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SW Missouri • zone 6 • ~1400' elevation
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Recent posts by T Melville

Levente Andras wrote:Canta en el bosque y tiene muchos huevos (English: it sings in the woods and has many eggs)

¿Lobos/ wolves?
1 day ago

T Melville wrote:My last koi surprised me this week. (I was assuming he'd died. I hadn't seen him since fall.)

She had to explain it to me*, but a friend said I should name it "Harry: the koi who lived".

*(I'm not a fan of the movies.)

T Melville wrote:I also have a physics dilemma: siphon bridges in the winter. Will they break? The tank water will freeze at the surface first, and the siphon bridges extend below that, so maybe the water in the siphon will be able to expand safely. If the siphon water freezes before the tank surface, again it expands safely. I only anticipate trouble if the tank surface and the part of the siphon adjacent to it freeze at the same time. What do you folks think?

I don't know if it will always be like this, but the bridges didn't break and they stayed primed.
2 weeks ago
When I make Paul's polydough, I make it in the air fryer. I'm aiming for 60 carbs per loaf, so it's really small, but I bet you could use more dough and adapt cooking time and temp. We never notice the air fryer heating the house, but we air condition. It could also be moved outside, if you have a porch or some way to keep it out of the weather.
4 weeks ago
Should've done my homework. I didn't even know they were toad pollinated.
1 month ago
My last koi surprised me this week. (I was assuming he'd died. I hadn't seen him since fall.) Got him some buddies now. The smaller fish in the foreground are feeder goldfish, about ½ grown. The koi was about that size, maybe twice that size when I got him.
1 month ago
I have 3 that are probably about to become raised beds. They're tall enough I won't have to bend, they'll hopefully help contain nursery stock of trees that I don't want running wild. A little wood in the bottom to make them hugelish, a bunch of old manure to help it break down and feed plants, I'll just need to scrape up some good soil to top them with.
1 month ago

Susan Boyce wrote:I can't use a timer because...

You might be able to use a water heater timer. I'd consult some kind of expert, but I think the voltage and amperage would match your need. This one comes with parts to have four daily on/ off events. I guess you can buy more, it says you can use up to 12. It has an override, in case you wanted to switch it manually. I think this might be a good option if you'd like to use a timer, but if you don't want a timer you might beat either the price or the performance.
1 month ago

Magdalene Bolton wrote:t wasn’t fired, I let it get bone dry and tried to add more to it so it kept cracking over and over. I fixed it like 5 times before it split down the middle and I gave up 🙃

If it was that dry, you'd have to re-slake it. It's probably easier to roll a new slab and recycle the old piece. Might be tempting though to re-slake the handles and use them. Or fire 'em and use 'em as templates.
1 month ago

Magdalene Bolton wrote:I got started on this dish and a broke it :(

That doesn't look to me like it's been fired yet. (But maybe your clay is different than what I've worked with.) If it hasn't, I expect you could score the surfaces (We used old toothbrushes.) and reattach the handles with a little slip. (Clay thinned with extra water, assuming the piece was wet with water, not oil.)
1 month ago

john holmes wrote:Any resources for corn genetics?

Are you looking for advice, reading material or seeds?
1 month ago