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Recent posts by Y Yusuf

Seems like a viable option. Would have to be tested . Are there anyone who has used this system?

Steve Farmer wrote:Such a system is described here


This was discussed extensively on a permies thread. I just searched the relevant keywords but got no matches.

6 years ago
Where I'm from friend, the only drinking water is in bottles. And I would not shit in that. Most often the way it seems is not what it is.

Jason Silberschneider wrote:It seems to me like you want to shit in your drinking water... and then almost immediately you want to efficiently and conveniently get the shit out of your drinking water.

This is quite a dilemma.

Part of the problem solving process in permaculture involves rephrasing the question in such a way that the answer presents itself right before your eyes.

WHY do you want to shit in your drinking water?

6 years ago
Is it possible to have a water toilet and be able to treat the water maybe by separating the solids and water. Composting the solids and treating the water in a Reed bed. Is there an efficient way of doing this?
6 years ago
Today I found out that we have about 60-80cm of topsoil and the it's just this impermeable hard grey clay.

How do I go about making swales in such conditions?
6 years ago
Hi Kevin

Yes I also noticed the trees below the water channel.I actually took a hike along the channel to go see it.

It was planted about 15 years ago. It's donated land in honour of a teacher who died of cancer. I saw evidence of old drip irrigation lines which are all long gone. Mainly pine trees and some eucalyptus trees. They look like they are doing OK on their own. Which is good.

Yes I also want to collect the water in the North but not sure about the shape of it or how to excavate it exactly.

The topo map is in meters .

Thanks again
6 years ago
Hi Alex

I want to use 265 on both sides as a spillway. I'm thinking of diverting extra flow of water in to ponds on each side and the off the land via exit in South along 265.

To achieve the dam storage I want to excavate and dig down to make my dam deep and narrow to minimise evaporation. This is how I will solve the small difference in height between the water entrance and dam depth.

Not entirely sure how I will divert the water into the dam/pond completely yet. Any ideas on the best way to do this.

Back flooding swales is critical as soil is a vertisol. It is important to keep moisture levels optimal in soil as it is prone to deep cracking which would damage tree roots.

Our aim is to turn this over grazed over worked barren land into an abundant system.
6 years ago
I don't believe the depression was created by machines. A local fellow said the villagers used to wash their clothes in the water on the land right by the concrete structure. No sign of that water now. Although it does look like water has come through here at some point. You can clearly see its path.

Also looked at Old satellite pictures through Google earth. Lots of evidence of water flow. I have personally been observing the land since September 2015

There is the same concrete structure on the south side of the property where the water exits. Heres a picture
6 years ago
Hello Kevin

Here's a picture of the North side. Theres a concrete structure where the land ends in the north I can only imagine it was built for erosion control. Right above the concrete structure is the road. This is where the water runs into the site. No culvert. Hasn't been any water running into the site from here this year as it's been a drought year. Heres a picture.
6 years ago
I have a topographical map of the site https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4ep7v8czuz2s31/halihazir_egrili_tum.pdf?dl=0
I have also attached it below.

İ want about 9000 cubic meters of water storage. I'm thinking of building 2 ponds and 1 dam also back folded swales around every 13 meters.

I have to build them because we only get about 300 mm rain per year (mostly flash floods) and I want to grow food crops and fruit trees in a forest garden. There is no other water source. Also I would like to create a habitat for birds frogs etc..

What are your ideas? Any advise will be apprecitated.

I failed to mention that the flood water enters the property at the top in the North. And I want to passively irrigate my crops and flood my swales via the dam . So here is how I would roughly do this. http://imgur.com/dOSUVXr

The coordinates of the site 35.260567,33.229861
6 years ago
Hi Burra

It would be interesting to find out your indoor temps in summer and winter.

Also do you need alot of energy for heating cooling? How does the house preform?

What is your roofing? And is your floor insulated or just slab?

Do you have damp problems?

Any info will be greatly appreciated because I'm finding it hard to find resources about diy stone house building on the Internet.

7 years ago