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Husbum and I have 2 old houses with land - 1 by the ocean in Taiwan's wettest city, and 1 in the tropical historical cultural highlight city. Here is a hands-on community that LOVES compost. We're inviting more people into the fun together and to make this an ongoing day-to-day thing. In the footsteps of permies. Me, I DREAM of a supporting an island-wide network of folks helping folks compost. Happy Soil!
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Recent posts by Jane Lewis

Samantha Lewis wrote:
Here is a great pic of the log picnic table.

No fasteners. No metal. No glue.  

The table is held down by its own mass.  The joints are tight.  It feels really solid.  

It is actually a joy to sit there and feel the wood.  

It is biophilic somehow,  it just feels good.

The word biophilic!!! 💥
Biophilic - for when our animal body goes YUM!

my new favorite word!
5 months ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:Freaky Cheap Heat movie title!

What do you think?

feelin' hot n cozy n sleepy.

it sure does the job for me!
5 months ago

Samantha Lewis wrote:I think this is one of my favorite projects ever!

The pump house at Wheaton Labs!
Starting out.  This is some of the original framing and joint work.  

Here the walls are up and the pressure tank is installed

Beautiful] pictures, and I'm farther from understanding the design, and farrr more curious to make sense of what I'm seeing.

Why put it underground?
Why need an insulated roof?
Pumping for flow or for pressure. If, pressure then better to be higher). And if not pressure, why a pressure vessel?

Never bored here! Intrigued.
5 months ago
watching ..
I just wanna recor my impact

"good for my soul was my first emotional HIT
"with more natural materials ... less plastic, paint er glue. Discovering and recalling simpler ways..." (Paul's voice lilting ... balm for MY soul.)

your life more luxuriant, and easier on both you and the environment.

picture series has "mycoinsulation" twice.

@40 2 things need edit
add space --> everythingat
f becomes d  --> arounf

just curious... why 2 names? "log steps / stairs"
it causes me to stumble as I read.

"Bob" also stumble, and feel stress (feel messed with) by not sharing with me what in the world "Bob" is. I subtly register that I don't count in your world. I'd like to be "in" on the joke. Why? you give this hunk of trunk a name?

lordy! that insulated roof name is long! opposite experience of "Bob!" Consider making it shorter & same in picture & text... how about

shakes means ? shake (why "s"?)
can't make sense ... shingles are properties of the roof more that pump house. So ..
Myco-insulated shake roof that we put on the pump house.
shakes and shingles are the same thing (can't honestly guess what this is... can a different picture help us make sense? and I'm guessing the KEY info is the myco-insullation.
I hope me being lost & flailing around is helpful. Now I'm confused by the stud... a single stud. moving on ...

@80 level
this level is easy to miss. perhaps extra lines so we catch that the topic changed.

I'm excited! 😊

5 months ago
Question #2

I live in the tropics in the city, top floor of a 4-story building, and we've turned our roof into a partially-covered garden.
We have a BIG compost bin on our garden roof. Our garden material and household materials go there. It's been there 5 years in happy balance.

Then... a couple months ago our home (1 floor below) got a big influx of big fast well-armored cockroaches. The compost bin is well-populated with this same kind. I welcome them in the compost, but not in the house.

I understand the concept of not giving them food or water and they'll go away.
But ... that seems not to be enough, at least not YET enough.

So ...insights? thoughts? Those guys are sooo repulsive. And now I find them as my roommates!

5 months ago
Hi Kate,
I'd love a shot in the arm ... maybe I even need a coach! But, when I stop and think about it it drives me a little bit whacky.
I'm in Taiwan, in the south, in an absolutely gorgeous little city - it's full of history and it's very laid back and here money is not the prime motivator, hummanness seems to out-motivate money. AND it used to be a city of luxurious trees and parks w/ luxurious plants. In my 15 years here I watch magnificent 100s+ yo trees die slow deaths.

I've never seen the parks with spongy soil, really ... and most certainly one of the factors is the high priority on being "neat and clean" ... which means raking everything loose from the ground and putting it in plastic bags onto trash trucks (occasionally compost trucks) for burning and/or off-site compost.

It's a deep cultural norm. I only know 1 citizen group in this city that managed to have a self-managed compost bin in the park.

my question,

What can I do? ^_^ (quickly into the coaching realm)
How can I nudge culture change so it is really culture change based on love and awareness?

Keen for your thoughts!

much appreciation for what you do!
5 months ago
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

"The Compost Coach" ... what a GREAT title! That's a title I aspire to, but so far not single-mindedly enough to achieve it.
I should buy your book just to egg me on! I'm so looking forward to seeing what good questions this permies community asks you. I already know what I wanna ask!

So, glad to see you're here!
6 months ago
Another quick find.

"Removing toxins and from your water supply..."

also has a gap ... missing words.
I'd like to give this more time, but for now with just time for a glance and a rushed post, here's this gap.

colorful language and authentic . You

<missing word>

So ... the video showing the actual shed ... makes me nervous.
to me here's what I see:
that's a massive load ... all that earth
the support beams don't look up to the job. Inside me feels: uh-oh! that's gonna fail!!

There's a saying
If it LOOKS too spindly, it IS too spindly.

So, I'd love a reasoned, experienced counter-voice that I can process through my nervous self to bring me to a state of ease.
I imagine I'm not the only one, but then again, perhaps I am.

But you asked, so here's my voice.

By the way I delighted in SO MUCH on the page ... the wording frequently brought a smile.

I loved
-- Paul's slow pace voicing the key points in the video and
-- the sound effects in the animation of timber falling into place.

All this wording appealed directly to my own heart:

The use of roundwood, both in timber framing and genera
l carpentry, has several advantages – it is
+ environmentally friendly, it
+ provides stronger more robust structures, and
+ adds a
- unique aesthetic and
- rustic charm

that cannot be achieved with milled lumber.

Create works of
-- natural beauty and
-- durability and start your journey towards roundwood craftsmanship today! 

So, I was charmed and inspired and in awe ... just the bit about .... Yikes! It looks like it'll fail!!