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Recent posts by Cat Mactaggart

I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, but adding milk will reduce the iron absorption (effects of the calcium). I struggle with low iron and I love molasses (and milk) so I was drinking that every morning until I realised my mistake. Now I just have it black and it's still pretty good.

I guess as someone suggested above, fruit juice would help with the absorption, but personally I think molasses and orange juice sounds kinda gross!

Oh, I also add a large teaspoon of raw cacao powder which makes it more like a black mocha. Yum!

2 years ago
Wow, I'm excited by the number of posts and replies on here. Why did I not know about this sooner?

I'm Catherine, 41, originally from the south of England but living here near to Wollongong, NSW for the last 8 years. As well as having a veggie garden and chickens where I live (rental) and being involved with a local permaculture community group, I spend my time surfing, playing music and fixing up camper vans. Oh and working too, when I have to! I do cleaning and Spanish translation. I share a house with a few people now and slowly saving up a little money for the permaculture / tiny-house / homesteading pipe-dream. The problem is I love the ocean too much and I can't imagine moving inland, but the cost of coastal land is also kinda prohibitive. Oh and if I had a tiny house I might need a big shed too, I'm too good at collecting bits and pieces of 'useful' junk!

In any case, a great start would be to meet a like-minded man who understood where I was coming from and where we might go together. I did kinda want to have kids, I may have left it too late but I'm still open to the possibility. If you want to know more, look me up on OkCupid 'SurfMusicAction'

Here's hoping everyone finds what they're looking for!

2 years ago
Oh, i have it now. I think I just needed to log-in (which I id to post my first message)
Can't see how to delete that message though
Thank you!
3 years ago

Richard Gorny wrote:

Jeff Ray wrote:I am not sure where to find the PDF file. Feeling a bit stupid asking this since many of you have been successful.

Not sure who to contact about this specifically to help me get my apparent mistakes resolved. Of note, I was registered before but registered with a new email for the Kickstarter at $200.
I logged in with my original email and added my new email as a secondary and successfully merged. I only see the payment button and no PDF.

The download link is in the very first post, at its bottom.
Downloads very fast, great file and content, thanks a lot!

I also don't know how to get it. I can see the large box at the bottom of the first post, but that links me through to paypal where I would have to pay for it, which as I understand it, having supported the kickstarter, I don't need to.
could have posed this on the help thread but thought it made more sense to follow on from Richard's post. Thanks.
3 years ago

Oh, except that hugel me t-shirt is brilliant too...but you said you can't pick out specific sizes etc. right? and the other thread on t-shirts and the site there which I've looked at doesn't combine with this one?

Dammit, why am I so far away?