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Recent posts by Jura Rafal

Gerry Parent wrote:Do know though that other brands of ceramic fibre products other than Morgan Superwool may not have this same low bio persistence rating.

I checked the mean fiber diameter  of the superwool products.
Its ~2.5 - 3.4 µm while those posing serious hazard to lungs are  of 0,01 µm.  
For 100% sureness it would be cogent to get know if the diameter of fibers present in flue gases hasn't decreased significantly (due to abrasion).  
Still we must acknowledge that such a diameter ranks the fibers in the PM2,5 - PM10 range.
1 week ago
I do like the idea of both the 5 and 6 min risers but..
I'm pondering over fine particles emissions from the ceramic fibre .
As far as I know they are  of the size of those from asbestos and thus being equally harmful.
1 week ago

Peter van den Berg wrote:Last night the total of unique visitors of the site exceeded 150,000. At the same time the total views counted 409,777. It took 14 months to go from 100,000 to 150,000.

Long life exponential growth!

Peter van den Berg wrote:  I am lagging behind myself with the publishing of the Double Shoebox Rocket developments

As most of PL translation of the  are my words, I feel obliged to  continue with translation of the DSR II  "longish art". (unless anything untoward happens)  

Peter van den Berg wrote:I am going to conduct a workshop in Belgium, from 1st through 7th of May.

Gosh! so called "long polish may weekend". This  period has already been scheduled :-(

5 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:
Jura, check out Joe Jenkin's post HERE. It looks like you might be able to read it for free?

Nicole! Thanks so much!  

My whimpering was more about not wining the hard copy of the book signed by His Majesty :-)

Joe was even so kind to provide me with one chapter of the book (of a special interest to me) before the book was published.

I translated ( OCR-ed, and converted to MOBI/EPUB  )  most of the III edition of the humnanure handbook available in PDF.

Happy humanuring in the forthcoming 2020!
6 months ago
My congrats to the winners!

I'm jealous ;-)

Auuu! *(whimpering)
6 months ago

Al Marlin wrote:. One of my major Xmas gifts was my "new" humanure toilet. It was all made from salvaged materials (chair with broken wicker seat from the dump, 5 gallon bucket from the Chinese restaurant and plywood seat left over from other projects).

My honest congrats for this  zero waste setup.
I  also had  such "chairy"  contraption, but my toilet  room 1,5x 1,5 m being equipped  with bath tube ,"normal" toilet and washing machine could hardly contain it. and now newly installed sink has occupied all the room for the toilet chair .
Anyway ... saw dust was often spilled around.
6 months ago
As far As I can remember from my 20-years-ago-classes the hair creatinine has a strong propensity for absorbing heavy metals due to tiol group pesence  ( te -SH group
with excellent chelating properties).
Thus their concentration in hair can  be as much as 50 times higher  than in blood and urine.

6 months ago
My issue is how to drive the leaves into dry bone state.
I'd love to use them as a carbon stream (covering material) for my composting  (bucket) toilet.
Unfortunately my  400 square meters garden deos not allow me for much space spree.
I had to even give explorations to the gardeners board and excuse myself for setting up Joe Jenkins style humanure hacienda. (for exceeding roofed area allowance quotas ;-/)
I rake them up as dry as possible  but whenever I create a pile the anaerobic decomposition starts.
Any ideas how to  collect them  amass and  not  to have them started rotting in no time?
6 months ago
Warm Welcomes to my Guru-Guru :).

Application of the closing the nutrients cycle techniques has stigmatized me among the allotment gardens bevy at the very beginning.
But I  translated the crux parts of the Humaure handbook and placed it in my toilet.
The living and working example garnered me some kudos later on.

It is all Thanks to you Maestro!

6 months ago

Ian Bishop wrote:Then, to recycle the contents of the buckets, we plan to leave them in the hot equatorial sun to dry out for a couple of months. Then, we have built 1.5m3 composting boxes. We will layer up with plenty of browns and greens and bacterial activators, leaving a 'nest' in the middle for a few buckets of the dried toilet material. We'll then Close it all up, ensure that thermophillic composting is taking place and that the inside of the pile is nice and hot for a while, then start turning.

With the above way you are NOT going to create amiable conditions for composting.

DO NOT: Dry the deposit  .
             close bucket.
             add activators
             turn the pile

DO: add the bucket deposit to  a compost bin  with a plenty of ventilating (air providing) chinks and wrap the construction with a chicken wire to keep animals away.
      read the Joe Jenkins book (available online for free)
1 year ago