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just a thought for you, if the buckets are too tight, you might look for a food grade used barrel, they come in several sizes, not just 55 gallon, I have a 30 gallon that would probably fit any size frame.
5 years ago
Am I doing something wrong?

I've been a member (receiving daily-ish emails) for about 1 month.
I just found this thread discussing them, but every time I've tried to download something, I haven't gotten it.

I get a page that has something about whatever was in the email, never the whole thing, but also on the page is a advertisement for signing up for the daily-ish emails that brought me to that page in the first place.

I've also been trying to get the RMH manual with no good results, the page I get has like 1 page that's blurry, the under that is the sign up for daily emails, and below that was a link that said RMH manual, when I clicked it I got a page where I could pay the $3 to download it... I thought the point was to get get it free from the daily emails?

dis-appointed and confused - LOL

EDIT: never mind, I didn't realize I needed to enter my email aand hit submit to get the DL, I thought that was to get added to the daily list, and I didnt' want to be on it multiple times. I just tried it and it worked first time for me, Thanks!

paul wheaton wrote:

Francois Peloquin wrote:Paul, I dont want to put too much pressure, and I don't know how it is in the States, but for us in canada, Friday and Monday are holidays. It's a 4 day period where people are visiting family or travelling or working outside. This extension to Tuesday seems a bit short.

In the states, there is no holiday. Sunday is recognized by easter - so most people with children will something interesting with their kids. Some of the christians that don't normally attend church, might attend church on this particular sunday, but that's about it. I suppose a rare person might go visit family - but I would guess that the airfare rates are unchanged. Friday and Monday are not holidays here. The post office and banks will grab onto almost any holiday they can, but they don't jump on Easter. In my experience 100% of the people that celebrate Easter, celebrate it fully on Sunday.

At the same time, a lot of people have been pestering me to have this stuff RIGHT NOW and I think these people might die if I postpone it.

So we have a dilemma: some people want it NOW and some people want it later. But our agreements with some folks is for a 72 hour window. So this is a good time for people to make suggestions.

Paul, every company I've worked for ( the past 29 years) has given me the Friday before Easter off as a paid holiday, some have even given us the Monday after off to.
Our public schools in Michigan have the Friday off and most have the full week after off for spring break so for families that go on a spring vacation and don't want it to interfere with school, this is that time. If I didn't go spend last weekend with my in-laws (to recognize Easter) then I would be doing so this weekend. This is a huge travel weekend for people in Michigan. Personally I won't, but seems most years I would be gone the full Easter weekend plus a day each side of it.