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Central Oregon
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Cassie Langstraat wrote:So I ran the winner picker app in the forum software and we have 2 winners.

Thekla McDaniels
Kurt Stailey

Congratulations Thekla and Kurt!

I sent you an email to ask for the email address of the person that first referred you to That person (if qualified) will also get a copy of the book and a permies care package.

Oh yay! I love videos and am a research junkie as well as a newbie goat mom so thank you for sharing!
I hadn't had my does an hour before one of them skinnied through a larger space in the pallet fencing while I still had her on a lead! lol Watch the spacing would be my advice, especially if you are to have little ones born. We still use the fence but have put up some heavy duty netting so there are no spaces for the little ones to get through when they are born. I have Nigerian Dwarf goats though and with larger breeds this might not be an issue. I would love to see some pics of your fencing to give me more ideas if you do use it though!
Definitely an area of interest for me, I do not want to medicate any more than is needed with my animals. I believe in natural solutions for myself and for my critters as well.....unless I get hit by a truck, they by all means, take me to a hospital but for anything else I treat it naturally or see my naturopath chiropractor for advice. Any natural solutions for my animals would be very appreciated. One of the two I brought home is pregnant, not sure on the other but that one is definitely needing some weight on her and their coats are dull. I am obsessively researching on what to feed and how to treat issues with them. and again, welcome Deborah, I have so enjoyed your book and will definitely re-read it many times over. I am not here to win a book so if I get drawn can I get a note or card to put in as my bookmark and let someone else have the book?? lol
Welcome Deborah! Thank you for sharing so much with all of us. I have already bought the book and devoured it and will keep it as a reference. I am a newbie in the goat world but jumped in with far more enthusiasm than I had first imagined. I wanted 2 nigerian dwarf does for milk, cheese, soap two weeks that has blown up to those two does plus a Nigerian/LaMancha cross doe and picking up my nigerian buck tomorrow. Did you write about it being addicting?? Did I miss that part?? LOL So very glad to have you here sharing your wealth of knowledge, I sure need it!

Michael Bush wrote:I was a kid watching parents butcher both rabbits and chickens. I hated plucking chickens but cleaning rabbits always seemed so damn simple and "clean" by comparison. Thanks for the wonderful description of what you went through! Next year I will be butchering both for the first time myself and so stories like yours help a lot!

I always liked doing the rabbits more than the chickens as a kid too! I hated plucking plus the first time I did the chopping I did it too close to where the swimming pool was and let go too early or something...suffice it to say I was NOT anyone's favorite sister when we had to forego swimming to drain the pool and clean it! Rabbits went faster and cleaner, Dad was a machine and I could barely keep up with catching and running them to him before he had the prior one skinned and tossed in the bucket!
4 years ago

s starr wrote:As for wooden spoons and such one can oil it with coconut oil also as it doesn’t go rancid .

I think I will have to go with the coconut oil option as well as my husband is deathly allergic to walnut oil. Hopefully it will work as well as the walnut.
4 years ago