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Recent posts by Tara Sanders

I'm also interested in Paraguay.  Anyone still talking about this?
1 week ago
Hi, C Douglas,
How can I contact you directly.  My email is mustobeyacts2_38@yahoo.com.  I'm also considering going some of the places you mentioned and would be interested in asking you some questions and talking.  Thanks, Tara
Could you email me at mustobeyacts2_38@yahoo.com and could I ask some more questions?  Thanks, Tara
How do I contact Collier Winegarden to find out more info about Ecuador?  I'm not that great with navigating this site.  Thanks.  My email is mustobeyacts2_38@yahoo.com
There are so many things to research about an area.  Just read some good comments on MO both good and bad.  I haven't been there.  I'd like land with water and away from electricity but others can be closer to it.  They have a lot of factory farming out in MO so I'd have to check that and then fracking, etc.  I don't know the areas though.  Doing some research.  I like cooler places but outwest has forest fires and they spray fire retardants and chemicals and I can't handle that sort of thing.
1 month ago
Are you still looking to split land.  I'm trying to do some research on Missouri.
1 month ago
Need a fit male who has experience with most aspects of farming, livestock animals, construction and natural building, permaculture, etc who can live on and help out with my off grid homestead.   You must be able to afford your own food and necessities although my garden food is available to share or anything we can grow.  If we get on well, then business opportunities will be available when some more of the work is complete.  I do organic chemical free living and I am a Bible believer.  You must use natural products only.  I have natural products such as soaps, laundry soaps, etc that I can more than likely share.  Please email mustobeyacts2_38@yahoo.com with photos and information about yourself. I'm in cooler temps in the beautiful mountains in Virginia.  Probably someone in their 30s or 40s will match with me.  Someone with carpenter skills especially with hand tools would be great.  I do have a chainsaw.
1 month ago
This is for a single person who would like to get a break from EMFs, technology, chemicals, etc and enjoy and relax in nature.  Open site with beautiful views.   Only water and sewer hookup are available.  No electric hook up is available.    Total Fees are $25.00 per night with up to a two week maximum stay.   Reservations can be made by the email contact below and if you leave a phone number and time to call, we can call and discuss any questions you may have.  All payments are due either before or at the time of entering the property.

Fire ring and firewood are on site and included in the fee.  No outside firewood is allowed to be brought on site.

Road to property is a country road and is partly rocky but you should be fine if you drive slowly.  Vehicles that are very low to the ground would need to be cautious.
No pets allowed.  Farm has cows and a small farm dog.  No feeding of animals are allowed.  All animals are on strict natural organic diet.  No leaving of food on the ground which the animals could get into.

No chemicals are to be used or sprayed on property.  Owners keep a strict organic property and get sick from chemcials, EMFs, and mold.  No lysols, chemical cleaners, perfumes, etc.  Natural essential oils as needed or natural scents as needed are okay.  Natural cleaners can be used.  We can help with natural cleaners and soaps if necessary.  Let us know this in advance.

No electronics that send out signals and no cell phones or wireless devices are allowed.  If you must have one brought with you, then it must be completely turned off and placed in a microwave oven locker while on property so that it does not send or receive or search for signals or must be disconnected or turned completely off if it can’t be removed.  Right down the street is a country store and cell service can be used there.  

RV length will need to be discussed.  

Primitive Tent Camping could be used but you would have to bathe with water heated in a pot with fire or use your own propane stove.  Compost toilet is available.  As soon as we can get the funding we will build a bath/kitchen house but do not have one at this time.

Illegal drugs, smoking, drunkenness, partying, and swearing are prohibited.  

Owners are Bible believers and prefer a mature peaceful setting and would like their privacy respected.  They will be around to help you though if needed.

Anyone who enters the property legally agrees that owners are not liable for any injuries, damage, or theft of any kind to yourselves, your vehicles, RVs, tents, or any of your property whether personal, tangible or other.  This is a working farm which always has risks.  You must be careful to stay off of all fencing which will have barb wire on it which keeps the animals off the fencing.  The barb wire is sharp and will cut so don’t touch it.  You must stay away from all livestock and animals as there is always a risk of injury from animals and you must never feed them or dispose any foods on the property.  Foods must be disposed of in trash cans or burnt or must be properly stored away to not attract wild animals or allow farm animals to get to it.   You will have to enter some gates to get to your spot.  The gates will need to be closed after entering to make sure neighbor’s or owner’s cows don’t enter or leave properties.  We hope you will enjoy your stay.

Property is in the mountains of Virginia.
Email gottagetbacktotara@gmail.com for any questions or reservations.  We do not get online often so please be patient for a reply.  
7 months ago
Mountains in Virginia.  Any good references would be appreciated.
1 year ago