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If you do try heating your driveway, just make sure that melted snow doesn't get under the driveway and re-freeze. That happened on our campus sidewalks.

If you want to make snow shoveling an upper-body workout instead of a back-killing workout, these are awesome:
Snow Wovel
1 year ago
On a related note, look into Irlen Syndrome:
What is Irlen Syndrome
If letters don't sit still on the page, or you've noticed that certain shades of filters help you read, it's worth getting screened. Sometimes the filters work, sometimes they don't.
1 year ago
Canola, corn and soybean oils are all bad. Heavily processed, goes rancid easily, chemical defenses from their source material, just too different from the fats we evolved with, etc. Olive and coconut oils are usually OK though olives are bad if you're histamine sensitive and coconut is bad if you're salicylate (aspirin) sensitive. Animal fats are almost always good. Bacon fat, tallow, lard... good stuff. I'd pay up for fats from pasture-raised livestock but I'm picky. Tastes better to me too.
1 year ago
I'd bet on pathogen die-off causing the ammonia smell. Lots of pathogens poop ammonia and they'll release even more when they die. This stuff is supposed to help mop up ammonia:
Or just tough it out, but if your blood-brain barrier is compromised ammonia can really mess with your head. Ammonia creates a more hospitable (less acidic) environment for pathogens.

Fiber helps "move things along" because it scrapes the lining of your intestines and the irritation causes mucous to be released. This is very much not what you want with IBS-D. If you need help "moving things along", increase consumption of animal fats.

If histamine isn't a problem, bone broth is awesome.

If histamine is a problem and you have the usual sinus issues give Nasalcrom spray a try. Amazing stuff. Mast cell stabilizer, not a steroid. Went OTC a while ago. It can be hard to find because the pharmaceutical mafia pushes newer prescription meds that did nothing for me.

Starving out SIBO pathogens with very low carb or Zero Carb looks like the most promising approach. SIBO can dump a lot of histamine into your system too.
1 year ago
Try Zero Carb. Eat meat, drink water. Favor red meat. Pasture raised is better, mostly from an environmental perspective, but not required. Meat is easier to digest than plants and plants have chemical defenses that irritate the gut to varying degrees. Modern conventional wheat is especially bad. A healthy person can usually tolerate most plant foods. If the gut's damaged, not so much.

SCD should work too, if you're not histamine intolerant. If you don't like either take a look at Autoimmune Paleo (AIP). Whatever you do, remember that carbs feed very bad things.
1 year ago

david tyler wrote:With that said I have recently received my blood work and discovered how out of wack my triglyceride levels are which led me to realize through other avenues that I suffer from candida.

Look up Thorne Labs Formula SF722. It takes a while to work but it's very effective. Works on fungal sinus infections too. You still need to go very low carb or "zero" carb to keep from feeding pathogens.

Zero Carb is worth looking at. I want to try it. The cook, not so much. People are thriving on it.
2 years ago
There has been great success at reducing insulin requirements with very low to zero carb diets. Making the transition can be a little tricky though. comes to mind.
2 years ago
Friend: "Daycare for my newborn is going to be so expensive!"
Me: "Gee, for that much your wife might as well stay home."
Friend: "Oh."

And that's what happened. I'll never understand why daycare and corporate dronehood is viewed as more valuable than that.

I'm still in the city, paying up for proper food (pasture raised meat direct from the farm co-op) but other than that my expenses are minimal. Bad habits became much less of a problem once I quit industrial food-like products. Amazing how that stuff messes with your head.
2 years ago
Find local pasture-based farms to buy meat in bulk from. I found mine via the local Weston A. Price chapter (amazing Highland beef). Check the various farm websites too (realtimefarms, etc). Even Craigslist. "Salad bar beef" is a good phrase to look for. Buying pastured vs. conventional makes a huge environmental impact.

You're already ahead of the game by living in an apartment vs. a house. Way ahead if that means living near work and otherwise minimizing driving. Read "Early Retirement Extreme".
2 years ago