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Recent posts by Renee Lawver

You are invited to dine with Paul 3 meals a day on class days--no fee--Paul typically eats paleo/organic. We cannot accommodate special diets. If you have a special diet, we recommend bringing back up foods just so you don’t go hungry. If you have any more questions about food during the Homesteader PDC or ATC, feel free to send to
9 months ago
Hello, Celine. The official schedule is posted here: .
Saturday, June 23, is day zero--check-in.
Sunday, June 24, class begins first thing in the morning (after delicious coffee and a lovely breakfast).
The last day, July 7, is a full day with the required talent show in the evening, which is a lot of fun as well.
9 months ago
I wish you all a great schmoozeroo! Connor's graduated from UMT yesterday and we are off to Big Fork and then Helena to fish and camp for the week. Sorry I'll miss it.
10 months ago
Your yarn is beautiful! I've recently started crocheting again, and have consumed many, many blogs and you tube video tutorials. If you want to minimize your marketing time, you might consider reaching out to the popular crochet and knit bloggers to feature your yarn in a garment how-to video and add an affiliate link to drive traffic your way. One particular crochet blogger is now teaching people how to generate income from blogging/tutorials/handmade design. She posts her monthly income and the sources--very transparent and informative. She has figured out how to work with the major yarn companies and also provides free, independent, quality content. It would be great to see homespun fibers get a boost from folks who have navigated this space successfully. I'd sure prefer to by closer to the source and know the story behind the yarn I use.
11 months ago
What a wonderful idea, Paul! I am hoping to be there for a few days starting May 15, depending on evolving family plans. I'll be in town for Connor's graduation from UMT.
11 months ago
Thank you Gir bot (and Paul) for the link.
Is anyone on permies interested in putting Paul's quote on an organic cotton t-shirt? If so, I'd love to buy some. If not, I'll take it on. I would need some advice on how to be sure a fair share of revenue supports Paul's work.
Thanks very much. This time I was able to change my email address and access the private forum.
I can login with my other email, but following private forum link from Jocelyn's email to the email that I registered under returns message that private forum does not exist. Any help much appreciated. I've tried all obvious solutions.