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Hey everyone - wasn’t sure which forum to post this in, but I did want to share it. Micheal Judd, author of Edible Landscaping with a permaculture twist, sent out an email blast with this crowdfunding request:

I had been wanting to support an initiative to help with the crisis there, and was happy to find one that I trust. If you feel the same, donate and share!
2 days ago
Ok- I see - it us from the links, and the source is the koch book, right?
I’ll definitely have to check out the source.
1984 quotes notwithstanding, if that number is correctly pulled from established and accepted sources, I truly feel like it would be splashed over the internet. There are plenty if people upset about pesticides, gmos, air pollution, you name it. But, maybe I’m wrong.
2 weeks ago
So who is the guy Victor quoted? What are his sources? I had a bit of trouble tracking it down within the thread (I see Pauls quote, but not the original), and I’d be interested in seeing his primary data. Given what everyone else in this thread has posted, and the sensational language of the paragraph, I’d like to know where he got his numbers from.
2 weeks ago
Personally, I’m not worried about omega 6 in my soap. It occurs in food, and we are talking about something that gets rinsed off quite quickly, not a lotion. If the soap smells nice, and my skin feels fine, I feel like I’m probably fine. Naturally, everyone needs to make their own determination on this.
2 weeks ago
I have just started making soap once a year. My family has a tradition of deep frying on Fat Tuesday, (aka mardi gras). I wanted to use the leftover fry oil, so last year I used a soap calculator and gave it a go with an old pot, thermometer and whisk. 3 hours later, it finally traced, and made a soft soap that left a film on your hands.
This year, my recipe was 70% used deep fry oil, 24% coconut oil (the cheaper refined stuff) and 5% olive oil. The final bar lathers nicely, feels pretty good, but gets soft on the bottom easily from the drips of water on the sink. Still, a massive improvement.
When looking for recipes, I found an article about a woman who uses restaurant cooking oil, and sells all the soap she can make. No recipe, of course. Still, with a bit more experimentation I think you could get a really nice bar with a lot of used oil. Now, as far as chemical reaidues, I don’t know - I am not so worried that I don’t get drive through fries once in a while, so I’m clearly not that concerned. From a waste reduction standpoint, it is great, especially in areas where biofuel folks haven’t cornered rhat market.
Just another source to consider.
2 weeks ago
Here in Maryland, Wisteria is a great source.  It grows vigorously enough to be considered invasive (at least that asian variety does), and it sends runners along the ground that are great for baskets right away - I used them in winter, no soaking required, and the baskets have held up well.
Next up - Kudzu. Wish me luck...
1 month ago
It is amazing how, once you get going, you forget to actually take notes.  So, update on that acre:
Last spring, I built an even bigger fence.  12 foot bamboo on three sides, wired together, 6 foot bamboo and black netting on the 4th side.  We lost everything to the deer.  Planted about 10 pounds of potatoes, which got mowed down just before flowering.  We got a tiny bowl of spuds.  We did get some tomatoes, some greens in the spring.  There is a lot of mile-a-minute weed, and I harvested a bunch of the young leaves, which made a great sag paneer when mixed into other greens.  We got a couple of raspberries from the plants along the fenceline.  and plenty of mint.  Overall though, not much of a harvest.
The beehive I bought did not make it through the winter.  The post mortem is here:

Overall, fair number of failures - but the truth is that we didn't put a whole lot of time into it....because, after dealing with some health issues, we were buying a place of our own!  It is now FIVE acres in Maryland.  We have been working on the house and planning the garden this winter, and are getting started on things already - the local ChipDrop folks have left us several huge piles of woodchips, and some longer logs that we are using to build raised beds. We went ahead and ordered a couple yards of topsoil and compost - normally I'd improve the soil slowly, but the best place for a garden is a former gravel lot, so its got gravel packed with soil that is pretty much impossible to dig up.  So, we are going to cheat and get an initial infusion of top soil.  

Closer to the road, there is an area with actual soil, that is very wet.  We will be renting an excavator and making a pond and swales, then planting cover crops this year and an orchard next year.  We will plant some bush cherries, sand plums, etc. this year, but will wait on the more expensive trees until we have the space prepped better.

If you live anywhere near Annapolis, send me a message!  I'd love to meet Permies folks around here, and if you want to see how we are doing things, we can always use a bit of help!
1 month ago
For me, as someone with a liberal bent in the USA, watching the “comedian” news shows often works. I’ve done less of it lately, but I find the YouTube clips of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight often cover serious issues, well researched, that I’m glad to know, about in a way that doesn’t make me super depressed. Of course, it only works if you like his style and politics. I think there are several other shows like that with different hosts. If you find one you like, It can be helpful- though probably not always the top headlines.
2 months ago
We have several large piles of woodchips from road crews, and want to try this method. We will be building out raised beds, as the site is a former gravel lot with a thin sod layer. If we spread a couple yards of leaf compost (available locally in bulk) under the chips, would that work? Or is leaf compost not high enough in nitrogen?
2 months ago
Thanks for the suggestions!
Do you have any concerns about flooding? Given what my neighbor told me, I am a bit concerned.
I don’t think a pond would be legal on this stream- it is part of a flood system, and even a bridge is iffy, I am told
These picks are all from winter - give the tree canopy, I don’t think grasses would do well.
3 months ago