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My friends call me Doc, here to show you the grime & glory of homesteading, permaculture, wildcrafting, animal care and general woo. IRL where you join me on the farmstead, in the barnyard, the Mountain, or in our jungle room.
http://www.dlive.tv/xdrfirefly (Live Homesteading Show)
The Mavis Institute Co-Op, which is a year-round non-profit farm, permaculture lab/ education center; located in a small hamlet of Flat Top on the grounds of Mavis Manor/ Mavis Farmacy in Mercer County WV. In the heart of Appalachia
We are the crossroads between Nature and Technology.
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Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.
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Recent posts by Justyn Mavis

I'd like to submit this for an oddball.

I needed to add a exhaust fan to my bunny barn, so here is me using an old computer cord, and wiring up the fan.

The fan was upcycled from a friends project that he didn't need, and I have ALL my old cord because you never know when you need them for a project,

1 month ago
updated pictures with screwdriver as toothpick trick
1 month ago
Just something to consider, Here in Southern WV, we had some issues using the world "toilet" once, I switched up the language to Composter, or Comfort Station, the issues seem to not be an issue anymore. Legal wording for the county and the state can someone be very important.

I build Vermiculture Compositing Stations. ( We use worms to eat your poop) Learnt the build from Africa and some nonprofits. We have a few in the state parks here in SWV

Silly Department of making me sad.
1 month ago
This is my experience. I'm in Southern WV, Flat Top if you'd like to know the town, I live very close to a Ski Resort, and lots of other Rec land around. I practice "right to roam" I don't have a single no trespassing sign anywhere. But, I do have other signs. Please Close Gate, Nature Sanctuary, etc. When I see folks I normally chat with them, tell them about the amazing view and and polite instruct them of some of my requests. I added Trash Can in a few spot (Normally where the ski/snowboarded jumped the fence to "hangout") At one point a lot of kids started milling about, so I install a 9 hole disc golf course "free to play". When young adults would try to use the top of the mountain for a red neck breeding grounds, I was drive up there and play 70's porn music, but never interaction with them. I wave a lot, I let people metal detect, and general treat them with kindness. Most of the "bad" people go away, and even a few of the teenager, turned into adults later came back to talk to me to ask why I cool? -- We have no "law" here Southern WV is pretty much free, (we also all do own guns, and WV is extremely gun friendly) What I found is most people are cool, they just want someplace to go to get away from what ever real life issue they are running from.

The handful of "bad" people were dealt with pretty easily (I grew up in the inner city of NE Ohio, a little street smarts make you magic in the country)

a.) We had some kids cutting my cattle fence, the cows got out, we closed the main road (folks trying to help me get the cows back in) story got back to the family that the reason the main drag was closed was because some punk kids were cutting cattle fences and magically the fences never got cut again.

b.) I added more gates on the road up the mountain in completely pointless areas and the drunks stop driving up there.

c.) I got guineas

d.) Posted a letter at the post office about the request I have if you want to free roam my land.

e.) and just invited more people to hike, play, fish and whatnot.

Killem' with Kindness. ( PS for legal advice I tell everyone to play at your own risk, I know not the dangerous of my land)
1 month ago
Sorry I misread the bb description.

I work video the next leg of the trail very soon.


We have a nice forest trail that leads up the mountain, the ice storm last winter dropped a lot of limbs on it. I keep the grass on the trail because the area where i removed the grass eroded. So, since "we" and cows travel up this trail grass is good. I do have alot more to finish, but this is the first 250ft or so feet of the trail.

Side note: Since the ice storm knocked down a few older trees more light is now in this forested areas, and I'm seeing a lot of different small tree or shrubs that werent here before. Excited about seeing the forest slowly change.

2 months ago
We luckily have an old farm manor, with really nice door hinges. Years ago I learnt the trick that coconut oil does wonders, so that is ALL I use now. Even works on the painted one.

Coconut Oil at room Temperature.
2 months ago
Here on the farmlab we raise a lot of silkies, just all around good chickens for everything. In the picture are two of our girls. We have around 20 silkies so we get plenty of eggs for our family, and these girls are also great at outreach program as well.

2 months ago
It was time to add another little pond* so that the ducks [and the frogs] could have some more space.

This did way better then I thought it was going to, it help water for over a week, even during breezy and warmish weather, it fills up nicely when it rains, and the ducks love it.

2 months ago