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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

I still had one apple to give away today. So Amanda has it now. You could start making an apple pie Amanda. I think that isn't too difficult.

I have that too, still thinking I'm 18 years old and I can do whatever I want to, while in fact I'm a grey-haired grandma
1 day ago
Burra Maluca where's that lovely tiny house with the big rock? Is it possible to live in it (maybe to stay there during a holiday)?
Here in the Netherlands the temperature isn't the problem, and there's plenty of wind ... but it's the rain, the wetness of the air. Laundry does not become dry here outdoors in winter.

Even on racks and indoor clotheslines it takes long before the laundry is dried, because the humidity enters the house (it's over 50 years old)
1 day ago

Ann Torrence wrote:... For mittens, I would make myself a pair with a thrummed lining, which is a Scandinavian technique for incorporating unspun wool into the underside of a garment. I've never heard of anyone thrumming a sweater, but I see no reason why it could not be done. Smaller objects like hats and mittens are more typical. Might not be a good idea for socks, but could make some wicked slippers. I should try that. ...

I used that technique, but with different material. Instead of unspun wool I used strips cut from old bed sheets. For the knitting I used a half linnen half cotton yarn. In this way I knitted two sweaters of all naturel recycled vegan materials.

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:...
I wonder if there are any other knitters out there in Permieland who would like to do a KAL, maybe for teatowels or dishcloths if fancy shawls or tops were thought to be too frivolous!
Happy knitting Inge.

I would like to 'meet' other permie-knitters too.
We could knit-along a towel, yes. I have unraveled cotton yarn too.
When I knit a towel I do it diagonally. I start with one loop (stitch), making one more in every row (all rows knitted, not purled). When I have my desired width, instead of increasing I start decreasing one stitch per row. When the knitting is finished I make a nice rim in crochet, including a loop to hang the towel.

Stuart Sparber wrote:You may think you're an introvert but how would you like to spend 27 years alone? From age 20 to age 47 Chris Knight did just that in central Maine! The author Michael Finkel fascinates us with the true story of The Stranger in the Woods recently published.He lived in a tent deep in the woods but not far from seasonal cabins.He never lit a fire!

Someone like that is an 'extreme introvert', I would call him a 'hermit'. My answer to your question is 'No'. I don't like to be all alone all the time, only some time.

Nina Jay wrote:For me the most efficient solution is do wake up early. I hate waking up early but ...

Have you noticed any rhythm in your energy/ concentration/ getting stuff done  -levels?

I like waking up in early morning. The morning is my most productive time of the day. That's when I have the energy to do physical work.
My concentration is never really good, but I think that's at its highest level later in the morning until around noon (10 AM - 1 PM), especially when I did some (physical) activities during that morning.
But not too hard work, nor when it's cold, rainy or cloudy; those make me feel like 'not starting to do anything', except for reading, watching videos, or listening podcasts, a.a. My evenings are filled with those kind of things too (social media).
4 days ago
Hi Amanda. You asked me in another topic to share what I was knitting. I found your topic here about 'knitting' in general (though you have a question too). So I can share here 'what I am knitting at the moment'.  
I know how to spin wool, but I don't like doing it. I know others who like it, so if I want to use hand spun woolen yarn, I ask them. I also have a different way to get my woolen yarn: I unravel! I buy second hand woolen sweaters. Some aren't fit for unraveling, those I wash in the washing machine, which turns them into felt. But I found one very fine luxurious merino sweater, made in a way that makes it possible to unravel it. So I did. And now I use that yarn for knitting. It is very fine yarn, so it will take me a long time to knit. I won't wear it this winter, this 'winter-undergarment' I am knitting now. Maybe next winter. No problem. Now I have something to knit while listening podcasts, that makes me feel like 'doing useful things'.
Hi. I live in the Netherlands, so sharing my sources with people in the USA or Australia isn't useful. Probably compared to your regions Permaculture here is still very 'young'.
There are a few Dutch websites and Facebook groups / pages on 'Permacultuur'. There interested people ask how and where to get what they need. Plants, shrubs, seeds, etc. are swapped, shared or sold through that way.

Only very few farmers who sell products are using Permaculture principles. The ones who do are producing for a small local market (or CSA-like group of clients).

Today a friend and I went together (in her husband's car) to do some 'organic shopping'. First we went to a nursery where organic fruit trees and shrubs are sold. We bought some fruit shrubs for our gardens. Then we went to the only farmers market in this region (Frederiksoord). Farmers market here in the Netherlands are not real farmers markets. The people selling there do not have a farm, they only sell, they buy from farms and from wholesale and importers.

There are a few farm-stores (at real farms) in our region. We went to visit one of them, in Frederiksoord too. We try to organise the people who want to buy products from these organic farm stores, so that we can go in one car, and people who don't have a car (me) don't have to ride their bicycle that far.

As far as I know there are no Permaculture growers or farms in this region. There are only some private or community food-forests and gardens, all in an early stage.

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:I am procrastinating a new jumper whilst watching YouTube.  Time well spent...

Yes, knitting is my way to deal with this too. When I do some knitting I feel I am 'producing', so I feel like doing 'useful work'. What makes it feel even more useful is listening podcasts while I am knitting!

I don't know if it is physical or psychological, but there are times I feel like I can't start doing certain things, allthough the are high on the priority list. It could even be because they are high on that list ...
5 days ago