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This will show me where my real bio will appear if I write one.
SW Missouri • zone 6 • ~1400' elevation
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Recent posts by T Melville

I'm familiar with the "overflow" hamburger menu. In my mind, it serves the same purpose as colapsable menu: items can get moved out of sight for tidiness, without having an attitude of "If you wanna see the rest, get a PC." I like it. I also like the green mock-up.
All perfectly cromulent words.

My wife is neither obtuse nor acute. She's always right.

4 days ago
I took some more cuttings and put them in the second bed. Mulberry and wild grape.

My filtration right now is through my circulation pump. It's just a cheap submersible from harbor freight. There was no way to attach anything to the inlet. So I put it in a bucket. I used one bulkhead for an inlet, adapted to 1½" PVC. At the top of that, where I can reach it, there's a tee with some quilt batting inside. Most of the water to the pump has to pass through the batting to get in. (A little can flow in where the cord enters.) I put in a second bulkhead and plumbed it to the pump outlet. I adapted it to hose thread so I can direct to any tank I choose. (Water returns to the first tank via siphon bridge.) I've always found this type of filter more than adequate, but this year I've doubled the amount of water. (Soon to be triple.) I hope this will be enough, but time will tell.

The tee is just like this one, and in this orientation. (When I change my filter media, I rinse out the old one and put it in this tee until the next day.)

Here's the dirty media next too the clean one.

6 days ago
Added the third tote today.

It has a hole where I had a bulkhead. I either need to figure out how to patch it, or put a bulkhead (and a threaded plug) back in it.

Finished drilling the rafts. (None for the middle bed. It's for duckweed.

1 week ago
Still haven't decided what I wanna do about grow beds, but it's high time I get plants in the system. I put in my first raft for Deep Water Culture today.

Then I put some cuttings in it: Rose, tomato, comfrey, lamb's quarter, bamboo and the last piece of pothos my mother-in-law's cats failed to kill.

I don't know if you can grow bamboo from cuttings, but I saw a guy do it on youtube, and it wasn't 5-minute crafts, so it's worth a shot. I think he said to be sure to cut a limb (That's the new "trunk".) And be sure to keep the node attached. (I guess that's where the roots will develop.) So that's how I did it.

1 week ago
One cup sent, (almost) one to go. About five days left. Any other takers?
1 week ago
Ours spreads like that too. (Dad called the extension office for care advice before he planted it. He was told: Step one, get your chainsaw running. Step two, plant the wisteria. I think step three was good luck.) I notice, though, that it doesn't seem to travel very deep underground. I wonder if a trench around it would contain it? (The guy that sold my wife my bamboo controls it that way. Takes the tiller one lap around it, then I think he shovels out the loosened soil.)

Sheep and goats like it. I don't know if it's okay for them to eat, but I've never noticed mine getting sick from it.
1 week ago
I grow Chesnok Red garlic, and I remove the bulbils so flowers and seeds can develop. I just did that today, and now I would estimate I have two or three cups of bulbils. They're really small and dry out quickly, but if planted soon a lot of them will grow small garlic for next year. If cared for properly, they'll grow to full size in another year or two. If anybody wants some in the next week or so, PM me an address.

1 week ago
I second alfalfa. I'm not really familiar with it, but something like that grew where I put some alfalfa seed Joseph Lofthouse sent me. (If that's not alfalfa, then it's a heck of a coincidence.)