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Mark Trail wrote:I took some pinto beans out of a storage jar several years after purchase and presoaked, changed water and boiled for 8 hours. They were still crunchy and tough.

I've had success cooking old beans in a pressure cooker. I generally presoak the beans and cook them under pressure 5 to 10 minutes. Stove top pressure cookers cook faster than an Instatpot.  With either method I let the pressure drop naturally.

Old beans are a bit more iffy timing wise. If the beans are still a tiny bit hard I finish them off on the stove top, but this is generally not an issue.

Your suggestion about grinding the beans into a flour is an excellent way to use old beans, because one can then use it anywhere pureed beans are used.
1 month ago
When I was growing up in a family of four children, we had assigned chores for each night of the week. These included setting the table, washing dishes and drying dishes. As we got older my mom had each of us learn to cook a dinner meal that we enjoyed eating. We were responsible for planning and cooking the entire meal for the whole family. Mom had a least one night a week off from cooking. As I got older (age 11) I started cooking most of the family meals, since I loved cooking!

Another thing we did occasionally was have breakfast for dinner. Waffles on Sunday night was always so fun. If Dad wasn’t home we’d have cereal for dinner.

Nowadays, I have what we call “free for all” Fridays. Everyone gets to make their own dinner (and clean up their mess as well.) Letting others share the burden of cooking from scratch helps prevent the burn-out.
6 months ago
Thank you Jennifer and Josiah for the helpful video on increasing a pledge on Kickstarter. I just did it and the process was very easy.
next time I'll just pledge the $100 from the very beginning. The stretch goal goodies get me every time!
6 months ago
How does one increase their pledge on Kickstarter?

6 months ago

Lif Strand wrote:I like this idea very much!  I'm wondering what you and others do to prevent gophers and other underground critters from coming in from the bottom and rabbits and other above-ground critters from coming in from the top?

Lif, we line the bottoms of our beds with hardware cloth. I find the holes in poultry fencing allow the gophers to get through.
I didn't see this mentioned, but if you have empty canning jars, you can store water in them until you are ready to use them for canning. A box of 12 quart jars equals 3 gallons of water, and doesn't take up any extra space.
1 year ago
Welcome, Matthew. I'm looking forward to reading your book.
1 year ago
Here's a link to the Grow Biointensive page.

Click on the tab labelled " Geow Soil and Grow Food in the smallest space" There are a couple charts and clarifications and examples that I am able to enlarge on my Kindle. You can save it to your reading list using Kindle's Silk browser. Click on the 3 vertical dots and choose "save to reading list" You'll then be able to access the file off line.
4 years ago