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Recent posts by João Carneiro

paul wheaton wrote:

João Carneiro wrote:this third one hosted on vimeo claims i have an unsupported viewing environment, so things aren't getting better.

This is the first I have heard of this.  

What is your environment?  What is your browser and OS?

I went to the bottom of it, and as it turns out my environment does not allow UDP traffic so that was the reason why vimeo streaming was impossible as the player streams in UDP. The previous video i watched on vimeo was not on my environment but on an rogue/isolated computer with windows i happened to have here at the time.

I'm working around my limitations, but as a lone user request, if you could provide things via youtube i would be a happier user :)
2 years ago
Hi Paul, this is the third video of the series.

The first one i saw was hosted on vimeo, had to reduce the quality to 360p to get it working without pulling my hair out. It was justin rhodes 45min video.

the second one was hosted on youtube, whent OK, no problem at all. it was care for RMH.

this third one hosted on vimeo claims i have an unsupported viewing environment, so things aren't getting better.

would really appreciate if you could resolve this problem.

best regards,

2 years ago
It's comming out good and clean, can't wait to see the finishing
2 years ago
This time i got on board. Thanks for the opportunity
2 years ago
I think i know exactly what that donkey feels like... going around in circles... and every time i do, i end up at, lol...

well, i do come here on many other ocasions, one of them is checking up on you fellow permies and i'm sorry for your loss Burra.

Looking closely i'm now with a bit of envy looking at those logs, i need to get hold of a nice cheap local supplier to materialize some ideas.

spring's up!
2 years ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:The frogs at Burra's place are incredibly loud. They have so many different vocalizations that I thought I was listening to other types of animals at first. High pitch, low pitch reverberating ... these guys have Freddie Mercury beat. They are in the Lily Pond and in every other body of water including a big well that used to be pumped by a donkey walking in a circle. I think that's what went on, I forgot to ask.

Those water lilly's are plain beautifull...

Great job Dale! You're the man.
2 years ago
you could 3D print it... measure it, model it, order a print online and there you go...
2 years ago
very nice burra, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago