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Freelance writer, small business marketing strategist offering social media promotion services. Live and help out on an organic farm; work totally online; late 50s. Interested in buying more locally raised grass fed meat and poultry and organic fruits and veggies. (Must take PayPal.) I also buy food shipped to me from non-local organic and grass fed farms. Planning to plant fruit trees and eventually a permaculture food forest. Admirer of homesteaders who can do a bit of everything needed from building and growing to keeping things repaired.
SE Oklahoma
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Travis Johnson wrote:For those that do not know, I have cancer that is confirmed to be spreading. How far, is yet to be determined but what is debilitating now is shear fatigue. I mean debilitating!

Hi Travis. I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I want to share with you information you may or may not have heard anywhere else. Please take it seriously because I do really know what I am talking about and the symptoms it all causes.

"Modern" life is simply toxic. When your body gets overwhelmed trying to protect you, cancer and fatigue are the result. It is possible to cure both, but to do so you almost have to deny everything "modern" medicine will be telling you because you cannot heal your body if you continue to poison it.

This may seem overwhelming, but if you want to live, please at least think about it and seriously consider it:

1) The crap they sell in grocery stores not only has almost no nutritional value, but it is full of substances our bodies cannot recognize or utilize. Step 1 is to start eating organic, whole produce (fruits and vegetables - the more local and colorful, the better).  Ignore all the propaganda that started when I was a kid in the 1960s about butter = bad, margarine = good; eggs = bad; whole milk = bad, etc. The people who ate tons of those things lived healthy and clear-minded into their 70s, 80s, and 90s+ and are burying their children who are only 50-60 and avoided them.  You can eat organic free-range eggs, whole milk, butter, grass-fed beef, bison, chicken IF you know your sources (no hormones, antibiotics, antibiotic- laced feeds, etc.) Avoid FAKE organic and "free-range" that isn't - I can assist in that if you're interested.  You cannot fuel a body to heal itself if you feed it crap.

2) City water and many Coops add chlorine and fluoride. The fluoride being used is not naturally occurring fluoride from nature - it is a bi-product of aluminum smelters which they would have to pay to dispose of as toxic waste. It also contains lead, aluminum, and other heavy metals and toxins.  Water is recycled in cities, and typically contains prescription medications that cannot be filtered out. As we are mostly water, you MUST get a HEALTHY, PURE source of WATER. A deep well is probably best as that eliminates pesticide run-off and airborne contamination. A shallow well is second best. Spring water (that actually IS spring water - unlike most bottled water that claims to be, but is just tap water) - if uncontaminated - can be excellent. If you just cannot find a pure source, get a reverse-osmosis filter or buy that type of water from a place like Whole Foods. You could also drink distilled water, but if you do you need to replace the missing minerals with something like Max-Well ionic sea minerals and Himalayan and Celtic sea salts. Note that most prescription drugs also contain fluoride. If you want to be healthy, you need to get off ALL medications. The common denominator among those who live long, healthy lives with clear minds is being raised somewhere they grew their own food without pesticides and chemicals + avoiding doctors and their medications.

3) Stress kills. Even if you do everything else, you have to find peace somehow or the stress will keep destroying your health. I have some excellent books written by a doctor who basically agrees with most of what I am sharing here. I would provide the names, but they are still packed. (I moved 2 days ago.) If you want them, I'll see if I can find them. Personally, I have great peace through my relationship with Jeshua, the Holy Spirit, and Our Creator. They have revealed these things to me over many years. [For those who take offense, know that none is intended. But this is, for me, the most important of all I have written here.]

4) When the electric grid was rolled out, it came first to cities and only later to rural areas. Few realize there was research that showed a dramatic increases in deaths over time and chronic disease in the cities at the time they got power. Then later, the same increases were seen in rural areas. Because the power roll-out was done at different times and the increases were very similar, it is obvious that living in an electrified house caused health issues that were not seen before electricity was introduced. (Part of that is due to the original knob-and-tube wiring which created worse magnetic fields than the Romex commonly in use today. But it is still unhealthy.)  Now we have added digital everything which all gives off strong fields. And WiFi which is horrendous for health. And cell phones carried on the body, used next to the brain. Research has shown cancer clusters related to high voltage power lines, cell phone towers and other transmitters. Brain surgeons are seeing increases in particular types of brain tumors that occur on the side the person uses their cell phone and in the exact locations where they held it. There are examples of women who have 3 breast tumors lining up exactly where the antenna on their cell phone they carried in their bra is located. Children in schools with WiFi are having spontaneous nose bleeds, severe headaches that go away when they leave school, fainting spells, and seizures. And then they put smart meters on every house which spike RF all day and all night. These interfere with the critical time of deep sleep your body needs to heal itself.

There are now 1000s or 10s of 1000s or maybe even millions of people with electrical sensitivities - some so severe they cannot be around anything electrical and are living in tents in forests and anywhere else they can find to get away from it. I just had to move on next to no notice because the neighboring house got HughesNet internet access and the WiFi was so much stronger it kept me up all night, caused chronic inflammation with fevers and chills; my throat swelled up so much I could not swallow and wasn't able to eat more than 1 bite for days (until I moved), and kept my stomach bloated all the time.

If I were in your shoes and I wanted to live, I would immediately find somewhere electrical-everything free and start eating only whole foods. Many with cancer have been cured by using nothing but organic fruit juices (because juicing removes the bulk) so you get intensive nutrition quickly. Some add coffee enemas. The key is to give your body what it needs to heal while eliminating as many toxins of all kinds as possible.

All of this can be challenging to do and figure out, but as I have already done it, I am happy to share my sources and notes with anyone who asks.

John Kohler who has a YouTube channel named "Growing Your Greens" is just one example of someone doctors said was a goner who got healthy through eating organic produce.

3 weeks ago

Landon Sunrich wrote:However I notice a lot of talk around here about introverts and extroverts and I don't really know if I can wrap my mind around that?

Here are two easy ways to tell if you're an introvert at heart or an extrovert:

1) If you hate it when people start a business conversation with "Hi, how are you" (knowing full well they don't really care), and wish they would just get to the point and tell you why they contacted you, you're probably an introvert.

2) If you find being around people exhausting and being alone gives you more energy, you are definitely an introvert.
3 weeks ago

Jason Silberschneider wrote:ISTP here.

Consistently INTP but very close to INTJ.
3 weeks ago

denise ra wrote:Gail,
What will you be doing for a tornado shelter? Do you have many tornadoes or high wind events in your part of Oklahoma?

There is one on the property, but I don't worry about tornadoes. If God wants me now, he can have me. Thanks for your concern.

When I asked for 3-4 weeks to get the building (because that is how long it takes to get one), they said no - you have to get out immediately. That prompted me to look again for a better situation. Fortunately for me, I found another place to lease that is far lower EMF. Now if I can just stand the pain and how horrendous I feel for a few more days I'll be out of here.
3 weeks ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:Today, I ran across this excellent (albeit a bit extra glowy IMHO) video about reddit.

Here is a more realistic view of Reddit:

But as I wrote it, I admit it will be my opinion. Be careful what you do there. If you care about a particular username, be REALLY careful or use something else you won't mind losing. They are very bad about ghost-banning people for a single "infraction".

Anne Miller wrote:For the record, the landowner cannot force you to move without an eviction notice.

They can make you uncomfortable and not want to be there though you have the law on your side.

It is a complicated situation. They provided a newer, smaller mobile home for me to move into and expected that to already have happened. Last night they told me I had to move into it by next week. The reason I do not want to do that is between the time I agreed and the day I was supposed to move, they installed 2 transmitters on the roof of a different mobile home their son lives in.

So the new mobile home is now bathed in RF to an unhealthy level. They know I live in the middle of nowhere because I am electronically sensitive. They know I only turned WiFi on when their son wanted to use it (usually less than 10 hours a week) and I shielded between me and it.

Even though I never refused to turn it on for him, he works full-time and is rarely here when he isn't working, they have chosen to blast that new mobile home 24x7 with no way to ever turn it off. And I know they were forced to sign a 2 year contract so they are stuck with it.

That is what has prompted my sudden need to get a building and go off-grid with no advance preparation. They emailed and told me to get moved. I replied I need 3-4 weeks. We'll see what happens.
1 month ago

Annie Collins wrote:

Gail Gardner wrote: Now I have to figure out solar in a hurry.

Gail - did you see this thread?
It sounds like an inexpensive system and maybe one you could get installed quickly.

I had not. Thank you, Annie. I'm making notes and trying to sort this out as quickly as possible. The landowners are trying to force me out of where I'm living before I have anyplace safe to move. I  am asking them for 3-4 weeks because I have to do triple the work and it takes that long to get the building I want. I hope they'll agree.
1 month ago

John C Daley wrote:I can add that there is no scientific proof that heat reflecting paint that you speak of actually works.
In Australia and other places, the claims have been through court rooms and debunked.
A light frame with shade clothe over the whole roof will work, without any dispute.

I don't think what she used was what we would call paint. She used a thermometer to measure the change. And when she told someone else about it, he used a heat gun to measure where it was painted and where it wasn't. Because it was sticky, she wore socks to paint on the 2nd and 3rd coats and said her feet were cold standing on it.
1 month ago

Anne Miller wrote:I really like the look of the interior of the Polar and since you don't want to DIY these look like a way to go.

Yes, I will be speaking with them this morning. They don't answer the phones until 10:00 a.m. there. I already confirmed that Telco can run DSL cable through trees and as many feet as I want. Now I have to figure out solar in a hurry.
1 month ago

Anne Miller wrote:

Here are some links that will tell you how to add pictures and videos

Thanks, Anne. I could have sworn that is what I tried to get the images to appear and it didn't work. But it did work this time and I wouldn't have known there was a separate YouTube button. Thanks for the links. I edited this post to be better visually so more people might respond.

Thanks for popping in, reading and commenting, Jeremy. Yes, a cargo trailer was my original plan when I thought I would have a year or two to build one out. But they are expensive and not available as rent-to-own. Also, as I have horse equipment, a wheel barrow, tools, and do a lot of food prep and preserving, the larger area of a building would actually be preferable anyway.

Since I don't have a shop, or aluminum, or a vehicle to haul insulation, interior walls, etc., one that comes already insulated is a plus. I would rather spend my time growing and preserving food and working so that I can afford a wood cook stove, to drill a well, etc.

This morning I'll be calling building companies and Polar insulated buildings to get more details. And the Telco people will be here so I need to corner them and see how far they'll run a DSL line and what they will charge for it. No wireless for me ever again.

1 month ago