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Eric VonRaderson

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since Oct 10, 2017
Omaha, United States
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Recent posts by Eric VonRaderson

Ok you boots. Where are the pics?  $1.00 for each pic of tools and stuff of you using them. Up to one hundred pics, when that is done then We will donate Another $100 to Paul for being Paul. This money is starting to mould in my pocket and giving me a heavy heart. I have seen pics of our used to be stuff on other pages, put them over to mine and get a dollar each pic. If this is too complicated maybe a class could be started on how to get money out of an old fart before he dies and leaves it to his neer-do-well nephew. Mr. and Mrs. Von Raderson
6 months ago
Here I sit
All broken hearted
I came to poo
Butt only farted
8 months ago

We,Eric Von Raderson and Ms Barb, do pledge $1.00 for one photo of each tool or item showing it being used by a boot, that was donated by Barb and I and is put on Erics thread. (look the thread up) To a limit of 100 photos. If and when the 100 photos are met, we also will donate $100.00 to our very close friend, the guy that wears overalls and does not like to step in dog poo.
9 months ago
Eric and Barb will pledge $1.00 for each photo of a boot using any item that was given to Pauls journey to change the world from bad guys to good guys.up to $100.00 and posted on the thread that Eric started.
11 months ago
Mr. Wheaton, thank you for thanking me. Not that I need thanking, but it is nice to know that there are other givers out there besides ones-self. Eric
I heard through the grapevine that you have acquired some professional music equipment that most anyone could play. Why not have a sing-a-long with Paul leading as first voice. Please do not take this lightly for music soothes the savage soul, so I've read. Winter and cabins do have a fevered reputation. Eric
Mike, did you get to see the blue anvil of Pauls? I haven't heard about if the glass panes will work for projects or not, also about the fire doors. I need some feedback so I can plan my next move. I know everyone is probably really busy now but I am an old fart and need to get er done before I am too  far under ground to be able to move at all. Respectfully Yours, Eric  PS   Beau, are you coming back to our humble home and if so when?
1 year ago

Beau Davidson wrote:Learned to weld and torch today - super fun!

Yah but how long did it take you to make the stump that it sits on? Eric wants to know so I can estimate how long it will take to make a stump for an anvil.
1 year ago
I offered gas money to go anywhere in the US for helping me to help someone else. No takers. Pauls rules apply at my place, that scared them off. My offer is now off the table. I swear a lot to my self. Thor helps those who help themselves, Just saying.
1 year ago