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I think you can run a pipe from the outlet side of the pump back to the inlet side. (A "T" on each pipe.)
I think that way it doesn't repond to back pressure and turn off.

1 week ago
Starting the siphon is the question, and then stopping it.

Last week i lost about 150 gallons because i stopped the pump, disconnected it and dropped the hose back into the water. Even though i interupped the flow it just kept going.

Every cup of water at my place has to be hauled.
Put it on closed captions and turn down the volume.
I only read for half a minute but it looked readable.
3 weeks ago
I use 12 volt 500 gph boat pumps to move my water.
$16.00 on amazon.

My problem is that once the pump stops it keep siphoning.

I am looking at siphon breaks but it has to be perfect because otherwise i will lose ALL my water.
I use 12 volt timers and hope for the best. I'm there for five days about every month.

I keep my collected water in a 10 foot swimming pool
The trucker's hitch probably has some boaty name.
You will need it when you leave the reefing of the main a little too late and you need to tighten that outermoast clew.

A young man who made a worlds record sailing around the world alone gave a talk at my marina.
Someone asked him what he would do differently on another trip.
A shorter boat name. Saying a long hawaiian boat name over the radio was hell he said.

A month later some austrailan girl broke his record.
1 month ago
Now you have me working on my boat. Next I'll want to start taking it out.

I've been thinking of the knots i use.
Clove hitch
Cleat knot.

I suck at making square knots. I can't teach my hands to do it naturally.

You will hear about many others but those are the three i use.

Know what a trucker's hitch is, very usefull.
1 month ago
A man told me how he bought his boat.

He saw a boat he liked at a marina in panama so he got the owner's numer and gave him a call in the states.
As they were going back and forth on the price he heard the boat owner's wife in the background:"just sell the damn thing!"
1 month ago
Don't all texans have an arsenal? No worries about being solo.

In one particular harbor i was speaking to an Australian woman who had bright red lipstick and a dainty hat on the back of her head. When she left the group another woman said:" i know, she looks like she wouldn't know how to hammer a nail, yet she sailed here fron Australia, alone".

That night at the harbor bar a (tipsy) woman approached me and asked me how old i was. When i answered her she asked:" what happend? Was it the drink"?

Sometimes i think i have a bullseye on my forehead.

Note: my place is in arizona. I swear everyone carries....except me.
1 month ago
When i lived in hawaii i worked on boats in drydock.
I never saw collusion between yacht brokers and surveyors but i wouldn't trust them. The boat world can be very chummy and i would be suspicious of the relationship between boat owner and surveyor.

My last boat was wood and i felt it needed the protection of a couple of coats of bottom paint.  Not so sure about fiberglass gelcoat. I think just keep the bottom clean. Whenever i do haul out I'm replacing all the through hulls, that's for sure.

In hawaii it was common to put cayenne pepper in bottom paint. The bottom of your boat feels like 120 grit sand paper but it works.

I paid $2000 for my ericson 27 at the long beach boat auction. Five boats later another ericson 27 sold for $800. My boat had more toys but I'm not sure if it was $1200 worth.
I wonder what more a slightly larger boat would have for $17.000 ?

I did anchor my boat in a lake off of the intracoastal waterway in north Miami beach (maul lake).  I had no debt, i rode my bicycle to work (and sweated in summer) and generally had fun exploring the mangroves. Now I'm in debt and i live in toxic southern california. What happend!?

1 month ago
I went to a wedding tonight and since i wasn't taking a bridesmaid home i thought I'd try this...
1 month ago