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Inge Leonora-den Ouden

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since May 28, 2015
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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

it's good someone found back this thread. I want to do more lacto-fermentation, since my Sauerkraut is going well ... It was much easier than I thought. Art (from the Art & Bri channel) shows it in this video: sauerkraut
4 days ago
Is it possible someone changes from introvert to something else (not exactly extravert)? In the past I was very shy and I always thought of the things I didn't do right. But during the years that's changed. The shyness is almost disappeared. I like being together with others now (not all others, it depends on their behaviour). I don't see myself as someone who 'did it wrong' and 'have to change' anymore. I know now all people make mistakes, do things wrong sometimes, and that isn't a problem.
Although it is much better to shade the windows from the outside (vines growing over a trellis horizontally above the window), fast growing plants indoors, in the windowsil, can give some shade too, like my beans:
3 weeks ago
I don't think anything can really replace chocolate / cacao. But maybe it's possible to use acorns? They were used in the past to replace coffee.
3 weeks ago
New spring, new plants, new photo!
Peas (the translation says this kind is called Marrowfats in English. We call them Kapucijners), Marigolds, Nigella, Malva
1 month ago

Anne Miller wrote:I saved seeds from the cantaloupes that I bought.  I have tons of seeds.

I am getting ready to experiment to see if they will germinate.  If so I will plant some to see what I get.

What else can I do with these seeds?

Will they make nice tasting microgreens or sprouts?

I saved seeds from homegrown squash and watermelon. Will they make nice tasty microgreens or sprouts?

Never thought of squash-sprouts! I'll try now.
I saved seeds from squashes / pumpkins, much more than I need.
1 month ago

Craig Dobbson wrote:Has anyone signed up for this workshop?  I think it closes this weekend.

Yes, I registered (only for the Free videos). This Saturday (the 14th) is the last chance
1 month ago
Yesterday was the 100th day of 2018, so I sowed my flax seeds.
1 month ago
Thank you, Redhawk, for this interesting stuff!
This is not extra-terrestrial, but intra-terrestrial!
1 month ago
I mentioned one ... but I have more 'sins'...
I'm in love with the Caribbean island of CuraƧao. I FLY over there at least once every two years. That's 10 hours in a plane
Maybe one day it will be possible to start a living there ... but then probably I'll have to fly to the Netherlands once in a while ...
1 month ago