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since Mar 15, 2015
former dairy goat farmer who dropped it all to join the rat race , now the rats have won, going back to what i know makes me and my family better humans
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Recent posts by beth laf

we are actively involved in rescuing native medicinals and significant plants we are in west virginia along the mountain valley pipeline if anyone who is interested in helping or want to support us through purchase of rootstock or medicinals , you can watch our you tube page and visit us on facebook
salad greens
wild fruit blackberries/raspberries/pawpaws
tomatoes, in unusual varieties
early spring , seedlings-
soap/lipbalm/solid lotion bars

1st year costs .
10x10 pop up tent 120.00
weights for tent 12.00
tables chairs 120.
display stand 30.00
bamboo rug 40.00
sign 25.00

farmers markets 3x per week , 2 in same location 3rd in neighboring community
customers were VERY different in each location , and in what they wanted.
market 1. just food, not interested most times in farm or growing methods
market 2 , wanted information on growing methods varieties planted etc . which led to

the garden binder:
3 ring binder with pictures and seed packets of every plant brought to market as well as descriptions etc. in plastic sleeved pages , interspersed with photos of our farm
cost about 50.00 for sleeves photo paper time etc.

((keep in mind this was 10 years ago))
avg income was 200 on wednesdays
saturday at same location as wednesday avg 500
sunday market at alt location was 700-1000
add in "black market" goat milk and cheese for another 300.00 week
commercial sales of greens , basil and tomatoes 150 per week

thats all i can reliably recall.

4 years ago
there is truth in that, people go to the store, that bastion of food, and the natural and organic eggs in the expensive cartons are brown, so now people have become accustomed farm eggs= brown eggs.
i have had people tell me in the past they bought eggs and expeccted them to be brown from the farm , but white eggs could be store eggs just repackaged, i had never considered anyone doing that, but since its possible , i suppose it makes a wierd sort of sense
4 years ago
have you considered amaranth ? or millet? both provide lots of fodder without the annoying poison factor
4 years ago