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I just tested a 3% solution of baking soda dissolved in pure water with a lab grade pH meter, and got a reading of 8.3.
How accurate is your measuring system? Do you have anything to calibrate with that high? Also, you definitely used baking soda, not washing soda, correct?
If it were me, I’d check the rainwater, and rainwater with baking soda dissolved in it, see if you have anything close to the water you tested before. If rainwater and baking soda measure a lot lower, I’d start wondering what other residues might be in my equipment. I wouldn’t try to drink it, but by itself, pH 10-11 will just dry out your skin, it won’t burn. However, I might worry that whatever is increasing the pH is accompanied by some other chemicals, especially if my equipment was used.
21 hours ago
I’ve used both the Sawzall and the circular - both really nice.
 I will say, though, that I own the Ryobi versions, and while the batteries do need charging a bit more often, I have done quite a lot of work with them to good effect. Nit as junky as I would have expected.
I got my father the Milwaukee tools in EBay used. M18 battery versions for under 100 each.
2 months ago
I’ve used a 6 tine fork to good effect. Depending on how well they are chipped bending a tine can be an issue - our free ones have long stringy bits that get tangled up. I don’t know if a 10 tine would be more prone to bending.
2 months ago
What do you mean by a “small” scythe? Just curious...
I have pretty much given up on buying quality gloves. The price seems to have very little to do with how fast I lose them. Know thyself... I tend to go with the mechanics brand 3 for $10, and am pleased if I wear a hole in them before I lose them! I do try to buy quality on other things, but I find that most of the pricier gloves are leather and not really washable, so they get stiff and gross even if they haven’t worn out. Fit is more important for me.
2 months ago
As a special dish: take a pumpkin or generally pumpkin shaped squash. Cut the top as though you were making a jack o lantern. Scoop out the seeds and strings. Stuff it full of mushrooms, leeks/shallots, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic, shreds of stale bread (optional) Pour heavy cream over it until it reaches the lower lip. Put the lid back on and bake at 300 until the pumpkin starts to sag, often around 2 hrs.
Never done it, but I bet chestnuts it hazels would be tasty too.
3 months ago
I am so, so sorry - I know how hard it is to lose an animal like that.
I have never had anything quite like that, but i have had chicken lice, and new it because I would feel the bites and not see anything when I went in the coop.
I gave them a large dust bath of dry dirt mixed with diomacious earth (NOT the kind used for pools!) under the coop to keep it dry, and it has cleared up the problem as far as I can tell.
Dusting with DE as someone else mentioned is good, but letting the chickens bathe in it might bring more immediate relief to them!
Best of luck! Hopefully the rest of the flock is still healthy.
3 months ago
Interesting thread.
I would still be very concerned about moths. I can believe that they are more attracted to raw wool than washed and scoured, but I can absolutely say that they can still find and chomp the washed stuff.
I have found moths partying in commercially processed wool, superwash, mohair, cashmere, silk, and on the bottom of a fully synthetic mattress (yeah, I know... still trying to figure that one out).
So, while washing might slow the process, I am nervous that over the lifetime of a house you’d lose your insulation to critters.
I know borax is commonly used, not super toxic, but I am still not crazy about using that much of it.
5 months ago
We use our instant pot all the time. The ability to forget about it gives it an edge over regular pressure cookers.
Rice - 1 quick rinse, use the rice setting
Soup stock - veggie or meat scraps, water and spices, on the soup setting, strain it after work or in the morning.
Meat stew (for my meat eating spouse): saute the onions and meat, add water and veg, put on the soup setting. Chili, similar.
Hard boiled eggs - a cup of water in the bottom, eggs on the rack, 5 minutes, easy to peel.
Beans - timer for 6-8 hrs to soak, then short or long time depending on bean type.
6 months ago
Thanks Shawn.
Btw, has anyone thought about liability for landowners? Since we are talking about people using sharp and power tools in the hands of beginners?
Some sort of release form would be a good plan.
6 months ago
I posted some in a new thread, not seeing this one. My phone doesn’t copy blocks of text very easily, so here is what I wrote before:
6 months ago