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The way I hear this, the discussion is describing a lack of profesional expertise.


   The Matchmaker, and there are male and female versions, has to be.

Men are Society.

Women are Culture.

 The primary roll of the Matchmaker is the continuation of the society,
without disturbing the culture.  
Efficiently use all breeders, points are added if they are happy.
Most societies, up till the 1920's, were mostly homogeneous.
The job of the Matchmaker was not easy, but it was only dealing with 5 to 10 variables in lifestyle of the individuals.
The men worked in the mine, or farmed.
The women took care of the home.
One person in a hundred had other options.

Today, people try to get together, using criteria of their own choosing.
Criteria that they self analyze, and compare to someone else's self analysis.
It has always been that way on the person to person level.

The Matchmaker adds a third professional insight, without the personal bias.

So the Permie society needs a Matchmaker service.
Bene Gesserit training would be very helpful in this profession.
I would figure 5 years minimum on galvanized duct pipe  30 ga.
And 10 years minimum on galvanized chimney 26 ga.

If the exhaust temp of your barrel never exceeds 750F the galvanizing will not be burned off.
Then all you need to worry about is keeping the ash/debris in the system from attracting moisture,
and turning into either acid or caustic soup. So after your last burn of the spring, clean it all out, and seal it up.
In moist environments there will be dew forming inside the pipe when it is 95degrees and 95% humidity outside.
The mass of the RMH will be cooler than the outside air, and will attract moisture to interact with the soot.

The figures on time duration of vent and stove pipe are from trash burner use, 2 year for vent and 5 year for stove pipe.
RMH mass pipes are under a lot less stress.
2 years ago
Thomas, I am sure there are superheros reading this thread.
It clearly states in the Justice league handbook that talking about superpowers and/or displaying said powers will not be done when out of costume.

That kind of action would compromise the mild mannered alter ego personna.

Just know there are persons on this forum that strive for truth, justice, and the permian way.

4 years ago
The permie view

Ya'll are lookin at the fruit and complaining it is getting smaller. Look at the roots and what you feed and water.

The penny is not liked, not because it is worth so little, but because it is "Pegged" to the dollar. 100 to 1

The symptom is worthless pennies, but the Root cause is pegging to a worth-less dollar.

If you concentrate on producing wealth, the trade units have far less impact on your life.

If only you could produce the things you need locally.
Hey, there is an idea, what if you could grow your own food?
If only the was a site on the net where you could learn to be more self sustainable.
4 years ago
stihl ms170 wisdom If it ain't smokin, there ain't enough oil.

A few years ago, washington state "mandated" 10% ethel alcohol in motor fuel.

Most of the people I knew lost saws and weadeaters that summer. Lost a bunch of outboards too.
And why I will not buy a used 2 stroke from some one I don't know very well.

So 10% alcohol reduses the lubricating properties of the 50-to-1 oil to be more like 60-to-1.
So you buy one gallon of what you thought was gas, put the premeasured 50-to-1 little bottle in it,
and by the time the gallon is gone, the unit will not start again.
It runs great while the rings are being shaved away.
So your options are, drive the extra 20 miles to get alcohol free gas, or use the 40-to-1 oil for your 50-to-1 saw.

So if you are running a saw or weadeater and the exhaust does not smoke, you need more oil.

Clean plug, clean air filter, clean exhaust screen, and make er smoke.
4 years ago
convey idea in <100

If you want the human based system, "the ranch", to run more
efficiently, you need to adopt a more "average human" group structure.

You are not average, you see things in 4 dimensions, you see the time
aspect in all you do and propose.

Most folks see now and maybe a few minutes into the future.
Some floks watch the world go by and have no clue why it does.

What you describe is the too often need to stop 4D thought and deal with
explaining 4D images to normal folks. That is an inefficient use of your time.

You are the captain Kirk on this mission.
You set the coarse, BUT, touching any of the control surfaces is a waste of resources.
Spock, Scotty, and Bones do the heavy lifting in the mechanical and personnel fields.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find Scotty, Bones, and Spock.
They can't make it without you, you can't make it without them.
Remembering what happened last time, "ask me how I know."

never leave tools on the rear bumper, ask me how I know.
when gifted a none running moterbike, fix the brakes first, ask me how I know.
walking around the house in the dark can brake your toes, ask me how I know.
coffee cups don't go between the mouse and the keyboard, ask me how I know.
don't leave a pan on a running stove, and go outside for just a second, ask me how I know.
check to see if the keys are indeed in your hand/pocket before locking the car, ask me how I know.
if a woodstove is falling off the truck, just step back, ask me how I know.
a falling energized powertool has no friends, ask me how I know.

Remembering that many of the things I have done, are contra-indicated.

4 years ago
The have been used for 20 years in the stressed skin panel world.
That is how you cut 12" thick foam panels in a timely manner.
But think more of a radial arm saw.
I know chainsaws work fine when the bar is down, but not sure the oiler will work when the saw is "upside down".
And, if in radial arm orentation, the only thing under the table is the sawdust box.
Not the fine machined workings of engine and/or air cleaner.
4 years ago
Well, a relative moved out of that penninsula about 10 years ago due to a well moratorium.
The area is in a rain shadow, and now has more users for water, than water.
Make sure there is a well and it is sanctioned.

Shop carefully.