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Thanks for all the helpful replies, everyone.  I had some great success, and some fails with growing my own chicken feed this year.  When I have a chance, I will put some notes and photos together for a pretty comprehensive report.  
2 months ago
It sounds like the water is aerated with a bubbler.  If this is the case, many of your common garden veggies will do fine, as was mentioned above.  You might want to germinate them in soil but once they get going, transplant with roots in water and they'll be OK.  I have grown fantastic crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and a variety of lettuces/greens using aerated fishy water.  Oh, and strawberries.  If this setup is indoors, you will need to look into pollination requirements of fruiting plants.  
3 months ago
I give this hatchery 9 out of 10 acorns.  They have a wide variety of chicks, started pullets, and other fowl (turkeys, ducks, geese, quail, guineas, etc.).  Pricing is reasonable and their shipments have always been on time and accurate.  

Sexing of chicks has been very accurate - the counts have been exactly what I ordered.  (They usually include an extra chick with the order, and it has always been a rooster in my experience).    

One shipment I ordered did not come through due to a predator problem at one of their suppliers (for some rare/specialty chickens).  They notified me of the problem and issued a full refund in a timely fashion.  This was disappointing but bound to happen from time to time and I thought they handled the situation very well.  
5 months ago
That's a good workout!
6 months ago
Yeah, I watched this one, too.  Good stuff from Stefan.  

He started ramping up his YouTube channel a few months ago and is now putting out videos about once/week.  Some great permie content.    
6 months ago
Hey Jay,

Can you give some more information like where you are/what your climate is like, and the growing conditions for the blackberry?  From the photos it looks like the plant is indoors?

In my area (Western Oregon), blackberries are extraordinarily hardy and have very few pest problems.  One good thing to keep in mind is that they will grow new canes every year, and year old canes will die back after they fruit.  So, as long as the plant has the chance to photosynthesize and store up some energy, it should continue to survive and grow.  

Wow, cool invention!  

How long do you usually ride per load?  

Also, how do you keep the chain from slipping on the bike rim?  
6 months ago
This is great!  I have been very happy with the headlamp I got from you.  Thanks for the opportunity!
6 months ago

Tj Jefferson wrote:Don't think its been said yet, but caragana will give winter fodder. I am trialing some other legumes as well. Winter peas are great. They eat well in the summer, I concentrate on winter fodder.

Caragana is a good suggestion - I love perennials.  What time of year do they produce peas?  Or are you thinking of leaves for winter fodder?  

I also didn't realize until recently that there is a perennial form of sunflowers that I am going to have to try out.  
6 months ago