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Recent posts by T Melville

T Melville wrote:Meantime, I'll try to find out about when I should dig roots and crowns.

Another thread here on permies says these can be dug most anytime. I think I'll try to do any shipping before there's a serious chance of freezing in transit. (Probably in the next two weeks, in case of early frost.) Local pick-up may run a little longer, weather and supply permitting.

I don't want to dig any that aren't likely to sell, so if anyone wants some, give me an idea how much you want. If I think I have enough, I'll dig some and post a picture. We'll agree on a price from there. (If we don't agree, I'll just replant them, I need to propagate more anyway.)
2 hours ago
There are 8 potted, (first picture) and 9 in the sand bed, (new picture) plus one tiny one that I'll throw in because it seems too small to sell. Say I hang on to a couple for increasing my stock of mother plants, that's 15 for sale. I'll need to sell at least 10 to travel to Joplin or Springfield, unless I have business there anyway. I have business in Springfield often, almost never in Joplin. I last had business in Branson over a decade ago.

T Blankeship has 1st dibs until... say Friday. (Since I kinda put him off about transportation.) After that, what's left is up for grabs. Meantime, I'll try to find out about when I should dig roots and crowns. (I'm new to this kind of selling. Is this acceptable to everyone?)
2 hours ago

greg mosser wrote:the things on the side are spiracles, to help them breathe.

Is that also the case for the hornworms?
T Blankenship, I sent you a mooseage re: times to meet.
1 day ago

May Lotito wrote:Are you interested in some 16-week cockerel or indoor plants for trade?

Both, actually. Got any mature hens to spare?

*If I still have something to trade after trading with/ selling to T Blankenship. (Dormant crowns and root cuttings are a possibility later.)
*If you don't mind waiting while I build a chicken tractor.
1 day ago

Dez Choi wrote:
Found three of these guys while digging in the island hydrant.. what is it?

My first thought was a hornworm in some more juvenile growth stage. (Because of the fake eyes next to each leg.) A short internet search leads me to think that's wrong, and hornworms don't have a grub stage. Sorry. Hopefully the false eyes help with the ID.

T Blankinship wrote:Hi neighbor! If I was going to buy say 5 or 10 or more comfrey plants could we meet in Joplin? That way shipping would not be an issue.

We're down a vehicle at the moment, and I'm sharing mine with my son, but I suspect we can schedule something this week. I'll have to check in with him, but you can feel free to give me an idea of days or times that work best for you.
2 days ago
I wanted to try starting these from seeds, and I'm going to plant some of them here after they go dormant. If I were to buy them from my state's conservation department, they'd cost $1 each, plus shipping. While they're this size, I'll sell at the same price. If you're local, get 'em anytime, bare root, for the same price. If I pot them, $5 each. I'll ship, bare root, once they're dormant. (You pay the shipping.)

If you don't already know, these are thorny.

Local means this!
1 week ago
I started these for the farmer's market, but there isn't much demand here. They're not dormant, there's no waiting for them to wake up. (Dormant crowns and root pieces are a cheaper but slower option. I may have them for sale later.) I'm asking $5 each, might discount for multiples. I'm willing to ship, (you pay) but if you're local, pick-up is preferred. (I've never shipped live plants, but if needed, we'll figure it out.)

I have the ones in the picture that are READY to transplant. If more are needed, I have about as many more growing in sand. They'd be pretty easy to grab, too.

Local means this!
1 week ago