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Recent posts by Sergei Boutenko


I've tried unsuccessfully for a very, very long time to get a high-quality recording of one of my wild edibles walks. Filming a group workshop outside presents a heap of difficulties for a camera, microphone, and videographer. After a decade of failed attempts, I finally got what I wanted! :-)

I invite you to come on a virtual forage with me on YouTube.

1 month ago
Boys and girls this looks really cool! I'm not totally sure I know what "badges" means, but I think I grasp the overall concept, which is: "Don't just tell me how to do it, show me!" This has always been my approach with regards to foraging. :-)

Example #1:

Example #2:

Example #3:

While reading the original post, I also had a thought about how to make this program more inclusive... Perhaps instead of worrying about segmenting it to fit different demographics (hunters, fisherman, vegans, unicorns, etc.) you could just add little symbols next to various categories, which will let folks know who this sections is geared toward. For example, while the category of: "Hunting" might only be suitable for hunters (H), the Edible Garden Weeds section might be perfect for hunters (H), vegans (V), health nuts (HN), etc., etc.

...Just my two cents...
I hope I'm not WAY off base.


2 months ago

Happy New Year (almost)!

Some of you may recalled that a few months ago, I posted about a new project that I was working on called: "Van Boom." Some of you kind folks even helped me raise funds on Kickstarter (THANK YOU). Well the movie is done and I'd like to share it with you and hear your thoughts.


5 months ago

Jay Angler wrote:Hi Sergei,  

Are these designed to fit on the outside of the window?  

I ask because my husband put insulation on the inside once in a really cold climate and ended up with a condensation problem. We no longer live is such a cold place, but it is still damp and condensation is a problem particularly on the large north windows the owner/builder installed. If your design has worked on the outside, I may try to copy it, although our window design may make attachment difficult.

No, I designed them to fit on the inside of the frame. This is my first year with them so I'm not sure if I'll get any moisture? Ask me again next year.
6 months ago

Hans Quistorff wrote:Did a simlar thing to make shade cloth covering for sky light windows on the roof.Pipe fit tight around the outside of the frame. cloth held on by zip ties.

Pictures please! Sounds cool!
6 months ago
Window insulation kits are annoying and wasteful! This year I made PVC pipe inserts to weatherize / winterize my single pane windows. This DIY solution is cheap, effective, and easy to set up and take down.
6 months ago

raven ranson wrote:Wow.  What a neat idea.  I can't wait to see the movie.

We have two eurovans.  One is a bit beat up and nearing the end of its life, but we haven't had the heart to send it for scrap yet.  We love it so much we bought a second one.

I've been thinking of taking one of these vans and refitting it for travel.  I would love to be able to go places for classes but travel makes things too expensive.  It would be good practice for me to live with less stuff.  I'm thinking it would also make a good place to sleep after an earthquake because I doubt the house will still be standing.

Looking at some of the new ideas that are coming out for electric vehicles, I wonder... I have this crazy dream of transforming the old van once it finally dies.  The body is still good as they don't salt the roads here.  Could it be transformed into an electric vehicle?  Or maybe there are better options for it?  

I'm looking forward to seeing the film and getting some good ideas.

I think you should do it! electric vans are the future. Mercedes is about to launch an eSprinter next year. I know some cats from Ashland, Oregon that are successfully electrifying old VW vans. They call themselves: "Solarrolla." Check it out: webpage
7 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Sergei, I've heard that a lot of people are now living in their vans in major metropolitan areas, like Seattle, because renting, let alone buying, a home is so expensive. These people don't use their vans for traveling so much as a place to live. Does your documentary look into the lives of those that stay more stationary in their vans and use them more like apartments and less like traveling homes?

It sure does. In fact, rising cost of housing was my initial hypothesis for why vans are booming again. While this is definitely a big factor in the trend, there is more to the story. I don't want to give away too much just yet though. :-)
7 months ago

denise ra wrote:I'm in a few Living in Your Van facebook groups that are good sources of info. Many people use a Little Buddy propane heater.

I just bought a Mr. Heater propane heater and it's been a game changer. A lot of folks get a diesel heater installed into their vans. Such heaters come from the marine industry (sailing) and are extremely efficient.
7 months ago