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That's basically how I do it. I'm not known for measuring much.
1 week ago
We grew up with book smart and common sense. Dad's phrase to teach common sense was "If you're gonna be stupid you better be tough". Tended to make us think things through. I did get a few spankings while I was still bleeding and produced a lot of laughter. On the other hand, I've never broken a bone.

Dad was that guy in town who could fix anything, usually without buying parts. He never explained how things worked. Our job was to pay attention and figure it out. Mom, on the other hand, was a stickler for instructions. As a result, all of us, brother and sisters alike, can cook, preserve food, clean anything, garden, rebuild an engine, etc. I do try to share the technique of figuring things out.

Quick story...When I was in 5th grade, I wanted a brass bed. Dad brought home an old iron bedstead and said if I liked it, I could sand it down and we could paint it brass. It wouldn't be as shiny, but... I sanded on that thing every evening after supper for about 3 weeks. I was on what I figured would be the last day before we could paint. I went to the workbench to get some sandpaper and Dad had set out the electric sander. I hadn't even thought about it. Guess I'm pretty tough.  :)
What goes vrooom uurrchh vroom uurrchh vroom uurchh?

A light-haired person driving through a blinking red light.

by the way, I am a light-haired person.
2 weeks ago
Let it log in as the current user. Go to Control Panel>users and create a user for yourself and make it an administrator. Log out and log in as your new user. Go to File Explorer and on the C: drive find the Users folder. Delete the previous user. Go to Control Panel>Programs and Features to see if there is any software you want to uninstall. After that, click on the start button and type Disk Cleanup. Run this and that will get rid of any temp files left over. This will also not mess with any licensing so you won't lose Windows 10.
1 month ago
I used logs and wood scrap in the bottom of my raised beds. I put a few inches of cow manure on top of it then covered it with a mixture of compost and our red clay soil. I put partially crushed leaves on top for mulch after stuff starts coming up and in the late fall when I shut them down. This has worked great for me and they've been up about 6 years. I had to water more last year so I may have to dig out some dirt and put in more logs.

Your planters look way better than mine. I just used old heat-treated pallet wood.
1 month ago
Number 1: The stuff from my garden tastes way better than anything from the store!
1 month ago
We have a 2 acre play area for the grandkids. Basically the whole yard. Once the kids and parents understood that getting dirty at Granny's is not a get-in-trouble offense, they come up with many things to do. I came across some wooden wheels that cabling comes on. Showed them how to walk on them and challenged them to be able to walk all over the yard without their feet touching the ground. Had to call them for meals the rest of that weekend. They get sent out with a picture of a plant and need to find it. Lots of running and climbing games. By the way, I'm not allowed to play hide-and-seek tag anymore. We have 2 part german shepard/anatolian shepard mixes. I went outside to see what the kids were up to and got tagged. As I was counting, I asked if it was ok for Brutus to play. Granted I didn't yell, but... Anyway, I tagged Brutus and told him he was it, then told him to find the toys. He had 5 kids rounded up on the porch in about 5 minutes.
2 months ago
I made a strawberry bed from the crib parts I was given. I originally planted 2 plants but it's full now. I'll try to attach a pic.
3 months ago
I freeze small amounts of left-over veggies. Then I can add them to sauces and Hubby gets more vegetables than he thinks.
3 months ago
I'm up for stuffing boxes and who doesn't like tools.
4 months ago