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Recent posts by John Wolfram

I've got 1,100 bare root trees coming in about a month, so just like last weekend (and the weekends going back for a few months) this coming weekend I will be working on getting things ready for the trees. Mice and other critters like to live in the brush piles I made while clearing out the land, so once again I'll be having some rocking camp fires to chew through the wood.

Winn Sawyer wrote:As others have said, it's a known fact that you should never freeze-dry, or otherwise dry, pawpaws. I do not believe this is related to annonacin or neurotoxins, there is some more acute digestive problem that occurs. It is sometimes reported in other types of processed pawpaw, and less commonly (but still occasionally) with fresh fruit.

I agree. I tried drying some pawpaws that were known to be low annonacin cultivars and some that were not. I did not notice a difference in the results.
3 days ago
You can often get a decent working rear-time tiller on Facebook Marketplace for about the cost of renting one for a day or two.
4 days ago
I would say no because autism tends to result in fewer children so natural selection is acting against autism. Families with an autistic child tend to have fewer children [1]. I didn't to find stats on the birthrates among autistic individuals, but considering the social issues associated with autism I would expect those with autism to have a significantly lower birthrate than the general population.
4 days ago
Do you have any low areas you want to raise up? At my new property there are lots of tractor ruts so I've been filling them in with broken bricks and covering with a layer of char.
4 days ago
Dog, groundhog, frogs, ants, and crickets.

I tried dog when I was traveling in China. The groundhog was bothering my trees and ended up in the slow cookers. The cheap Chinese food buffets near me often have frog legs, and Purdue University has an annual "Bug Bowl" where they have lots of bug based foods.
1 week ago

Nancy Reading wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:calories per cup probably isn't as useful as calories per acre.

I think both would be useful - one for measuring results and the other for planning what to grow.

Also, calories per acre is going to be highly dependent on where that acre happens to be. Even comparing mono-cultures of corn with standard chemical fertilization, some places are going to produce almost twice as many calories per acre as other places. [1] With a poly-culture and highly varied inputs I would expect the variation to be even greater.
1 week ago

Jim Garlits wrote:I didn't click the vote button because I'm assuming you want to know who is participating *within the parameters of the stated rules* and my zone isn't cold enough. It used to be, but *ahem* there's no such thing as global warming.* I just came here to wish good luck to those who are putting in the time and effort to help. Someday there'll be one for my Zone! *yes, I know there is.j

Almost all of Indiana was below 0F a month ago (January 15, 2024).
1 week ago
I also suspect that the "don't freeze scions" advice is actually more based on "don't put scions in the freezer." While zone 4 is going to have occasional lows below what is found in a freezer, it's generally not going to stay below -10F for a long period of time. Also, putting scion in the freezer is going to drop the temperature much more rapidly then would typically happen outside.
1 week ago
Pruning is known to affect the cold hardiness of the tree ( so perhaps the same mechanism also affects the scion that is cut off the tree.
1 week ago