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Recent posts by Laurie Dyer

Michael Cox wrote:If you can get hold of it, look into sainfoin. It is a nitrogen fixing legume but does not have any of the bloating problems of clover/alfalfa. It also has a very long flowering season and make a lot of nectar for your local honeybees!

I've not heard of this before, thanks for mentioning it. Seems like it could be a great addition to my lawn conversion project.
1 year ago
Joseph, we've already eaten three ripe Big Hill tomatoes! And the plants are loaded with more.

Yesterday I harvested my first Brad tomato. Very tasty!

Oh thanks for the great description, I'm going to hunt down a paint can this weekend. I really like the simplicity and storeability of this!!
2 years ago
Oh my goodness, I've been searching for something like this!

Can you tell me the process, how long did you burn those?

Also, how did you secure the cans to each other?
2 years ago
After years of searching for a decent compostable litter, I found this brand in my local grocery store[url=]mountain
meadows kitty litter[/url] I was very pleased with it, it composts nicely, and the best part was that it controlled the odors MUCH BETTER than traditional or clumping kitty litter.
2 years ago

"Just a question. Why are you waiting? I'm eating now and judging by that stem I would eat that specimen now if It was mine and I wanted to eat squash.

I've heard that curing squash is a thing- I guess I do that with the ones I don't eat right away.

Though perhaps you only have a few squash? "

That's exactly it, William. I have a small yard and only have about 2 dozen squash total. I like to cure them and then eat every so often during the winter as a treat.
2 years ago
I planted Joseph Lofthouse's maxima this year, can hardly wait to try it.

There are another dozen or so fruit on this plant. Something I'm thrilled about is how compact the plant is. Don't get me wrong--the squash splant is large for sure, there's a much higher ration of fruit to plant than in the other varieties I have in my garden.
2 years ago
Okay, will dig out my nutcracker!
2 years ago
Well, I haven't been able to open a plum pit yet...they are super tough.
2 years ago
Well this is just fascinating!  If I could safely eat plum nuts, that would be like getting a double harvest! I have loads of ripe plums right now. First thing will be to see how difficult it is to crack the pit...
2 years ago