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I read on this site some time ago about a place up north that needs beet pickers or help around their farm.
Can anyone tell me the name of this place or what city/area it is at? Any extra info on it?
I hear there is some good money to be had doing this.
I could use the job to save up money for a rv or tiny place.
You can post it here or pm me.
Thank you!
3 years ago
I have broken mine. More towards the end of the toe, but I broke a couple of others too.
I was unloading a suitcase of my daughters off the back end of a pickup truck. I thought I had my foot out of the way ( it was dark) but I didn't.  Soooo..... there goes about 100 pounds....yes..100. ( we call her big bertha ) down on my toe.
God that hurt. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.
My tennis shoe was filled full of blood. Bad looking.
I went to the er room and they took xrays and nothing else. Except painkillers.
I told them to drill a hole through my nail.  They looked shocked. I insisted.
But they used a tool like a woodburning tool tip. Stunk terrible! A drill is so much me.
My doctor later told me that my idea was a real good one.
You CAN do that with a drill. My dad did when I was younger. It lets off the pressure you have built up in it, plus it lets the blood out some. If you are desperate because of tue pain, you wont mind.. it is better.

Anyhow... it is now over one year and a week.
I have been wearing sandals because of the nail that is trying ( still) to grow.
It still has not grown totally back.
But if you walk on it alot and I did... it takes much longer for it to heal.
I had no choice but to run do things. I had no help.
Take care of that toe! And yes, epsom salts help.
3 years ago
Personally I would go with something  like a 1974 or older.
Before the computer junk came along.
I am a female, but my father taught me how to fix older vehicles.
Less junk in them to where you can actually get your hands into it and fix it. ( or actually see the ground. Lol..)
I have rebuilt everything in them.  Alternators, engines, transmissions,  etc. and overhauled completely a car.
Trucks are nicer I think and much more useful.
Hopefully you can buy parts for them still. I haven't checked lately.
Plus they are supposed to be emp proof. That's a big plus too.
A computerized vehicle would be fried if there was a emp.
Never know with all the news going on lately.
Plus the metal in them are much more solid. And no plastic parts that cost a fortune to buy now.
Just my two cents worth.
Btw...nice pic of the truck above.
I have also painted vehicles and worked in a parts department in a dealership.
I prefer the old school vehicles. And the gas milage isn't really worse than some newer ones.
I had a car that would even put out much colder air on a ac...go figure.
3 years ago
Can anyone tell me how reasonable the rent is there?
I would love to move there and so would my daughter. She is disabled and on a low income. She is also diabetic . Do they have any good diabetic and endocrinologists there ?
How reasonable is the land per acre?
Any help would be appreciated.
3 years ago
One thing about them is they are very good for diabetics.  So are dandelions.  They help control it.
I find it very interesting that one certain company likes to spray the dandelion on sidewalks and yards. Pesky medicinal you can make a wine from it. I haven't yet but I will I hope soon.
Anyhow,  I would love to get my hands on some of the artichokes.  Anyone have some that they don't need or would like to trade out for some other plant?
3 years ago
Hi Ana,
I would be interested in knowing more.
This sounds like something I would be interested in.
You can send me a purple mooseage to explain more of what is going on and expected.
4 years ago
I like the way yurts look, plus they are moveable if you want to just get up and move.

I do however have experience in geodomes.
My parents had one. The best thing I like about them is they are very surviable during tornadoes ( I was in theirs when a tornado walked around it. No flat walls to hit.)
And in hurricanes, they survived intact too.
Hurricane Andrew took out so many homes. Yet one neighborhood survived it all. They were geodomes. They were all in one piece. The whole neighborhood there.

I think the roundness of it protects it more. There is nothing flat for a storm to hit. It goes around it.
I love the way domes are round and many of them have quite a lot of room in them. Especially if you have a upstair one. My parents had two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and one bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath and a area they could grow food.
Funny thing was when you talked to someone, it was a bit hard to guess where they were talking from.  
Depends where you want to be living. And If that area had storms very much.
Both are pretty cool homes.
4 years ago
Cali has become a large state for homelessness.  Oregon too..the whole west coast.
So many people are out of jobs now And are losing everything.
I have heard that you can actually see the homeless people and their dogs on google earth. I haven't looked myself yet.
What surprises me is they have never really told the people for the whole west coast about things being radioactive. I have read reports of It though.
Eventually with that many people being out of homes and jobs, they will spread eastward.
There is no way I would move west.
Plus the water situation has only gotten worse. I do hope it there are some aquifers up there. I am not familiar with them there.
I know people are moving to Texas. They will be surprised to learn that the water is drying up there too And It has been that way for many years. I know because my husband was a surveyor. Yet they are selling ugly dirt property for big bucks. I was shocked.
My advice is...don't go to Texas either. Plus they have several other problems too.
4 years ago
Thank you all for the cookie recipes! They sound delicious.

Your husband is quite the woodcarver and woodworker!
What type of wood did he use for these?
I still have all my chisels and the old German ones that were given to me.
I do miss carving a lot!
Plus the woodworking and lathe to make wooden bowels and cups.
It has a very calming effect on me.
4 years ago

I've got a load of chips in my driveway right now.  I can smell them, even as I type.  So far as I've moved them, I've seen olive, eucalyptus, holly oak, jacaranda, carrot wood, bougainvillea, some sort of long needled pine, and ficus microcarpa.  
Even chips from black walnut or eucalyptus are still great, even if they inhibit growth for a few months.  I take them all.
I've never had my carrots, apples, pomegranates or beets tested, but I'd put their nutrient density up against anyone else's and feel confident in the outcome.

You must live in Florida or pretty south.
They say it is hard to grow anything much around the black walnut.
I DO know that a person should never use woodchips or shavings from a black walnut or any walnut around horses. Especially for their bedding. It WILL kill a horse.
Just a thumbs up on that in case anyone out there thinos about using it for that
I know that as a woodworker the dust can shut me down if I do not put my mask on.
Bad stuff!  But I do love the wood. It is beautiful.
Can things grow around a eucalyptus tree? It is so aromatic..
4 years ago