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since May 28, 2015
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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

This looks so easy! Like even I could do it
When I start having chickens and build a coop, I'll try it
Hi R.
There are not many things that are really impossible.
So I think this idea is possible.

Probably we only have to change the way we think. First of all we have to change the way we think about 'money'. But of course that's a very different discussion
5 days ago
Thank you very much for your reaction Chris!
Sure, my dental health is important. That's why I started this thread.

It's not only about 'grown /produced locally'. What you say about means of transport is important too. As well as finding a healthy natural product for my teeth.

Everything is integrated in the whole, in living a 'permaculture life'.
6 days ago

stephen lowe wrote:I know that for ayurvedic oil pulling (basically swishing a bunch of oil around in your mouth for a long time and then spitting) they usually use sunflower or sesame oil so those might be two to look at.

Thank you Stephen. Maybe sunflowers grow in western or middle European countries, but sesame seeds don't. A problem is: the organic oil sold here does not have a country of origin on it. I want to know where it comes from. I am looking for 'as local as possible' products (and 'more than organic').
6 days ago

Cynthia Quilici wrote:How about flaxseed oil?

This isn't about toothbrushing, but...

Also nice, flaxseed even grows in my own garden ... But then the same question.
By the way: I tried the walnut oil, it brushes OK and the taste is very good (even better than coconut oil). I did not yet find out of any unwanted side-effects ...
1 week ago
Hi. Since a few years I brush my teeth with coconut oil (and nothing else). That's OK to me ... except for one thing: coconuts are tropical, they grow in very far away countries. I would like to use something more local.
There are some oil-producing seeds and nuts growing much closer by (in the Netherlands or surrounding countries). The best product I can get is a walnut oil produced by a friend, who picks the nuts and makes the oil herself. But ... I don't know if walnut oil is good for brushing teeth in the way coconut oil is.
Someone here who can give advice?
1 week ago

J Grouwstra wrote:Thanks for posting. I see there's a Facebook page and I'll try following your progress.
In Hurdegaryp there's also such a project which seems to be running quite well, I still have on my agenda to visit there once. Meppel I'll keep in mind too. Even if I don't end up visiting it still makes me happy that such projects are being undertaken. Good luck!

J. you're welcome at our garden. Please contact us first, so we'll be there when you come. You can send a message via the Facebook page.
1 week ago
I'm not good at remembering names. Probably because I never take all information from one person or one side. I like comparing the points of view seen from different directions and then experiment to find my own way. I like wandering in my search for paths to follow (a short distance on this path, a longer distance on that path, etc.)

So the 'guides' for me are people showing the different paths, different directions, different possiblities to make a choice from. F.e. on youtube the Rhodes family on their Great American Farm Tour (I would like to see a European family doing that in North-Western Europe).

The entire Permies Forum is a guide like that too! Not just a few names, but all 'permies' in the forum together.
Sorry I did not keep on posting here.
The project goes well. Soon we'll have the fist meeting of the coordination group for planning the activities in the new garden season.
The garden looked nice last year,  but we have to do things in a more organised way to have a better yield.
Our activities involved a lot of 'weaving willow branches' too, as you can see in the picture:
1 week ago
I am very thankful to Nicole for merging my two threads into one! I'll do my best now to go on regularely in this thread about my garden (or 'future miniature permaculture food forest').
Soon the new season will start (sewing in pots and planters in the living-room window sil). I have to make new photos and videos to show the changes.

The neighbourhood permaculture project is going well too. But there's another thread to tell and show more about that
1 week ago