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since Dec 21, 2014
Sasaskatchewania, Canuckistan (Zone 3a)
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Recent posts by Paul Adrian

Hey there.
I responded to the survey back in November with my Vimeo name (keypunch). For some reason I'm still getting the "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page" message.

I am logged in to Vimeo when this happens.

Gary Grata wrote:Had several issues with extracting .zip files after using the diskinternals zip file repair utility. Damaged, corrupt, missing, some extract properly, others just parts & pieces.

Yeah it can be hit and miss based on how mucked up the file gets on the way over.

paul wheaton wrote:
We have had zip files and mp4 files in the past that a lot of people had trouble with. I wonder if this is something that we should run on all of our zip files before posting them.

I highly doubt that it would help, since repeated downloading attempts does seem to eventually fix the file. If the source was corrupt, that couldn't happen. I'm no expert on it, but to me it seems like the files are being corrupted on route, or being corrupted on send by the file server when under heavy load.

Imo A fairly cheap hosting alternative would be to use something like amazon s3 for the peak give away times.
Arg, the errors have begun. The vegetable sound system zip AND the rocket mass gob both finished corrupted and unable to be opened.

Don't re-download! Try this first:

1. Go to and download (it's free!)
2. Install and run the tool on the affected file
3. Enjoy!

I am not affiliated with this company / tool, but I thought there's got to be a better way then redownloading 10 times. I've used other disk internals products with good success. There should be no spyware / adware / cr*pware in the tool.

There WILL MOST LIKELY still be a broken file in the archive (for me it was a pdf in the vegetable sound system file), but at least you can open the archive, and unzip it to see if you need or care about that file!

jordan barton wrote:I was thinking the straw would absorb the heat rather than allow the sun to reflect(albeito?) I am not entirely sure why they do it. I assumed to get rid of the snow faster as they put it on the taller mounds.

Hello from SW Sask. I can tell you unequivocally that covering your garden with straw will NOT heat it up earlier in the spring. Straw insulates, and actually delays soil warmth. I lifted a few flakes a couples weeks ago when the yard was bare, and there was still snow underneath (straw had been on all winter).

I use straw to delay early plants that try to start growing as soon as they feel the first hint of warmth because I know that we could still have 3 - 4 hard frosts and more snow fall before the end of April / May. The *average* last frost date for my area is May 30!
6 years ago
For the future, might I recommend hosting with a company such as Amazon... There's even a free tier! (

I'm still getting a corrupt file. Will keep trying. GOT IT.
I've now downloaded the RMH manual twice, and it has been corrupt both times. I'll try again tomorrow, but I just thought I'd let you know.
First time I've backed anything, ever.
6 years ago