may be on board enrolling me but I'd like to get an idea of when it happens.
Ok. I guess someone's got to be the first wave. Might as well be us.

We've been working on a food forest at my school. Here is the blog I started recently. Hopefully, we'll add more to it in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for what you do!
5 years ago
Hey! This is awesome! I teach middle school and find it difficult to talk to people in the education and permaculture world. Where in the country are y'all? I'm in the Deep South. I've had trouble finding k-12 sites to learn from. Any connections would be appreciated!
5 years ago
Grant: First off, thanks for all that you've helped us do already!

I'm a middle school biology teacher and work at a school with 100s of acres and for admin that are willing to plant stuff (albeit in the "right" locations). We've planted about 30 trees that you sold us last April. We've also planted about 15 fruiting/support species plus 20-30 herbs, bulbs, and fruiting vines. This was all after my students dig two swales on contour and made a simple hugel bed downhill of the swale.

We are in the process of writing a grant and I've got a lot of stuff planned if we get the grant including a greenhouse, Aquaponics lab, hydroponics towers and (especially) lots of more diversity to plant in the Food Forest.

My question for you is how do to best have my kids learn to graft and how to grow our own rootstock?

We've been saving apple seeds from the lunchroom and hoping to get some to grow and possibly graft on top of them if they work out. Besides that, I'm not sure what else to do. We'll have a greenhouse, unlimited rough compost and plenty of 7th grade hands to help grow our food Forest in and around the school's ponds and river.
5 years ago
I teach in South Georgia and I have been tasked to find a company that will install a greenhouse to fit our needs. The greenhouse will be set up with sample hydro- and aquaponics and a typical sprinkler/mist system for growing baby plants. We've already started a food forest with about 15 trees, some vines, several bushes and a several herbs.

Can anyone here direct me to someone who can install them? Ive sent out info to companies from google but I'd rather work with local, permie folk.
Some details below:
  • 20' x 60' structure,
    hard plastic covering with retractable black mesh,
    gravel/permeable floor,
    small hydroponics system,
    water suspended from above,
    cooling system,
    surfaces to grow plants from seeds
  • 5 years ago
    Thanks for the reply!

    I've got a place marked out for most of them but didn't want to stun them with how hot it has been. When I put them in the ground, how do I care for them? Simply water a little everyday? I know that sounds dumb but I simply don't know.

    I had them covered to retain humidity. I saw a cool drip system with a 5 gallon bucket that I'd like to try for some trees in the future so I may try it out on these first.

    Should I throw them in the ground now? Or try to keep them alive until spring?
    6 years ago
    I am trying to learn about planting from seed and dealing with very young plants. Can anyone help?
    6 years ago
    I am trying to learn how to care for young plants. I have a couple seeds finally germinating and I also have some seedlings that were bought for me. I am having trouble caring for them. Can anyone direct me to a 'how-to' of young plant care-taking?

    I have made a makeshift greenhouse type box. It is essentially two clear containers with one on bottom and top that respectfully 1.) holds water to be used by the seedlings and 2.) holds in moisture. There is a gap inbetween the two boxes for some air circulation. My two paw-paws got burned after the 2nd day bc (I think) they were too close to the plastic box and got overheated.

    I've also got some malabar spinach coming up and I don't know how to care for it since it has broken the surface now.

    I'm in South Georgia zone 8b. I have no green thumb but would like to grow one if only I knew how. Seedlings are paw-paw, maypop (passion flower), hardy kiwi and muscadine.
    6 years ago
    Ive looked at those before and they look great. The only problem is that I can't use that in the field (easily) or to ID weeds that we find on a walk around the campus. Unless I'm missing something. Am I?
    6 years ago