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Accompanying the gardens (front and back yard) of my rented ground-floor appartment in the transformation to a miniature-food-forest, following permaculture principles (nature's laws) in different aspects of life
Meppel (Drenthe, the Netherlands)
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Recent posts by Inge Leonora-den Ouden

Nikki Roche wrote:It would be awesome to see a thread for BBs like the
Reverse Kickstarter
-- a place to pledge or Pay It Forward to encourage people to complete badges and BBs. For example, for the next few who complete a sand badge, maybe someone could pledge something that would help with the next badge, like the seeds needed for the gardening badges or the Flax to Linen ebook for completing the textile sand badge. Or a handmade gift or monetary pledge for the first person to complete a BB that you just want to see done by someone.

It's obvious that SO much work has gone into PEP, and I'd love to see it used for more than SKIP. I'm using it as a framework for building skills that could be useful on my own property. I was at a loss of where to start, and PEP has taken out some of the guesswork, especially with the video and article links within the BBs and people posting their own completions.

On my phone, I can't tell if the thread actually linked at the beginning, so just in case, here's the Reverse Kickstarter thread that I referenced:

Hi Nikki. Do you mean this for everyone doing BBs? Or only for boots (and others at WL) doing BBs?
If you mean for everyone that will be quite difficult. We live in many different places / countries. Sending gifts to anyone who completes a certain Badge will become expensive (shipping)!
Finally I have an opportunity to do this BB! My front tire is flat. I will totally replace it, so first thing to do now is to order new tube, tire and tube protector tape. My back tire was replaced with a real Schwalbe tire and tube last year (not by myself). Now also my front wheel can have Schwalbe, the best bicycle tires I know.
18 hours ago
I am lucky to have rented a (ground-floor) apartment with a very large window (wall to wall, almost to the ceiling, about half a meter from the floor) in the living room, situated to the South-East (morning sun until halfway afternoon). But what's important too: this room is not large. In winter the low sun shines on the other wall of the room. To make even more use of sunlight I added two mirrors at each side of the window (leaning against the walls next to the window).

So when the sun shines in fall or winter, I have plenty of sunlight in my living room. There's only one problem: in this climate most fall and winter days are clouded and grey ...
18 hours ago

Wez Prestage wrote:... - . Ahh so the cat died of old age. Well thats not too sad! He looked so happy and had an amazing life! Thanks!

As I saw it from the pictures here (I follow boots and ants for years now) these cats have / had an amazing life indeed. Life for an outdoor cat is different from that of a house-cat. First I thought: those cats aren't old, I still remember they were kittens, only a few years ago. But I understand I can not compare the life of these cats with that of the indoor-cats I know.
I bought several cheap scissors, so there was at least one (pair) of them in every room. And my fabric-only scissors stayed at the same table as the sewing machine, in my 'crafts room'. This way it always stayed safe. This was one of the lessons my mother taught me
3 days ago
I did my sprouts! I used a sachet of seed mix for sprouting. In Dutch it looks like this:

For me alone I only need a small amount. Covered the bottom of a small glass jar with seed mix. First they need to soak in water for 6 hours.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
Then they were ready for the salad:  

3 days ago
I like knitting and crochet. I use both techniques for making hats. For myself and others. I sent some knitted hats to the bootcamp (as kind of a BRK when a boot had 100 posts with photos). Sometimes I see one of the hats I made in a photo in a post, I love that!

To wear I do like a felt hat even more than a knitted/crochet one. But I am not good at felting myself. The hat model I like most is hard to find, it has to cover my ears (when my ears get cold with freezing temperatures they will start hurting). During my lifetime I had two felt hats, bought at thrift stores. But not now, I have two knitted and one crocheted wool hats now.

I have summer hats against the sun too. A straw hat, a crocheted hat made of paper (it looks like raffia, but it is made of spun paper strips) and one I sewed myself of white cotton fabric.
And then I have one 'rain hat', kibbutz style in a kaki colour.
3 days ago

r ranson wrote:Making a mocking sewing bird might be a great way to test if it's right for you.  

Yes, I think so. And I do love mocking birds ... (but that's a different subject)
4 days ago

Coydon Wallham wrote:My problem with regular wheelbarrows is the frame In front of the wheel. I read people here talking about these being good in hills and rough terrain, but for me that part of the frame catches the ground easily on anything but pretty flat ground. I realize that at 6'5" the front sits low as I lift higher in back, but with longer arms than average does that difference make that much of a deal? The ones I've seen in memory seem to have the same basic design, are there different ones that make this less of a problem?

I think I know what you mean. I saw there are different types of wheelbarrows. Some have a large metal thing in front of the wheel, others (like mine) don't.
4 days ago
Hi Rebekah. When I have a good look at the photo of the wool I see something on the label about 'warmth of wool blended with ...'. With what is the wool blended?
4 days ago