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Todd, so far all the pdf's I've got were free -- not saying they were the best or accurate but no paywall attached. And thank you so much for all the links -- I'm typing this using Opera thanks to the tips from +Fravia (this site is not updated since the Fravia's death tho). Do not think I'll ever become a hacker but I've got a long winter ahead so might as well jump into that rabbit hole.
you mean 40  new topics, right? doh, I'm going on a short trip abroad tonite and will be incommunicado for a while, let's hope you'll keep this thread open til I come back. Thank you in advance!

I wasn't sure where to post this and this forum was my baddest choice.  I have a small home garden -- I wanted it permaculture way and that's how I found permies. After reading the posts for a few years now I really would like to have a forum that would bring together home gardeners. No, it is not wrong to ask for it -- home gardens are the legit way to promote permaculture and grow food that tastes like food. We have small farm forum, and urban forum but I truly believe we need home/small garden forum with its unique problems, solutions and applications of the broad ideas of the wholesomeness that is permaculture. Many ideas did not work for me, many did. I'd like to share my experiences with people who, like me, have just a slice of land near their home. What do you think?
thank you, John. Will check your suggestion as well. But if you put filetype:pdf after the search terms, you'll get limited but 100% free articles. It was just frustrating to hit paywalls.
I think I've got it: "hugelkultur" filetype:pdf

here's a link to how to get access to the open access journals

sorry for creating this topic
Hey Tim, some mushrooms are so easy to grow you really just need to sit down with a beer and watch it ... But that doesn't mean they are edible or yummy, as I found out this Fall :0( So, if you want to enjoy eating your shrooms, you must be a little bit discerning. Last year, I bought $20 worth of the easiest to grow wine cap mycelium -- it was about this time of the year, sort of late, so just in case, I split the mycelium in half and buried half of it outside in the wood chips and half of it in the bucket filled with fine wood chips to spend the winter in the basement. Everything just took off crazy, the basement bucket was rocking with Stropharia rugosa-annulata spawn and I planted it all outside in the garden -- both fall and spring plantings did great. Well, come the end of September until practically now, I had bumper crops of stropharia. However, it is completely unappealing to eat -- no matter which way you cook it it tastes like a shoe sole -- tasteless, without the mushroom kick. Well, degustibus non disputandum est!  But they are doing the job they were meant to do: they are eating the truck load worth of wood chips. $20 investment
1 year ago

I know there's a trick that results in a list of a free articles on Scholar Google but I forgot it :0( ... would anyone be so kind a tell me what do I have to put after the search terms to get a list of free pdfs? Also, are there any other search engines or sites that would be free of commercial crap that is now Google? Thank you
och... that hurts. thank you for your prompt replay, Devaka
Hi, I donated 120 bucks, don't remember if that gives me a bundle access but yesterday June 20, I've got an email saying what was distributed so far:

At the BUNDLE level and higher:
rocket mass heater 8-DVD set as HD Streaming
world domination gardening 3-DVD set as HD Streaming
And, of course, the people who purchased LIVE access have had that for over three weeks now.

I haven't gotten gardening 3-DVD set as HD Streaming and I have no idea if I have an access to the live access, hmmm ... I'm getting lost in the emails, help?