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Recent posts by Amjad Khan

Christine Herrmann wrote:i had a peach tree pass of rabbit damage and ended up replanting another peach - an Iowa peach/non-rootstock/cold-hardy - in the same spot and it was fine. i think the bigger issue might be finding a peach that can handle Zone 4. i also co-planted with garlic and Russian comfrey because my soil can get a bit soggy and is rather clay-ey. plus, of course, liberal compost.

Hi Christine,
I also planted the peach tree with comfrey and elephant garlic! I top dressed with compost last year too. Thanks for sharing that it was ok to replant in the same spot, that was my experience as well.
1 month ago

Rachel Lindsay wrote:Is there a place on your property where you could shelter a tree with surrounding vegetation or walls or a hugel or something to retain or reflect heat? It sounds like insulating it from the cold is going to be your #1 priority.

I have several dwarf peach trees, but it's very easy to grow such things here!

Thank you for sharing this tip, it seems right on the money to me!
1 month ago
I planted an unknown variety of peach tree back in about 2007/2008 and it lasted until the winter of 2014, when we had a cold winter that killed it. I planted a Garnet Beauty in the same spot in spring 2015 and that lasted until this winter of 2023, and we had another cold winter snap with heavy winds, which has killed it. I'm looking at planting a Reliance peach tree in the same spot since it has colder tolerance down to zone 4 per my nursery's catalogue.

I'm wondering if planting the new tree this year will cause any issues? I don't believe the trees died from any fungal or bacterial issues that may linger in the soil, so I am thinking it will be safe to replant this year. May I please ask for folks to share their thoughts? I'm not very experienced so I am open to viewpoints, please!
2 months ago
This looks like what I'm seeing! Thanks so much Heather!
2 years ago
Hi Phil,
Thanks for this tip. I searched Google images and the cicada egg image results there looked slightly different, they were more pointy and less flat like scales . At least I can be fairly certain it isn't some fungus that will decimate the plant. Thanks for your help!
2 years ago
I have a Prairie Star Persimmon tree that I planted in May 2020 and I noticed some  scale-like objects on just one branch. They are about 0.5cm long. I searched on Google and in the Permies forums and found no results. Does anyone recognize what this is? Is this friend or foe?
2 years ago
Hey Jay,
Imagine getting a reply 3 years later! I hope you've been well. It sounds like things were doing great in your garden and I hope they still are. I've made some progress upgrading my garden by adding raised beds and getting in a truckload of wood chips.

For all,
I have some bad news. I had two mature Norway Maples removed from my garden to open up light for fruit trees, and the tree removal company happened to damage my Golden paw paw. It was the best of the lot. Basically the top two thirds were removed (see picture). It looks like they cut it after it had sustained some damage. Does anyone know what the chances of the tree surviving are? The chances of the tree thriving?

My persimmon also died off above the graft about two years ago and I'm getting a replacement this spring.

What a lovely way to breathe some natural aesthetic into your mom's room. Staining those painted rocks looks spectacular. Even if your mom isn't able to articulate her appreciation, you can be sure that she appreciates it. It's heart-warming to hear a story of someone taking good care of their parent rather than leaving it up to strangers. Saying that, I hope you do have the support you need to take care of your mom and yourself.

Bless you and your family!

5 years ago
You mention your daughter being lonely. Have you considered getting her in touch with other children who have similar symptoms? Most likely this will be online, although if you're in a large enough city there may be some groups which meet in person. Having a "modern day pen pal", especially one who can understand what she goes through, may be helpful. Have you asked her what she wants to do about what she's facing, which supports she wants?

I wish you and your family all the best.
5 years ago
Mr. Redhawk and all, I have a question about the three sisters and I hope this is a good place to ask it, as you've mentioned the growing style in the main post. "They even planted in the Three Sisters style, where each plant supported others that were planted as neighbors."

Is the nitrogen from the bean root bacteria available to the companion plants while that bean plant is alive, or does the bean plant need to die, and the root nodules need to decompose, to make the nitrogen available to the neighbours?

Thank you,
5 years ago