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just in case anyone else looks at this ..
I got one with a flame failure device on so the gas cuts out if the flame goes and definitely designed for indoor use. I concluded the burning quality / exhaust was considered in the design. And propane bottle outside the cabin.
2 weeks ago
(shortish water? hotish water? not sure what you mean sorry)

I was looking at this thread as I am living in a pallet built cabin - 3"x2" frame with horizontal planks butted together on the inside and horizontal planks nailed like shingles on the outside. When it's windy air gets through the lot but I prefer the air around the wood. Major holes/knots join points etc are going to filled in but I am researching materials I might post down the cavity retrospectively. I will only be able to get odd lining planks off so it will need to be flexible.
the ceiling is already insulated with kingspan foam board stuff ( the whole cabin is from skips etc - an ethic I've tried to apply to my new home) and the floorboards are raised 6" from the ground.
any way I think lots of you are saying that
*keeping yourself warm, not your whole house is easier. (but I like the idea of some stones by the fire)
*insulation in cavities has to be kept dry and inert which can be a task in a wooden cabin/shack type of construction, breath-ability is important
*stop the prevailing winds hitting the cabin in the first place- eg growing stuff on the outside

but if anyone has any thoughts - I do have a couple of rolls of foil backed rubber stuff that I think was designed to go under those wood effect floor 'tiles'
or do you think the insulation properties of 1/2" wood sandwiching a 2" air gap is probably pretty good regarding conduction?

and I do want some ventilation -in narrowboats you have to have a certain amount of low ventilation according to whats using up the oxygen, people, fires, cookers etc
and I don't really want to amass lots of synthetic materials.

mmm think I've talked myself into an answer!


2 weeks ago
Cucamelons (Melothria scabra) are brilliant. Very useful size and very tasty. They even come up on their own from last year's fallen fruit. This is all in my polytunnel.
I don't have a fridge at all so try to find ways of making crops last longer.
I am perhaps not deligent enough about taking off the flower remains?
I will remove the current vine leaves and put some fresh in. I am far from squeamish but I don't do squishy pickles
3 weeks ago
Interesting you say some cucumbers just won't pickle? I have tried & tried to store my cucamelons by pickling and they just go yuk. My most recent try I have them deep in quite a strong brine with a good cap of vine leaves and i can see a gammy mould forming already after 4 days. Any ideas on how I can store these little things?
3 weeks ago
Can I eat parsley seeds?
I have lots this year and they smell like they'd be good for adding to soups and stews like celery seeds but I can't find confirmation that they are OK to eat.
3 weeks ago
Excellent information thank you.
Good point about a CO  indicator.
1 month ago
Hi, I live in a shed, mostly made of disassembled pallets and skippings. It's lined but no insulation (yet - unless you count the rows of books on the inside!), old gas cylinder wood burner with hot plate, & windows!
So far I have been managing with outdoor fire or tiny cylinder camping gaz burner. I want to do something more substantial, reliable, convenient. I would happily make a wood burning rocket cook stove outside but I don't think my shed is upto anything inside. So i need a gas burner inside so I can boil a kettle asap even when its dark, teaming with rain etc..
I am rubbish at making decisions and fret about doing it all wrong so I'm hoping you'll all throw in your opinions - thanks!

My thoughts

Propane not butane - it def gets below 5C here and I think I'm not going to be keeping the stove going just so the gas um works/gases
Large cylinders are easy to get nearby but small cannisters are a pain to get from a shop and don't last so well & not re-usable container.

The question :
So should I get a camping lightweight thing that would suffice but definitely be appropriate or should I get a cast iron burner like this ? but it's rated at 4.5 kW for the one 4" ring and that's the smallest i can find of this sort of build. Its about 10" square . I really have no idea if this is just tooo big ? Any help please. Has anyone tried these? Can you have a ring that is too hot? but its got a tap for the gas why can't I just keep it low ? aggh !!! Please help!!(yes I am one of those folks who lies awake at night stressing about stupid things

1 month ago
yes I appreciate that it is a high maintenance method but I thought it would focus my attention to pruning different fruits and help my understanding.
Just playing really!
thanks for your advice
1 month ago
love the idea of planting a few poplars - reducing the moisture of the soil as well as adding a bit of diversity. Think it might help against the rushes too.
1 month ago