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The main reason i liked this build. is that if after Constructing the RMH you install the copper tubing on the outside low to medium height on the barrel. and then encase the tubing. into the structure.

I would think the temperatures would be more moderate and help keeping the loop from flash steaming.
Taking longer to heat the water but with a  larger safety margin.

"Everything and i mean everthing is Possible.
Just extremely likely"
6 days ago
First time poster.

Hopefully this is well received.

I am starting my own RMH build in a little while and was thinking how usable would this model of a water heater be.
Wrapping the tubing around the barrel portion of th RMH.

1 week ago

we are a little bit nuts about our saunas.
According to there were around 2,7 million saunas in Finland 2017. That’s about 1 sauna for every 2 Finns.
So I believe that our country probably has the most diverse history of hand made custom saunas to take inspiration from.
As in the old days a new land owners or renters mission was to build a sauna on his new land i the middle of the woods next to a lake.
And then expand from that.

1 month ago

And heres hoping for a good build and a wonderful Sauna experience.

Here in Finland we have so many saunas that there are commercial products available for people with money.
I would suggest looking at photos from Finland for inspiration on what has already been built and improve and customize for your liking.

Here are some commersial website pages of products and the some keywords for Photo searches from finland.


- saunakärry
- Peräkärrysauna

Good luck on your build.

1 month ago
Thank you for the email for the DVD and everything looks perfect.

Thank you for the information.

Unfortunately after checking all email boxes, and i have not received anything after the original candy update.

Who do i contact about checking if the email has left??
I receiver the First Candy email and that has gone well.

I am still waiting for the 4 old DVD set information.

Should i start to worrie or am i just too eager for the material to arrive.

And firstly all the downloads worked great.

Now for the important question. "When will the Old DVD stream information be sent out?"

No need to rush just eager for the material
Thanks From Finland.

Downloads going well will check everything once the downloads are all done.
Thank you Cassie for your hard work.
Finland is also patiently waiting