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since Jan 17, 2016
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I would love to know what conclusions have been made since then.
I grow in rows, with one foot in permiclture and one foot in traditional homestead gardening
4 months ago
I bought mine at a large Asian grocery store.
They were located in the fresh produce section , but
mis labeled "funchokes"

I can't remember if I got them in the spring or fall
5 months ago
The nature of socialism is to eventually "point the finger" at everyone.
As soon as their villain is exterminated or canceled, they move on to the next "bad guy", until they, themselves are the only ones left.

Your next.....

Maybe burned with too much fertilizer, or too rich compost.
1 year ago
At first glance it looks like a lily. A day lily for a bloom, that will help with an ID
1 year ago
I think it would be fun .....if you are able....
The next time you happen to be in a large chain grocery store , snap a picture of the " brown eggs" and investigate a bit.
I would love to see different areas offerings.
Obviously the brown eggs in small co-op and organic stores are probably going to be different.

I feel that those posting here can consider them selves egg experts, and would be able to spot a fraud fairly easy.

I will do some homework. ....
3 years ago
We have our own hens, so fresh eggs are typical at our house, with exception of this time of year when our hens stop laying for a bit.

I was at the grocery store and checking out the eggs. Since I don't usually buy eggs I was surprised at the variety and selection.

I am of the opinion that the brown eggs marketed in the gocery store are dyed brown.  The packaged brown eggs are very dark in color, and show the tell tail signs of being colored . As you might see when you dye easter eggs. Uneven color, unnaturally dark color, small blemishes in the shell that don't absorb the dye , glossy finish rather than a natural matte shell.

I think one of 2 senerios applies.

1) maybe mass brown egg production , like in my small coop, produces a variety of shades of brown eggs. So they dye them to look consistent.

2) The eggs are actually white, and they are dyed simply to be packaged and sold as brown. There is probably not an actual law or regulation for over site.

I did some research, and found 2 different people questioning why their brown eggs lost the color when boiled. 2 different egg producers responded. They patronized,  saying that boiling eggs with vinegar makes the brown color come off.
That is such crap! The color never disolves when we boil our fresh eggs with vinegar.
3 years ago
Observation :
Our hens completely reject store bought egg shells.
Normally, when we toss kitchen scraps to our hens, the first thing they get after are the egg shells. They fight over them. This last month,  we had an egg shortage, so settled for a couple flats of store bought white eggs.
The hens refuse to eat the white shells. Now I have white egg sells littering their grazing area.
I never would have guessed that hens would be so discerning.  It is kinda funny, but also creepy, what do the hens know that I don't.  
Maybe the eggs have a residue on the shells, maybe they have little minerals in them???
It is not the color, as some of our fresh eggs are white.
Has any one had a similar experience?  
3 years ago
I apologize if this has already been covered. I think I found a Magic Bullet to protect my vegetables from those vicious rats. I made hot pepper tea and dissolved Ivory soap in the tea. And sprayed on my vegetables. Those nasty rats has not touched anything since. It has been about 5 days.
I have rats that hang out under our chicken coop. They commute from the coop to the garden every night and Sample various vegetables.
Usually my kale first.  My husband laughs because he does not understand why a rat would want something so nasty. I do not want to share my kale.
I pour boiling water over about a 1/4 cup of crushed peppers in a quart jar. Then mix liquid ivory soap in a spray bottle. This usually is a spray I would use for     repelling insects. But I thought they might no like the taste.
This year they ate an entire row of soybeans and then started on my beets and carrots. Uuugghh

If you are at last resort give it a try.
3 years ago
I make a nettle (spinach dip) with home made mayo. Sorry .no real measures

Steamed nettles chopped and drained
Sautéed carrots, cellery, onion, pepper a bit of garlic.

Mix with mayo, sr cream,  worstershire, lemon juice, salt pepper to taste

Dip it with anything, or eat it in a pita.

4 years ago