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Where are you thinking of doing this at?
Some where in the south I would hope sense most rvs are not northern friendly. Love this idea.
We would love some info on this.
Couple here looking for a community we can grow and teach and learn from.
Have experience with green houses row covers and various ways or growing crops in different types of soil.
And climates
2 years ago
What kind of help?
What are you building?
3 years ago
Why are you still single?
What are your goals?
What are you looking for in a partner?
Helpnpeople out here a little.
3 years ago
David do they hang it bulbs up or bulbs down tho that is the question
3 years ago
So there is some debate I have found on the internet.
One place you look it says to hang garlic bulbs down.
Other place say hang them bulbs up.
So what is everyone's option on this? I went ahead and hung some both ways so we will see what happens.
I am in south west new mexico so it hot and dry right now.
3 years ago
We got away from t tape and have started using just the main line with 1 gallon emitters on it cost a little more to get started but the line is of better construction and if a emmit cloggs you can clean them out easy enough plus you don't have to have a low pressure regulator on it to keep from blowing it apart
You can add or plug the holes as you need or you can move the tubing to the new bed with the same crop it had in it last yr so you don't have to redo line
3 years ago
We are still searching for a special lady to fulfill or wants and desires 2016 growing season is in full swing and love is in the air
3 years ago
You may have a hooked tooth or a bent tooth or two tighten your blade more than you would when your sawing and slowly turn the blade looking down the side of the blade to see if you have some that are layer out further than the rest if there is that blade is done
To see if you have a hooked tooth look at each tooth to see if they are bent down at the tip if so you will have to file it down more than normal to get rid of the hook also feel the side of the tooth to make sire you can feel a edge there as well as on the top edge of each tooth
More than likely tho you have flattened out the angle of the tooth and need to increase the angle so it opens up the tooth for a bigger bite
3 years ago
Are you using the right angle to sharpen the blade
The bigger the angle the bigger the bite the faster it cuts
3 years ago