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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

Nicole Alderman wrote:

Robbie Bassen wrote:Day 88

Only two more days until you get (if I'm understanding eerything right) $700 and a dragon and a fairy, as well as a hat from Inge! Have you thought about what color dragon you want and what you want your fairy/elf/figure to look like?

Yes, I was counting days too. Robbie, what size head do you have? I hope it's not as big as Paul's head. I can knit through summer and then send the knitted hat/cap and you can wear it when the weather gets colder again. If it arrives ...
We (Permacultuur Meppel) organise a yearly event, Plantjes Deel Dag, which means we share plants. Visitors can come with their seedlings, cuttings or other plants they want to swap. But also people who don't have any plant to bring in can come and have some plants for free. There's coffee, tea and home baked cakes! Last year, end of April, was the first time, and now last Sunday, May 12, was the second time we had this event.
Also the local news media showed up; you can see this video from the local television on YouTube now:
Of course it's in Dutch ...
5 days ago

Kenneth Elwell wrote:... I was also just old enough to pick up on the undertones of “why the fuck is this kid/ boy/ future man-enemy-creature here?!” from a few of the attendees.

I can't remember from where I had that experience, but exactly that undertone is the reason why I don't want to join 'women only' activities. There could be women there (or maybe only one) who consider men 'the enemy' ...
1 week ago
I saw the book 'Push the Zone' mentioned here. If that small book by David the Good is meant (which indeed has that title), I don't think that is of any help in your case. It's a funny book, but it isn't about growing trees in zone 4 which are normally growing in zone 5 or 6. It's about growing tropical plants in Northern Florida climate. Only some of the tips given in it can be of some use in colder climates.
1 week ago
Nicole, when I think of pedal-power I do not think of electricity. When you mentioned pumping water, I thought it would be more effective to have something with pedals that moves the water than to make electricity first. For a freezer this won't work, of course.
I found this article in Dutch on a kitchen machine on pedal power (without electricity). Watch the photo to know what I mean.
1 week ago
Now I like growing tomatoes. But it wasn't why I started gardening.
If I think back in time, I can find two reasons. First there was my parents' garden. We moved to that house when I was 10, it already had a large garden with fruit trees and a small strip of diverse vegetables and berries. My mother continued that garden, my sister and I helped her (sometimes).
The second reason was someone telling me about permaculture, some time in the 1990's. Although it took many years before I really started applying permaculture (and doing a PDC course online), since that time I did try to grow at least some edibles (like berries, currants, herbs).
Such large cities (milions of inhabitants) don't exist in the Netherlands. In my youth I lived in the outskirts of Rotterdam. That's one of the largest cities of this country. It had a lot of 'nature'. Parks with green grass, colourful flowers, large trees, water with ducks swimming in it. Back in those days there were even frogs in the ponds. Now I live in a small town in the eastern part of the country, surrounded by nature (heather, forest, lakes).
Nowadays nature isn't anymore like it used to be ... But still I see 'weeds' growing in cracks between concrete, small and large birds picking crumbs of bread and people enjoying their balcony with a 'square meter garden' on it
1 week ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:Hi Robbie. So you have an Ant Village plot now? You did become an Ant instead of a Boot? Or you are both Ant and Boot ... a booted ant maybe

I am not robbie, but ...

The bootcamp program sets each boot up with a plot after they have been here a month.  So robbie continues with the bootcamp program, but he has a plot to do his personal projects and maybe some PEP stuff, in the evenings and weekends.  

Thank you, Paul. I didn't know boots had plots too. Only knew about Ant Village plots.  
2 weeks ago
Hi Robbie. So you have an Ant Village plot now? You did become an Ant instead of a Boot? Or you are both Ant and Boot ... a booted ant maybe
2 weeks ago
Hi Jocelyn.
Today I listened all three parts of podcasts on Paul's and your 'wishes'. You said something on your thread on a women's retreat. So I searched for it. And here I found it.

Probably I'll never ever come visit you there in Montana, much too far from here. But I can tell you about what I like, being a woman.

1. I never go to meetings or activities 'only for women', I prefer mixed groups: women, men and children of all ages.
2. I prefer activities that don't have any 'purple' in it, because most of the time they are 'spiritual' in a way that is very different from my view on spirituality.
3. I would like to learn some of those 'typical men's skills': carpentry and other woodworking, welding, building a wofati, etc.
4. I like sharing what I know about textile hand crafts and 'creative cooking from scratch' with others.
5. Wild edible / medicinal plant walks and cooking with those plants, I like that too.
6. Singing and playing folk songs together and maybe even some dancing (but not 'purple', see 2.)
2 weeks ago