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Recent posts by Tara Sanders

Thanks, can you send me contact info in the purple message email.
2 years ago
Cooler temps then most of the east side.  Beautiful views and off grid.  Looking for people who enjoy being in nature and are not so addicted to technology.  Organic small homestead with organic gardening, A2/A2 dairy cows, chickens, etc.  

Help can be temporary or if we all get along more permanent options are available.  Also investment and business opportunities are available for the right person.

I'm a single Christian female in 40s.  Must love animals or be good with them.

Right now I just need help with basic chores such as follows and if someone would like to stay longer there are bigger projects as well.  

Pick up propane in the next town which is only once every so many months.
Cut grass & weed wack in warmer seasons.
Help move chicken houses.
Carpentry help would be great.  Can be small projects or working on larger projects whatever you can offer.
Firewood sawing and splitting.
Pick up some groceries no more than once every two weeks in the next counties.
If someone knows how to use animals for work or is experienced with machinery, tractors, equipment, etc that would be a plus.
Hay making.
Fence making.
Please send me a purple moose message and then we can talk directly.  Thanks.

2 years ago
Are you sure they are mosquitoes?  They say that the smell of chickens actually deter mosquitoes.  People now in Africa and other countries put chickens near the beds at night to keep mosquitoes away.  If they are mosquitoes, then I wonder if they were genetically engineered and altered as many things are.  Are they on the chickens or just around?  Are they biting you or just around?
2 years ago
The contact button says do not reply to this.  So where do you send questions and why do you have it listed as a contact button if you don't want us to use it?  How does one edit a post?  This is the most confusing site ever.
Are you still looking for a place to go?
2 years ago
You can send me an email if you'd like to chat.  I am off grid and do all organic homesteading.
2 years ago
Hi, I have a homestead and am seeking male help.  Not sure what experience you have with farming, carpentry, etc but you can send me an email and we could chat and see if anything matches up in interests and goals, etc.
2 years ago