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If you are in New England and know where to buy an economic quality yurt 18 ft diameter, please let me know.

2 months ago
Please advise on where to buy quality affordable yurt, possibly second hand..
2 months ago
Hi Deb.  I am interested in your offer, definitely at least to visit.  Is there any way to text privately or phone?  My email is
You and your place sound lovely.  How far are you from West Plains?

ive sent an email to the lady who posted this originally.  So far, no reply.  Does anyone know anything about the ecovillage near San Juan Puerto Rico?  It is now 6 years since this post.
3 years ago
Dear Permies,

I would like to know if anyone has built an Earthship sewage system. Im in Africa and wanting to do one. I will have to buy a plastic tank and put a drainage valve on top. My specific questions are these:

1 After installing underground and connecting the drainage pipes from the sink, is the tank filled with earth? On all the videos it shows plants growing on top of the tank. or do they grow in the water alone?

2. How is the tank covered if plants are growing in it?

3. Is there drainage on the bottom or the grey water stays in the tank until the plants absorb it?

4. will any large plastic tank with overflow drainage valve installed on top do?

im in Kenya and left my earthships books volume 1, 2 and 3 at home by mistake.

4 years ago