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Was chatting with a mother of two, and got a hilarious tip.
Her kids collect oodles of candy. They eat a few pieces each day for a few days, then she puts it away in an airtight container, with the understanding that they can have it for the asking. They quickly forget about it.
The next year, she puts the stored candy in the candy bowl to hand out. Says that everyone on her street does it. Kids have fun, less candy bought. With all the preservatives, the candy is not dangerous to eat after a year or two, but is probably less tasty, meaning the kids will naturally eat less of it.
1 month ago
Maybe it only worked because we were homeschooled, but we were simply not allowed to accept candy. We got incredible costumes, went to our neighbors houses to show them off (refusing the candy) walked around the blocks to see everyone’s costumes, then came home and gave out the candy to other kids. We were allowed to eat a couple of pieces of the candy my parents got, which was usually chocolate. No resentment, and I never developed a taste for the super fake, not-sure-what-this-flavor-is-supposed-to-be stuff.
That being said, this might not work if your kids already have the expectation if getting gobs of candy. Or if all their schoolmates are telling them that gobs of candy are supposed to happen.
1 month ago
Thanks - but that manual presumes that you have a cleared area. This is in the woods - so there is already a zone that has been left alone for many years. Grading the bank could be done, but would require clearing the banks, which seems counterintuitive!
1 month ago
So we recently bought 5 acres on Maryland, and are just getting to know the land. One of the things to be seen is that there is a seasonal stream (some water in it now, not much in the summer) that has cut very deep, near vertical banks. We are talking a channel well over 6 feet deep. While it is cool to see the layers of subsoil and clay, I do wonder if there is a way of slowing this down. I came across a large tree that had fallen, it looked like because it’s roots had been washed away. I’m not sure if this situation came about because of logging - the area is a younger woods- or for some other reason. I know that stabilizing stream banks with plantings is typical, but I’m not sure that plantings at the edge of a gorge will survive, given the fallen tree I saw. The bottom is very soft sand, so it can still get deeper.
Any thoughts?
1 month ago
So to me, a batchbox heater sounds like a more finicky and less pleasant version of a regular old masonary heater. My parents have had one for years, and there is no slow start (other than building a small fire at the start of the season), no keeping the wood 4 inches away from the sides, and no smokeback. A newbie might have the kindling go out without catching the wood a couple of times, but even then, the draw is strong, so smoke doesn’t end up in the house.
So what am I missing? Is the batchbox rmh just a way to cheaply build a masonary heater? Is it supposed to be an improvement over a masonary heater?
Sooo last year I ordered pearl oyster mushroom spawn from Fungi Perfecti.  I got healthy looking plugs, and innoculated 3 logs.  This spring, I thought they looked ready and soaked them.  This is what came out of the logs (including the plugs):

Can anyone ID this?  I have e-mailed the company, but thought I'd share it here too.
3 months ago
Thanks Thomas! I did see that, but am unfortunately out of town that weekend. I haven’t seen many others in our region, which is why I was thinking of trying to host one.
4 months ago
Weighing in from an iPhone (the less fancy model) - with iphones and at&t the only way to get your phone to use no background data is to call att and have them turn the data off completely. I am on a 3 person, 15 gig family plan, which is usually plenty. One month, for no obvious reason, all our phones started using 50% more. We turned off data access for every app, then turned off the global data access from our phones - and the data was still going down.
So, some operating systems will gobble data in ways you can’t control. I have so far stuck with iphones because they work well and last long; my iphone5 lasted over 3 years, and might still be going if I hadn’t dropped it on a concrete floor. My replacement has a case, so I hope I won’t need a new one for some time. I actually bought a prepaid one, then used the sim from our family plan. It cost about US $200 that - way not bad if it lasts as long as I hope.
As far as usage - you’ll be a amazed at how fast you find uses for it. Navigation (you can download map regions ahead of time and navigate in areas with no reception), library books and audio, music, podcasts, getting pics of your friends kids, web browsing. I download Paul’s podcasts when I have internet, and argue with him all through my commute
4 months ago
Cool! Similar situation here: old timberline I’d like to replace and just use the chimney.
I’ll see if enough others respond to make it look realistic, and then see about finding an instructor.
If there are only a few people, maybe we can do a couple of reciprocal “rocket mass heater raisings” in the area. Even if we can’t afford to bring in a teacher, having a couple people would get each project off the ground at least...
4 months ago
Hey all,
  I’m considering trying to build a rocket mass heater in a newly purchased house, and while I could try it myself from plans and dvds, it occurs to me it could be fun that try and host a workshop- if there are enough people in the DC metro area who are interested!

So- anyone out there who would be interested in attending a rocket mass heater workshop in Maryland this fall or next spring?
4 months ago