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I’d love to see an update on this !
2 weeks ago
Currently nearing completion of our home build. Initially the heating system is an in floor radiant on basement level, along with a wood stove. Down the road, planning on a rocket heater to replace the wood stove. I also have room and basic foundations to pre-heat the radiant with solar and / or a mulch pile.

 I’d be very interested in updated info on this thread
7 months ago

r ranson wrote:

I resent the cowardice of those who use their arrogance freely to harass those of us who choose a humble, meek avoidance of conflict

That kind of behaviour is not allowed on permies.  If you see a post even hinting of that, then use the report button to bring it to the attention of the staff.  Every user who posts on permies agrees to be nice

Allow me to clarify .... I’ve not experienced that behavior here. I was speaking of what I’m enduring in “real life” and other forums as I try to gather info. My apologies for inferring otherwise. Thank you to all the wonderful contributors here.
I enjoy using this site and am not ashamed of the questions or replies I share. I do have a post I wish to make however, that asks for info flying contrary to “popular opinion” for some acquaintances. They’ve already had their say on the subject. I don’t wish to hear their ( unsolicited ) opinions any further. Is there a chance they actually browse this site, and will see the thread ? Probably not. However, I would prefer to not have my actual name appearing with my question, as I intend to relate specific info to help the discussion along. It won’t matter to others viewing this as an acedemic discussion, but for any with a selfish interest in the outcome of my projects - what they don’t know is helpful for me.

 So, my question is .... how exactly can I change my name appearing with posts to something a bit more vague ? Specifically, I want it to simply be “Bob D”, rather than full proper name of Robert & last name ?

I agree with others view that we should be accountable for what we say. I’m not worried about me. I resent the cowardice of those who use their arrogance freely to harass those of us who choose a humble, meek avoidance of conflict
How about an old dairy tank ? Ought to be some floating around with the loss of small dairy’s anymore
1 year ago
When using the comfrey decoction ( never heard this term before ) what ratio to water should it be applied with, and how frequently?
1 year ago
Am I remembering correctly .... adding comfrey to the nettles mix brings some serious benefit ?
1 year ago

Also there is a gentleman, I believe he was out of France, and he would use hay piles and mulch piles  of wood chips that were built over coils of poly propylene tubing and had water pumping through the tubing. With enough of the tubing touching enough mulch, it produce enough heat that he did not need to do anything else to get his water hot. And he used it to heat his home by pumping the hot water into his home into a radiant floor type system. He also used it for his domestic use needs for hot water.

Jean Pain. Here’s a pdf download. Really fascinating

1 year ago
This is a great thread ! Thank you so much for your careful documenting & sharing of the build. Would LOVE to see a video of your rocket in full burn - wanna heat that dragon roar ! And what a great score on all those cut-off oak pieces.
1 year ago