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Recent posts by Jaime Cameron

I hope it’s ok to put this up here.
I have just discovered permaculture this last year or so.
And we are now in the process of buying a large acreage because we farm with horses and need to be able to grow our own hay.
So our 11.98 Acres is for sale.
We haven’t been able to do much permie stuff on it yet. But the 1/4 Acres of garden are all beyond organic. There is a spring fed pond and springs in several places.
The middle of the property is low and wet. But not ‘wet land’. It would be great for anyone wanting to dabble with Chinampa’s or something similar.
We are in the interior of British Columbia and are zone 3b.
House is mostly cord wood and it needs to be finished but we have been living and raising children in it.

Here is the realtors link but I would be happy to give a lot more info to anyone.

1 year ago
Pioneer Equipment for sure.
But also we got the I&J ground drive forecast and three point hitch attachments.
Most small tractor implements can be used with it.

There are several good YouTube videos on them.
(Our videos only show us using them, not the close up inspection at this point.
Look up Funky Acres Farm I will be adding more as soon as my computer is fixed. )

But you need a team of animals.
And I’m not positive if oxen would be fast enough.
The American Milking Devon are the fastest walking cattle from the research I have done.
But have been told that they are not for beginners.
Get ahold of the Small Farmers Journal.
It is a quarterly magazine that is mostly focused on animal power. (Although tractors do make an occasional artical)
They have lots of advertisers. As well as a letter section where you can ask for help from expienced people. And contacts in your area.
In this case having a knowledgeable person to help you is much safer.

As well stored wagons and carts can look good, but there can be rot issues or cracks that can make a seemingly great little rig a death trap.

It will also depend on the size and type of animal that will be doing the pulling. As shafts/tongues/single and double tree widths and lengths have to be the right size.

Find a good mentor or two and learn everything you can from them and ask for their help to choose the animals you decide on.

Draft animals are awesome. But potentially very dangerous. Don’t go it alone.
You will save a lot of heart ache not to mention money and possibly broken bones by learning from someone with experience and a good reputation.
Lots of wonderful ideas here.
Thanks everyone!
1 year ago
Hi Jon
How long are you looking to store them?
My Walla wallas are still doing well in the cold room.
Although some are trying to sprout a bit. But I didn’t get them cured down as well as they should have been so I think that is why they are green topped now.
Last year we ate the last just before Christmas so this year I will be able to see just how long they last.
I am in zone 3 at 3800 foot elevation and they have over wintered here okay. But we get a lot of snow so they are insulated.
I will be planting some for seed this year as I am very happy with how hey have stored for me.
I couldn't figure out if there was a better spot for this question or not.

I need a way to keep stock water tank ice free without electricity.
Is there something out there on the matket? Has anyone made something that works for them?

I am in BC Canada. Our winters here average -15Celseus in winter. But do drop as low as -30.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have never used solar past an electric fence charger before so I don't know where to start to built from scratch.
2 years ago
Two years ago I tried these brown soup peas. https://www.saltspringseeds.com/products/carlin
They are called Carlin
I am in zone 3 in central BC Canada.
They grew beautifully and are the best tasting soup peas I've tried so far.
Unfortunately the pigs got out this year and ate all my peas.
So I will be ordering more in the next couple weeks.

Does anyone know where I could get s couple seeds of the grey soup pea mentioned earlier?
We LOVE pea soups.
2 years ago
Hello all just thought some of you may have missed the 'Truth about Vaccines' online documentary series.
They are doing a replay for the next could days.


3 years ago
Lots of good suggestions here.
Feed dropped on untitled areas, sometimes it helps to poke a hole in the ground and drop corn in. Especially around any stumps or trees you want to come out.

Pigs have to be trained to electric fence. Otherwise when they get zapped they jump straight through it.
If you can't get pre-trained pigs. Make a smaller pen that is solid enough to stop them.
Set up electric wire inside so that they can't go forward. Wire hog panels work well for a reasonable price and being metal they amplify the zap which is good.
Usually takes one to two weeks to be fully trained.

Smaller areas also seem to get worked up better then larger ones. I think partly because of boredom.

To help cut down feed bills. Talk to local stores about getting old produce and bread. Don't forget milk and eggs.
A friend here got in with the local bread delivery guy and gets all the old stock.

Talk to neighbours about getting their kitchen scraps if they don't compost.

Good luck. Pigs are fun but can also be frustratingly smart.
3 years ago
I'm afraid that I don't know about BSFL.
But chickens LOVE milk raw or otherwise.
We also give them whey from cheese and occasionally buttermilk, if we have too much to use ourselves.
3 years ago