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Recent posts by S Windlass

Hello, friends,

I just learned about SkIP and the event at Wheaton Labs in Montana.

Between our organic blueberry farm, orchard, and garden and the permaculture practices we are putting into practice at a mountain property my children and I maintain, we have the experience and the skills to meet the BB20 requirements to attend.

HOWEVER, I did not anticipate this program or the need for photo documentation, so while I have a good number of pictures of our busy, manual-labor-intensive summers, there are many things where the best I can do would be to write about our experiences.

Would writing and photos where I have them be adequate to earn the needed BBs for my son and I to attend the event in October?

Thanks in advance!

4 months ago
Thank you!

I've seen Vitex in capsule formulation, and wild yam as a lotion, but I will check out your store - I'm sure what you have is much fresher.

Grateful for your time!
6 years ago
Hi, Dawn,

I teach natural family planning ( www.fertilitycare.com ) and work with infertile couples to help them conceive, and the number one problem I run into is women with low progesterone, which results in repeated early miscarriage. The culprit is often stress, as the stress hormones eat progesterone, BUT, I am at a loss as to what to suggest to my clients who prefer to try a natural diet change/supplement to increase their progesterone level. Any suggestions? Thanks!
6 years ago
I am the mother of a lot of stinky boys (and girls!).

We've tried almost every commercially available, aluminum-free deodorant over the last twenty years, and my latest favorite is Primal Pit Paste.

6 years ago
Hi, Christy,

So glad to have you at Permies!

I have watched a number of your videos on YouTube in my bee research -very helpful, thank you for taking the time to make them- , and I have some questions:

1). It seems like your top bar hives are significantly larger than some of the others on the market. Does hive size matter?

2). You mentioned powdered sugar for dealing with mites, but other sources say sugar is not enough. Do you use other pesticides on your bees?

Thank you! I have learned so much from your videos!

6 years ago