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Recent posts by John Wolfram

For blocking radiation, metal is great. My old house had a metal roof and aluminum siding, and despite being only 1/4 mile to the cell tower I often had to go outside to get decent cell reception. It was kind of a pain in the winter and on rainy days since I didn't have a land line phone.
1 day ago

Todd Parr wrote:I hesitate to even post in threads like this because it seems my point of view is generally unpopular, but nearly every time I hear "redistribute", it means "theft".  If you have 4 people in a room and 1 of them has 20 dollars and the others have none, people that like to "redistribute wealth" believe it is okay to take 15 dollars from the guy with 20, and give 5 to each of the others.  To me, that is morally and legally wrong.  It's also self-defeating, because you remove the incentive from the guy that had 20 dollars to go earn another 20 if you are just going to take it anyway.  Sharing with others is a virtue and I believe strongly in it, but by definition, sharing means someone giving something to someone else, not someone taking something from me against my will and giving it to someone I did not choose to give it to.

When I hear "redistribute" I usually think of this quote from Atlas Shrugged:

There wasn’t a man voting for it who didn’t think that under a setup of this kind he’d muscle in on the profits of the men abler than himself. There wasn’t a man rich and smart enough but that he didn’t think that somebody was richer and smarter, and this plan would give him a share of his better’s wealth and brain. But while he was thinking that he’d get unearned benefits from the men above, he forgot about the men below who’d get unearned benefits, too. He forgot about all his inferiors who’d rush to drain him just as he hoped to drain his superiors. The worker who liked the idea that his need entitled him to a limousine like his boss’s, forgot that every bum and beggar on earth would come howling that their need entitled them to an icebox like his own. That was our real motive when we voted – that was the truth of it – but we didn’t like to think it, so the less we liked it, the louder we yelled about our love for the common good.

1 month ago
Didn't Paul mention in one of the podcast's that "namaste" seems to have the functional definition of "I'm about to fuck up your shit."
1 month ago
Hello from Northwest Indiana!

I've only ever gotten pawpaws, persimmons, and plums from our state nursery, but they all had pretty decent root systems for 35 cent trees. I usually plant the trees in a hole made by a post hole digger, and it has worked out fairly well. The bundles from the state nursery come tightly packed in moist peat moss, but I tend to sprtiz some extra water on them since they have been in cold storage for a while and have lost some of their moisture. If you're picking up your order at Jasper-Pulaski, and having trouble finding a weekday to drive down, you can ask the nursery folks to set out your trees on Friday evening so you can pick them up on Saturday.

I wouldn't both with stakes as the root systems tend to be pretty good. If you are worried about hitting the trees with your mower, you can easily flag the trees with a roll of red marking tape (or two).
1 month ago
My advice would be to find out where the plants are native, and try to mimic the winter conditions found there.
3 months ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:And this is the same in different kinds of weather, temperature, etc? No changing "mirage" effects that show more or less of tall buildings? None of the proposed flat earth symptoms?

Actually, sometimes the buildings are upside down...

The explanation:
4 months ago
I see the curvature of the earth all the time since moving to Northwest Indiana. Standing on the beach near my house, the Chicago skyline is 30 miles away, and only buildings above ~40 stories can be seen on a clear day.
4 months ago

M. A. Carey wrote:This scenario will have to last until late January/early February, all the while saving from both us and them, and then her usual high income tax refund to pay for replacement furnace.

Rather than wait for the income tax refund, you can get the money sooner by having your daughter/son-in-law increase the number of deductions at their place of employment.
4 months ago
In the past year, I've installed or repaired five different washers or dryers. Unless it is something simple like a dryer fuse, replacing the old washer is likely the most efficient course of action. In my area, fairly nice five year old washers can be found on Craigslist for about $120.

As an example, here's a newer Maytag washer in my area that will probably sell for a bit over $100:

6 months ago

Winston Greene wrote:

John Wolfram wrote:While others have pointed out technical issues with your plan, I would add that distilling fuel alcohol is legal in the USA so long as you have a permit, and the permits are quite easy to get. I have one. In general, the only difficulty for obtaining a permit is showing that you will be distilling in a non-residential building that can be locked. A shed is one such building. I have found the folks at the ATF, TTB (or whatever it is called now) are quite helpful in assisting with the needed paperwork. 

That is new information to me. I was told that the minimum cost for such a bond was like a hundred thousand dollars and that this was a yearly fee that was levied onto the alcohol producer? I am very interested in how much this permit cost you?

I don't remember the permit costing anything...actually, when I applied for the permit the government paid you $1 for every gallon of fuel ethanol produced.
7 months ago